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Author Topic:   Break-in of new Johnson 90!
raygun posted 09-01-2002 01:15 PM ET (US)   Profile for raygun   Send Email to raygun  
Well kind folk, I am finally breaking in the new 2003 Johnson 90 2-stroke on my Montauk. The 240 dollar install wasn't too impressive, what with 6 feet of extra everything in a pile on the deck, but I wanted to do it myself anyways. I have corrected about half of the plumbing/wiring from the rather lazy install they did, and will shorten up the rest after my Labor Day weekend guest departs. But as far as Bombardier's new Johnson outboard goes, I am so impressed.
It's a beautiful motor. I have been following the break-in instructions to the letter. WOT is VERY impressive with the 17 on there and nails 5500 right on the nose on the new system check tach. It's so quiet until you really gun it! I'd have to say it makes half as much noise as the '86 Evinrude 90 did, plus that motor would only push a 15 up to 5500, so i have a heck of a lot more thrust from this new setup. The fit and finish on the new motor is great and I love the flush attachment. I moor the boat at our dock all season so it's really a big plus to be able to flush it out cold after washing the boat. I never really understood what some of you were talking about when talking about this hull (mine is an 86) getting squirrely at WOT (old motor never was quite right) but when I wound this fella up yesterday I got it. I wish I had a GPS so I could report some numbers, but that will have to wait until after Xmas. Sure feels like 50mph!
John O posted 09-01-2002 06:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for John O    
I am considering repowering for next season. What should I expect tp pay for the same motor installed? What other motors did you consider and why did you go with a Johnson 2-stroke rather than a 4-stroke?
masbama posted 09-01-2002 08:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
Congrats! You will love your engine! I have a 2002 and it is has been a real joy. I had to bring it in once for a carb adjust but that's it. What size and type prop are you using? I have a 14 by 19 aluminum. It maxes out at 5200 RPM's with just me in the boat.
tully_mars posted 09-02-2002 10:17 AM ET (US)     Profile for tully_mars  Send Email to tully_mars     
For a 90 Johnson Bomb new 2003 you should pay around $6500 installed with gauges and a binnacle control. Side controls may save you a few bucks.

After all this info, I can't wait to ride in my restored 16 boat. My Whaler is about two weeks away from being runnable.

Masbama, be thinking of that next Sand Is. run soon!

Tully Mars

Julius Bosco posted 09-02-2002 11:41 AM ET (US)     Profile for Julius Bosco  Send Email to Julius Bosco     
raygun; Good choice! You will be even more impressed after the double oiling is over. I have 45 hours on my 2002 bomb johnson and have been very happy. Run SST 17--- WOT 45 mph. Estimate cruise at 3800 rpm, light load, to be 28 mph and 3.8 gph. Tremendous torque and hole shot. Enjoy!
whalerron posted 09-02-2002 04:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalerron  Send Email to whalerron     
raygun: That motor was a great choice! You are gonna love it even more once you get past the double oiling. I hope the dealer told you to hang on! My dealer told me to double check all of the console mounting points just to be sure I had something solid to hang onto. I too was impressed with the noise level. At less than 4000 rpms, that 90 is quieter than my 1975 Johnson 70 was. Over 4000, and the beast comes alive in that 90. At the higher rpms, it sounds like a different outboard and man it is nothing but raw power!
masbama posted 09-03-2002 12:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
Took mine up in the delta today and had a blast. At 3800-4200 this thing is quiet! We were fishing with the wind on our back and I barely smelled the two stroke fumes. This is a fine two stroke engine. It loves to run
Raygun: What are the differences in the 2003's from the 2002's?
raygun posted 09-03-2002 03:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for raygun  Send Email to raygun     
John O, I made my choice based on a great deal of research online (here in the forum and elsewhere), the good things I heard about Bombardier's takeover of OMC and the great times we had with our 86 Rude. I would have loved to get the 90 Evinrude but at $1,800 more it just wasn't economically feasible. The 4 Stroke Johnsons are Suzukis and I don't think they are offering the higher HP ones now. Their future is with the direct injection 2-Strokes. I picked the Johnson as it's a detuned 115 4 cylinder(there are differences of course, but its the same platform). The Mercs and Yamahas were top tune 3 cylinders. I felt the 4 strokes were too heavy for my Montauk and more complicated and of course more expensive. Plus a Merc dealer told me the 4 strokes don't have the kick of the 2 strokes. If I had extra dough i still wouldn't have gone 4-Stroke.
Bombardier was very helpful in getting me a motor on a tight time schedule. Plus the warranty extension they offered was nice.
Best price I could find in the NW was 5270 for the motor itself. I used my old binnacle mount control, but got the new system check tach. Installation quotes i got ranged from the 240 I paid, to ridiculous quotes of 1000 bucks.
Masbama- I don't know what the differences are. Does yours have the flushing inlet? I have the 17 pitch prop aluminium OMC. sounds like you could use a little less 2 cents.
Bigshot posted 09-03-2002 10:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Masamba, If you keep the 19, drop to a 13x19 and you will get more rpms.
raygun posted 09-03-2002 02:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for raygun  Send Email to raygun     
Ok, the nice guy, Bob at the Chandlery here on the island loaned me a new etrex GPS made by Garmin. Pretty cool little deal. I will do some testing today and report results on top, planing and cruising speed. It seemed very accurate in the car.
raygun posted 09-03-2002 06:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for raygun  Send Email to raygun     
Got caught out in a little storm so I had to come in early. All I got was 41-MPH WOT @ 5500. I had to put the GPS in the dry box then, as it isn't mine. I realize I am on the extra oil and 4 hrs into break-in, but I expected a little more. Can anyone direct me to informative posts or reference articles on getting this baby setup better? I will start going through the posts.
Bigshot posted 09-04-2002 10:03 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Unfortunately Raygun.....GPS do not lie. With some trim and maybe jacking it up a notch or 2 she might hit 44-45. Because the montauk feels so fast, people are always disappointed when they see low 40's. Why do you think I am so smittent with my 70 4 stroke that GPS' at 39.5? My speedo says 43 so that makes me feel even better:)
lhg posted 09-04-2002 01:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
A properly set up Montauk with a strong 90HP, as I believe the Johnson is, should run in the high 40's. I think Clark Roberts has indicated his got close to 50 with a Merc 90.

I would image to get this you'll need no bottom paint and a clean bottom, a light load, engine lifted about 1-1/2" and a bow lifting performance prop like a Merc Laser II or Johnson equivalent (Raker?).

raygun posted 09-04-2002 02:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for raygun  Send Email to raygun     
Bigshot, how would raising the motor a hole affect my handling? I am very happy with the boat now. I am not going to let other people's numbers make me go crazy. If i only wanted to go fast then i shoulda got a flatbottom with a Blown big block Chevy ;)
masbama posted 09-04-2002 02:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
With my 14 by 19 aluminum prop and just myself with a light boat load I have reached 46 mph @5200 RPM's trimmed up. I don't keep it there long; it's a bit fast for me. I like crusing 40 mph @4200 rpms. The motor is quiet and not working hard. It is good to know I have that "fifth gear" when I need it though.
Bigshot posted 09-04-2002 02:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Larry is right. I am over 3" above the bottom with my plate. Handles the same. I always ran mine at least an inch or 2 higher even without a jackplate. Takes 20mins to raise it with some kind of lifting apparatus and a couple wrenches. If you don't like it, lower it back down.

I agree you can get close to 50 if you set it up for speed and light loads. With a 17" prop, it just aint possible. Jump to a 19" and then you will have issues with weight and a slow holeshot but better top end when light, etc. I had a 115 on a montauk and it did about 45. She was not "strong" as larry suggests. Mercs have always been a bit better at top-end then OMC(except for JB's kids), especially the old inline 6's. We should do a poll on Montauk top speed....I think I will.

Weather and temp also effect it a big deal. A boat in 50 degree heat will be faster than one in 95 degree and 95% humidity. Water temp and calmness of the water effect it also. My boat runs the best when I can get some air under the hull and get her riding on the rear 3' of the hull. Totally calm water she will settle in some and I am actually slower. Over trimming it will dig the stern too and slow you down. Current and headwinds etc. You will figure it out but jack that puppy up.

tully_mars posted 09-04-2002 06:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for tully_mars  Send Email to tully_mars     
Just remember all, you speedo may be telling the truth even if it is faster than your GPS. :)

Actually, if you take current into effect that might be why your GPS reads slower than your speedo. Low 40's in actualy "speed over ground" is great performance for such low hp.

Tully Mars

Arriba posted 09-04-2002 08:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for Arriba  Send Email to Arriba     
I just repowered with a 150 Johnson 2 stroke and wow am I sold. Quiet, and very responsive. After my evinrude 140 this Johnson real picks up and goes. no more slow out of the hole. I have 4 hours on it and am following the breakin recommendations to the letter. I can't say enough good about it. It is on a 20 ft Revenge and it can fly

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