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Author Topic:   E-TEC 225 Retail Price
srax6 posted 03-12-2006 03:52 PM ET (US)   Profile for srax6   Send Email to srax6  
After swearing up and down in a few previous threads that I would repower with twins, I have decided to bite the bullet and put a 225 E-TEC on my OUTRAGE 22. In the end, the 7 year warranty and talking to a few dealers convinced me to go E-TEC. Before this thread gets turned into a love/hate E-TEC debate, I will say that I have made up my mind and plan on getting the engine.

What have others who recently bought a 225 E-TEC paid. List price for the engine only is something like $15,900 which is obviously high, but I need to know what price I should pay. I realize that the installation is variable and can be used to skew a low engine only price but a rough guide would be helpful. I am going to need all new gauges and a hydraulic kit because my previous engine oddly enough had power steering. What should I expect to pay for installation, new gauges, and a full hydraulic kit?

I live near Boston, so if anyone has any thoughts, let me know. I need to buy it by March 31 to get the warranty so the clock is ticking! Thanks, and I look forward to responses.


fourdfish posted 03-12-2006 04:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for fourdfish  Send Email to fourdfish     
Check out Eds Marine price ($13,500). This is the price for just the engine and the dealers can beat that price if they want. More important to get a reliable dealer not far from home for proper install.
nytugcapt posted 03-13-2006 09:55 AM ET (US)     Profile for nytugcapt  Send Email to nytugcapt     
I paid $12,900 for the 2006 200 H.O. Fully rigged was almost $16,000.
gvisko posted 03-14-2006 07:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for gvisko  Send Email to gvisko     
On Long Island I just purchased a 2006 225 E-TEC for my 1987 Outrage. The best price I could get installed was $18,000. It includes controls, cables, oil tank, wiring harness, tach, and propeller. The sales tax is $1,500.00. I called every dealer in my area and this was the best deal I could come up with. I could have saved $500 if I towed the boat to Queens of Connecticut. I went with Goldsmith Boat Shop in Southold. They seem like a real class operation.


LHG posted 03-14-2006 10:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for LHG    
George's pricing indicates fully rigged E-tec, I assume with I-Command instrumentation, conventional steering and conventional controls, are quite a bit more than a fully re-rigged 225 Verado, including the power steering, DTS and Smartcraft. This should help Verado sales, now that we are seeing E-TEC at the top of pricing chain with fewer features.
fourdfish posted 03-14-2006 11:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for fourdfish  Send Email to fourdfish     
LHG- Anyone can see the price ranges here! Georges prices are high! nytugcapt had lower prices but paid far more for rigging than I did. The members here are capable of researching that and will find out you are trying to compare apples to oranges.
The Verado rigging is mandatory and so are those prices. The ETEC rigging comes with options so buyers can choose what they want. You didn't offer anything to the question, you just joined this thread to cause discord! And then you got upset about certain people joining the Merc threads.
LHG posted 03-15-2006 12:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for LHG    
I think price comparisons, since price is usually a dominant factor in a decision, add content value to CW, especially since this is a price oriented thread.

There have been many instances here where the Evinrude lobby knocks Verado because of supposedly high re-rigging prices, and here we see that is not alwasy true.

Check out the middle of the road Verado fully rigged prices here. They beat E-tec almost across the board, from what I have read here. And look what you get. A 4-stroke engine, which are already achieving long term value in the outboard world.

srax6 posted 03-15-2006 08:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for srax6  Send Email to srax6     
Honestly guys if you want to have the verado/etec battle start a new thread. I am only interested in retail prices paid for a 225 E-tec. I don't care about the installed price of a verado, nothing personal it just doesn't apply to my situation or the initial question to start the thread.

The lowest quote I found, and plan to use if all goes well on Tuesday the 21st, is for roughly $16,800 installed including the hydraulic unit that I need. I don't want the digital gauges, I prefer an analog tach so maybe that accounts for some of the difference in price. Let me know if anyone has heard of a decent price in the Boston area. Thanks.


Peter posted 03-15-2006 09:36 AM ET (US)     Profile for Peter  Send Email to Peter     
Couldn't agree more with you on that Steve but have to say that it surely seems to be painful for a particular Mercury salesman to see these classic Montauks, Outrage 18s, Outrage 22s being rerigged with E-TECs and not Verados.

With respect to E-TEC pricing, I think that there may be a premium placed on it to cover the dealer's lost opportunities for dealer service during the 3-year or 300 hour period where there is no scheduled dealer maintenance. Having the self winterizing feature and not having to change the gear oil in that first 300 hours basically takes away three dealer visits for a typical boater during that time period. When I spoke to my Evinrude dealer 2 years ago about that very appealing aspect of the E-TEC, he sure didn't seem enthusiastic about the prospects of less customer contact.

I believe that the new hydraulic steering hardware alone costs in excess of $1,000 so it looks like your comparative price for the E-TEC installed is under $15,800.

LHG posted 03-15-2006 02:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for LHG    
I think there is no way a narrow beam, notched transom 22 Outrage should be rigged with a Verado, seriously. It would look ridiculous, and the boat would be dragging it's transom barely above water, with a constantly flooded floor. And I was not suggesting that, only comparing prices. It is simply too much engine package for a 27 year old Whaler design like the 22, even if the cost is less, and I think Steve obviously recognized this. A stripped down E-tec package, with no I Command, no DTS and no Power steering is much more appropriate on an old boat repower, even if it does cost more. At least that's the way I see it. Six cylinder Verados are for larger, newer craft, which can handle the technology and weight better. There, the rewards of Verado ownership are significant. Since I have been called a salesman (in a negative connotation), I should prove that accusation correct, and should say the #1 JDP rated Optimax is Mercury's low cost solution for re-rigging the smaller classic Whalers, not the L6 Verados. I know the Yamaha HPDI rated #2, but I don't know how far down the E-tecs ranked in Customer Satisfaction. Actually, I am happy for the Evinrude dealers that they can command Verado premium pricing for cheaper, simpler, less sophisicated, less complicated, lighter weight 2 stroke engines. That indicates the product has a strong future. Currently, the #1 rated and performing Mercury Optimax cannot command Verado pricing.
srax6 posted 03-15-2006 02:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for srax6  Send Email to srax6     

To clarify a couple of points.

1) I am planning on getting the e-tec because of weight, proximity of local dealers, and conversations that I had with several dealers who carried both Yamaha and BRP.

2) At the boat show I heard nothing but good things about the optimax BUT it seemed there were few mercury dealers who would sell an engine for repowering, they seemed to be available mainly in boat packages. The only guy that I found who would sell me a "loose" optimax was in CT.

3) The price that I was quoted for an optimax was RIGHT IN LINE with the high prices I was initially quoted for the etec. The optimax and etec were both quoted at roughly $18,500 installed. My boat was going to need new controls and a hydraulic kit so the effectively they were at roughly $15,500 for the motor and $3000 for installation. Now maybe I got a high quote but that's what I got. I never asked for a verado quote because it was clearly too big just looking at the size of it.

LHG I have nothing against mercury but PLEASE leave my thread alone, if you want a verado/etec/opti fight go somewhere else.



LHG posted 03-15-2006 03:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for LHG    
Steve - I never suggested you buy an Optimax either. But you might want to use cheaper Optimax pricing, if you can find it, to beat down the Evinrude dealers who Peter is saying are making you pay additionally up front for lack of future service work. The Optimax dealers may not charge for that, and that could help you get the best pricing on the Evinrude 225. Afterall, competition does help the consumer.

We have a large number of E-tec 225 owners here, so maybe they will join in and indicate what they paid. Good luck on your purchase, and good day

Peter posted 03-15-2006 04:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for Peter  Send Email to Peter     

This is what I come up with based on price information available on the Internet:

$13,499 Ed's price for a 225 E-TEC
$>>>350 Shipping (not exactly sure about this)
$>>>480 2-Stroke DFI Rigging Kit (oil tank, binacle w/key, 20' Wire Harness
$>>>>65 Battery cable
$>>>250 Gauges (SystemCheck tach, volt meter, trim gauge)
$>>>450 Propeller
$>>>800 Rigging/derigging labor
$15,894 for a turn key 225 E-TEC on your 22 Outrage

+$1,000 Hydraulic steering replacement

gvisko posted 03-15-2006 06:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for gvisko  Send Email to gvisko     
I think the price on the e-tecs depends on the location
you live at and do your boating . The $ 18,000.00 I paid was the best price I could find in the New York Tri State
area . The dealer were I bought my 150 hp Johnson
wanted $19,500 for the 200 Ho etec . I like the guy but I had to find some one else in my area. I could have the motor shipped from EDS for less . But then I would have to install it myself get a dealer to sign off on it( not that easy)
and then have to worry about repairs if needed . I think it all comes down to were you live.


fourdfish posted 03-15-2006 08:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for fourdfish  Send Email to fourdfish     
George- My price in the Chicago area was over $3000 difference
than yours! It was over $1000 better than the one Peter got
off the internet. I did not include hydraulic steering and shipping. Got a decent deal, but my dealer did not give
another member here as good an estimate as mine. It is like everything else shopping around helps. I paid a little more than nytugcapt for the engine but a lot less for parts and rigging. I also got a dealer I like and can go back to if I need.
stevedallas28 posted 03-16-2006 03:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for stevedallas28  Send Email to stevedallas28     
I bought a 225 etec in 03/05 for 13,800 for motor only from Oakland, CA. Shipping to Washington State was only 400. Add control, gauges, cables, prop, oil tank, derigging, and rerigging (included alot of rewiring and cleaning up the old wiring job) Was into a touch over 16500.

I did alot of shopping around locally (Western Washington) and the best price I could find was 15,800 for motor only. It pays to shop around. Hardest part was finding a dealer to have it shipped to and do the install. Ended up having Action Marine in La Conner, WA do the work and they did an excellent job! Have had to take it in for a few "updates", but they have taken very good care of me!

Good Luck with your new etec!

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