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Author Topic:   continuousWave ap?
elaelap posted 03-12-2011 04:47 PM ET (US)   Profile for elaelap   Send Email to elaelap  
I'd buy one -- of the iTunes persuasion, please. C'mon you computer whiz-kids...


jharrell posted 03-12-2011 05:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for jharrell    
The website works very well on iOS even on 3g since it is pretty lightweight HTML only, maybe just a little small on a iPhone.

What would you want an app to do, just format it more friendly for the iPhone? On the iPad it really doesn't need different formatting. To do a reformat for the iPhone the app would need to scrape and parse the sites HTML to extract the relavent data and present it in a different format since I don't think CW has a backend web service API.

Sorry even an App can't make editing a post after submitted happen, that's up to Jim ;).

elaelap posted 03-12-2011 05:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for elaelap  Send Email to elaelap     
I'm new to the iPhone, so I guess what I'm really looking for -- and it probably already exists -- is a way to have a CW app-like logo on my phone's, uh, desktop, next to the other application icons, so I wouldn't have to go into Safari or Google everytime I want to open CW, but instead could get directly to this website with one tap of my clumsy finger.

If there is a way for a simple-minded fellow to set up this sort of shortcut, and if it can be explained in words of one syllable (or less), kindly advise.



*Note the hip iContraction. Pretty soon I'll be totally vowel-free like my kids and tweeting away like a canary. Now if my aging eyeballs could only read the tiny letters...

Fishmore posted 03-12-2011 07:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for Fishmore  Send Email to Fishmore     

Go in to Safari on your iPhone and bring up CW. With CW up locate the icon that is located in the middle bottom of the screen (it looks like a square with an arrow in it). Press that icon and choose "Add to Home Screen" then a window appears where you can enter the name you want on the icon that appears on your home screen (most likely "CW" or "Continuous Wave") that will place a shortcut on the phones home screen. This works the same on the iPad.

jharrell posted 03-12-2011 07:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for jharrell    
Oh yeah, Fishmore explained it, iPhone actually had this ability before it had real Apps, it referred to as "web clips" if I remember right. They where pushing it as this way to make "apps" before they made the SDK

It's like a bookmark, but makes an icon on the springboard. There are actually some special iOS metatags that Jim could add to the website to make the iPhone/iPad show a specific icon and even loading image and remove the status/address bar to make the website behave like a native app almost.

elaelap posted 03-12-2011 08:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for elaelap  Send Email to elaelap     
Hey, thanks! Just did it, and it wasn't even as bad as a trip to the dentist. Very cool, very straightforward, and it will allow me to add some more of my non-app favorites to my home screen. I love this community.


--I know, I know...why didn't he just look it up in the 240 page PDF iPhone manual? Because, you cynics, "As old wood is best to burn, old horse to ride, old books to read, and old wine to drink, so are old friends always more trusty to use." (Leonard Wright, Display of Dutie, 1589)

jimh posted 03-13-2011 11:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Tony--That is a great quote.

CONTINUOUSWAVE's html is not just "simple," it is mostly 100-percent compliant with HTML standards, and it contains no silly Flash, no JavaScript, and very low impact graphics. It works as well on a low-speed connection as a high-speed.

SJUAE posted 03-13-2011 03:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE  Send Email to SJUAE     
There is a slight problem using an Ipad or Iphone with CW when you write a long reply. The reply box wont "swipe" up so you can't check/read etc the preceeding text.

Thats probably not Jim's fault for having simple HTML but Apple's

With Samsungs Android Galaxy Tab you don't get this problem, but you can't view all the text as easily when you are typing, you have to "swipe" and hide the virtual keyboard and scroll up. Then continue to type once the keyboard re-appears by tapping in the reply box.


jharrell posted 03-13-2011 06:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for jharrell    
Not sure what is meant by not swiping while writing a reply, I am writing this reply on my iPad and I can swipe up and down with the keyboard up to see previous replies. I know in certain situations where there is a scrolling item within the scrolling web page a double finger swipe is need to scroll the item instead of the web page, this however does not seem to be the case with CW replies.

Perhaps I should not have used the term "simple" instead lightweight might be a better term, that is few images and no Ajax or other more complex constructs, so the whole web site loads and responds quickly even over a cellular connection. This was intended to be a compliment.

jimh posted 03-14-2011 09:34 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
I do not take offense at "simple" as a descriptor of the website.

One other nice feature: you do not have to watch a 15-second-long to 30-second-long commercial presentation before you can read messages or view the website content.

SJUAE posted 03-14-2011 02:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE  Send Email to SJUAE     

It's in the actual reply box you are typing in before posting the reply. If it's a long reply and exceeds the space (box) given you cant swipe up to see the first line(s) of your reply to change/edit etc.

You can swipe up/down and see the posted replies by others as you note, but not your own reply inprogress if its longer than the box.


elaelap posted 03-14-2011 07:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for elaelap  Send Email to elaelap     
One reason I love this website is its elegant, as opposed to "simple", design. I'm totally turned off by the tabloid clutter of many sites I visit, and especially annoyed by those sites which now impose unwanted audio and/or video interruptions -- often but not always advertising -- whenever it pleases them.

Stay the course, Jim, and repeated thanks to you and to the helpful CW members for this great community.


jharrell posted 03-14-2011 07:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for jharrell    

I just tried this and like all web page elements that scroll within a scrolling web page on iOS you need to use two fingers to swipe instead of one in order to scroll the text input box if it exceeds the visible size which in the case of CW is about 50 line of text.

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