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Author Topic:   Rechargeable Hand-held Spotlight
PeteB88 posted 12-28-2011 11:37 PM ET (US)   Profile for PeteB88   Send Email to PeteB88  
My rechargeable handheld [spotlight] finally died and I need a new [rechargeable handheld spotlight]. I use [a rechargeable hand-held spotlight] around the [house] and garage so I'm hunting. [Do readers have] any recommendations [for a handheld rechargeable spotlight that can be used around the house and the garage]?
jimh posted 12-29-2011 09:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Ben Ellison on PANBO.COM gave a very strong endorsement for a particular hand-held flashlight in a recent article he wrote for his blog. I have not tried this product, but it seemed to be a reasonable choice. See Ben's blog for comments: dorcy_180_lumen_led_cyber_light_flashlight.html

Note: Ben refers to this as a flashlight, not a spotlight. It may be more suitable for use in your garage than a true spotlight. Usually the beam from a spotlight is intended to be thrown a long distance, and, unless you have an extremely large garage, I suspect a spotlight might not be the best choice for a hand-held electric torch.

litnin posted 12-29-2011 11:18 AM ET (US)     Profile for litnin  Send Email to litnin     
I was given a Streamlight "Waypoint" ( from a family member for Christmas. It is not rechargable, but operates on either C batteries or you can plug it in to a 12v accessory outlet. I love this LED light and use it every night on the farm. It is super bright, stingy with batteries, has low and high powers, strobe and armored at the lens. You would be shocked at how bright this light really is. Great for the boat as the beam is long distance and very focused.
PeteB88 posted 12-29-2011 12:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
[Explained the meaning of several foreign language words that he used in his initial article, but I have replaced those foreign language words with their English equivalents already.--jimh]

I used the same handheld spot light I got for night boating for spotting the dogs when I let them out at night or kids trying to egg our house.

My standard array of battery powered lights includes - Pelican LED, two AAs, Maglight - 3 D cells in console, Petzel headlight - three LEDs, and one red - double lenses - awesome and if night fishing - Black Diamond Apollo, super awesome and should win design awards.

I need a new high powered spotlight to throw a long beam out and for spotting buoys. I appreciate recommendations.

Best to all.

PeteB88 posted 12-29-2011 12:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
[The Apollo latern shown in the page that results if you cut and past the URL mentioned below] is incredible--best lantern ever and amazing how it is incredibly stable on console at helm, on seats, deck, whereever. Folds up, tough, LED so long run time and I think there's an option for rechargeable battery pack. Plus it has dimmer feature and lots of O-rings.

20dauntless posted 12-29-2011 03:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for 20dauntless    
If you have access to a 12v outlet, I'd go with a GoLight. I have a radio ray model and it is a fantastic light...durable, really bright, and a narrowly focused beam. Much better than any rechargeable spotlight that I've used and I got mine for $10 at a garage sale!

The Black Diamond lantern that Pete mentions is awesome, as are the Petzl headlamps, but they aren't really spotlights.

jimh posted 12-30-2011 12:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
I don't understand your recommendation of the lantern. It does not appear to be any sort of a spotlight. Typically a spotlight is intended to focus and throw a beam of light onto a confined area. The lantern looks like it tries to light up a room.

I need a new high powered spotlight to throw a long beam out and for spotting buoys.

Perhaps you are really seeking a searchlight. Perko makes quite a variety

For finding objects like a buoy in darkness I have found that a simple flashlight with a variable focus, like a MAGLITE, is a good device.

PeteB88 posted 01-01-2012 01:59 AM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
I simply listed the battery powered lights I have on my boat with me most of the time - or when camping, hiking or assorted adventures. Lanterns do not throw light beams - but that little lantern is fantastic and I field test the guts out of most of my stuff.

Just trying to share the love...

PeteB88 posted 01-01-2012 02:03 AM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
In addition - some throw beams like a search light, others (like my head lamps) are great for running at night, working on something, fishing or even loading the boat and preparing it for hauling after dark. The Petzel Tikka something that I prefer has a red light which is great for running in the dark and reading instruments and more.

I don't want to mount anything on my Outrage 17 but appreciate the advice - maybe for a future boat w/ cuddy.

jimh posted 01-01-2012 11:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
On more than one occasion I have been forced to navigate in darkness and search for buoys using a lamp to illuminate them. In my experience, a small flashlight like a MAGLITE worked better than a big handheld spot light. The big hand held spotlight throws much more light, but it also creates too much light around the boat, which tends to spoil the pilot's night vision. In comparison, a small MAGLITE flashlight taken forward to the bow will provide plenty of light to illuminate a buoy without harming the night vision of the pilot.

Many buoys contain a reflective strip that will reflect a very high percentage of the light that hits them, and when they are illuminated, even with the light from a small flashlight, the buoy become very visible--as long as you still have your night vision.

The last thing you want to use for finding buoys in the dark is a lantern that throws light all round the boat. Such a lamp will ruin your night vision and not cast much light to the buoys.

Pete--I do not understand why a lantern would be prized for its O-rings. Can you explain your mention of O-rings with the lantern you mentioned? I don't see where an O-ring comes into play with a flashlight or lantern.

jimh posted 01-01-2012 11:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Using a rechargeable battery is a necessity for devices that are in constant use. For example, the laptop computer I am using has a rechargeable battery, and it would be impossible to operate the laptop without the recharging feature. But the laptop has a much higher duty factor than a flashlight. I use the laptop several hours each day. I use the flashlight on my boat perhaps a minute a day, and only on the days I am operating the boat during darkness. Also, on the boat there is no source of 120-VAC to operate the charger. The boat operates primarily completely independent of 120-VAC. On this basis, I don't see that having a flashlight with a battery that can be recharged is particularly necessary, and, in fact, it is really unnecessary for my boating habits.
20dauntless posted 01-01-2012 11:47 AM ET (US)     Profile for 20dauntless    
Jim, the point about glare you mentioned is very important. I've found that the best place to mount a spotlight is on the apex of the bow rail. This eliminates glare but necessitates a remote controlled spotlight.

If a spotlight is used only on a small boat, I don't see the need for a battery at all. My GoLight has a 10' 12v power cable and I can use it any place on my 22 foot boat without the hassle of making sure batteries are charged or fresh.

jimh posted 01-01-2012 02:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Pete's first article says:

"My rechargeable handheld [spotlight] finally died...."

Pete gives another good reason to avoid rechargeable flashlights:

--they wear out or "die" and cannot be easily fixed

--their battery cannot be replaced

I have a couple of MAGLITE flashlights that are over 20-years old. They have gone through many batteries, simple AA batteries that are very inexpensive, and I have replaced the miniature electric lightbulb in the flashlight a few times. They still work fine. I suspect that 20-years from now it will be unlikely that any rechargeable spotlight will still be working and its battery still be good or available for replacement. I think simple is better, and on a small boat you cannot get much simpler than a MAGLITE flashlight running off quality AA batteries.

ConB posted 01-01-2012 05:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for ConB  Send Email to ConB     
I'm liking the LED Maglite at this time. I have 3 of different vintage that use AA batteries. The newest Maglites are an improvement on the oldest ones. Batteries last longer and have not had to replace the little bulbs.

A D cell model would be interesting to try out.


PeteB88 posted 01-02-2012 12:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
O-rings - Maglites have a couple of O-rings, I think my Pelican has o-rings, my four or five (mostly two AA cell) Maglites have o-rings, the Black Diamond lantern (AA powered) is designed by rock climbers for rugged use and has o-rings - I think o-rings are used to keep out moisture. In fact, I think the Pelican is water proof, has rubberized on/off button but I would have to double check the lens and collar to make sure. That Pelican has been (AA power) incredible. I know the Petzel has rubber gaskets too.

I appreciate the comments about rechargeable hand held spotlight - the two I have had did not have replaceable batteries. All my other lights and many of my cameras and pro stuff have AAs, all rechargeable. In fact, my fishin' pal who is a battery engineer sent me a box of AAs (Sanyo) which have been great. When on serious mission I keep spares charged up at all times.

As regards the hand held rechargeable spotlight, I'm still on the hunt and will go super cheap or stretch if I can replace the batteries. I like a big beam spot light, my thing - used to have cop car spotlights on my cars back in HS days. I too have used Mags and small ones to spot buoy reflective tape but around here you need more light to spot the buoys, especially no wake bouys in Spring Lake and up the Grand River. PLUS I like scanning for sweepers, I just hold the light high over my head or give it to a passenger forward. The only time ambient light is a problem is if it reflects off the interior hull - holding it high enough works great.

I still think and recommend a high quality head lamp - Petzel, Black Diamond, Princeton about $40-50 bucks, so versatile and I travel with it and the Pelican AA which is also yellow so I can find it easy. And a radio or two

Ridge Runner posted 01-02-2012 11:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ridge Runner  Send Email to Ridge Runner     
If price is not a concern...

http:/ / www. magnalight. com/ pc-47085-28-15-million-candle-power-recha rgeable-hid-pistol-grip-handheld-spotlight-35w-hid-25-hour-run-time. asp x

Chuck Tribolet posted 01-03-2012 02:07 AM ET (US)     Profile for Chuck Tribolet  Send Email to Chuck Tribolet     
AA maglites with 1W LED bulbs are great for small and bright.
I have three or four of them, but not on the boat. Maglights
are only splashproof at best, not waterproof.

The Pelican lights I've dealt with are serious waterproof
dive lights. I don't own any, but I know folks who do.

What I have on the boat is an Ikelite mini-C. Four C cells.
Only downside is short bulb life, though there are 3-watt
LEDs available that fit it.

But all of the above are a dim candle compared to:
I won ones of these in a photo contest in September. I had
trouble prying it away from Adm. Linda so I had to give her
one for Christmas. This one is 1200 lumens and close to
$700. There are now 2000 and 4000 lumen versions with
proportionate prices.

BTW, if you just want a really narrow beam for spotting
buoys and such, at a reasonable price, the Ikelite PC or PCa
lights would be great. And Underwater Kinetics used to make
a light that would be just as good, and smaller and run on
Lithium batteries so no worries about shelf life. Linda
carries a PC light as her ultimate backup dive light, I carry
one of the UK light as mine. I can get the model of the
UK light next weekend at the dive shack.


PeteB88 posted 01-09-2012 10:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
Sweet Chuck, a bit spendy for my use but if I ever get into diving....


Robert V posted 01-10-2012 09:23 AM ET (US)     Profile for Robert V  Send Email to Robert V     
I second Litnin's comment about the Streamlight. I was given one for Christmas and like the fact that it can be plugged into an accessory outlet or run on traditional C cell batteries. I have been trying it out around the house (outside) and the light from the LED is focused and very bright. I think I could easily spot buoys from 1/4 mile out, maybe more. It has the 3 modes that Litnin referenced, HI/LO/STROBE. The model I was given is "LED3M-WPG".


litnin posted 01-10-2012 11:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for litnin  Send Email to litnin     
Right on Robert. I'm a "flashlight guy" and it is certainly a top tier light. I have yet to show it to anyone who did not say "WOW, I want one".
RobP posted 01-10-2012 09:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for RobP  Send Email to RobP     
I have both of these and I am impressed with both of them

Streamlight 44900 Waypoint Spotlight

[url]Stanley FL5W10 5 Watt LED Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight[/url]

PeteB88 posted 01-11-2012 12:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
SEarched on line for that model did not find the exact one but did find lots from that manufacturer and Pelican. The fireman model seems real interesting, Pelican makes several and Streamlight makes some too. Does anyone have the fireman model?? I'd like to see one.
PeteB88 posted 01-11-2012 01:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
RobP - that one looks real good. I might jump on it if I can get reachargable C cells. Thanks!!
RobP posted 01-11-2012 06:18 AM ET (US)     Profile for RobP  Send Email to RobP     
The Stanley Light is rechargable and waterproof

Sorry I goofed on the link above

RobP posted 01-11-2012 06:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for RobP  Send Email to RobP     
Pete are you talking about the Pelican Fire Box Series?

I used these back when I was a volunteer firefighter. Very good light, sturdy and can throw a bright light. Not waterproof but water resistant (IPX4 I believe). You can get a vehicle charging station for them.

I would use the SL-20XP series in my personal vehicle with a 12v plug charger.

You really can't go wrong with Streamlights if your willing to spend the $

burning_hXc_soul posted 01-11-2012 10:00 AM ET (US)     Profile for burning_hXc_soul 280561399715?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4152c337a3

We mounted these to our vehicle mounted machine guns in Iraq. Hands down the brightest light I have have used. You can identify individuals out to about 600 Yds. Puts out 3,000 lumens and can run off of a 12V cigarette lighter outlet or rechargeable batteries. One of our vehicles rolled down a ditch, ripped the turret off of it, everyone was fine and so was the hellfighter. Still worked even thought it had gotten smushed like a pancake, simply incrediable.

PeteB88 posted 01-12-2012 08:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
soul -- - Awesome. Thanks for your service and the link to something way cool

jimh posted 01-12-2012 09:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
As long as hand-held and re-chargeable are no long required criterea, then I vote for these:

http:/ / www. allposters. com/ -sp/ Crewman-R-H-Swickard-Operating-Searc hlight-on-Board-USS-Sandlance-on-War-Patrol-During-WWII-Posters_i3748913 _. htm?AID=1577398651

Ridge Runner posted 01-12-2012 10:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ridge Runner  Send Email to Ridge Runner     
My Vote
6992WHALER posted 01-12-2012 11:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for 6992WHALER  Send Email to 6992WHALER     
I think we need a bigger boat
jimh posted 01-13-2012 09:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Without the criterion of being hand-held, I think the lamp shown in RidgeRunner's linked video is clearly the brightest and best choice. It may be a bit awkward for use around the house, where the smoke could be objectionable, but on the boat the smoke should not be as much of a problem, making that the best spotlight choice.
PeteB88 posted 01-13-2012 01:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
But, but, but, but they're not LEDeeeeeeesssss!!!!
David Pendleton posted 01-13-2012 11:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
Meh, I'll see your gigantic kleig light and raise you a handheld Maxabeam ( ).

I have a friend who owns one and it is indescribably bright and the throw is incredible. It also costs about $2500.00 (similar to the Surefire HellFire weapon lights).

I have a Havis-Shields HID spotlight that is plenty-bright and will throw about a mile, more than adequate for recreational boating use. It is 12V and corded.

I would avoid a rechargeable light system.

I also have a half-dozen Surefire flashlights, my favorite (and everyday carry) being the E2L.

home Aside posted 01-14-2012 08:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for home Aside  Send Email to home Aside     
While on our trip to Isle Royal, while sitting in the dark with no ambient light, Dave Pendleton, Buckda, and I discussed flashlights, Dave Pendleton says his wife thinks he's a "Light-a-holic".....I think he's a co-dependent Light-a-holic & Gadget-a-holic......that being said he know's his stuff!!!


jimh posted 01-14-2012 09:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
I was ordering a book from Amazon and needed to add a few dollars to the purchase to get free shipping--or that was my rationalization--so I ordered the DORCY 180 LUMEN HI FLUX LED CYBER LIGHT FLASHLIGHT. B002OOZERY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326552525&sr=8-1

My only gripe about the product is the lack of any indicator on how to install the batteries. Since the lamp is an LED you have to get the polarity correct, but I could not find any clear indicator for orienting the batteries. Of course, after two tries I got it working.

David Pendleton posted 01-14-2012 03:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
That looks like a nice light for $20.00. The beam shots are impressive. It's also nice that it uses AA batteries instead of 123A batteries like my lights. They can be expensive.

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