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Author Topic:   NC/2000 - Participant plans
lhg posted 07-15-2000 12:49 PM ET (US)   Profile for lhg  
The majority of Forum readers will find this thread of little interest, but for those of us attending, perhaps we can post our tentative plans so everyone, especially John, will know what's happening.
lhg posted 07-15-2000 01:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
I am definitely "in", and it appears that Tobermory will be the launch location for several of us. It seems to be the place that makes the most sense for most of us. We will have to take a chance on the weather, and will allow some extra time should conditions be unfavorable for crossing up to Little Current.

There will be four in my group, including my son(25) and Lynn's son(26). So I will bring both Whalers, mainly to accomodate sleeping needs, which we will use for overnighting aboard.

We are planning to arrive in Tobermory and have the boats in the water by 3pm on Friday.
The plan would be for the others to be there by that time or before. Weather (mostly wind) permitting, we would then attempt to reach Spider Bay Marina (where we have reservations for Fri, Sat & Sun nights) before sunset Friday.
I anticipate that there would be 5 or 6 boats making this run together. That leaves Sat, Sun & Mon for general activities with the Whaler crowd.

If weather in Tobermory is bad on Fri, we would try for a Sat morning run to Little Current. If it is impossible to get there at all on Saturday, then we have Sunday morn to do same. Hopefully, that is enough of a "window" to get there. Otherwise, we'll have to get creative with the trailers.

My plans are to be back in Tobermory by Wed before noon, for the trip home.

Although we have reservations for overnighting at Spider Bay, it is possible that we might stay out at the island also.
So we're flexible on that agenda.

dfmcintyre posted 07-15-2000 08:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
I've posted a message to John, but here's the synopsis:

Walt & Cathy Steffens and I will be arriving in Tobemory sometime Friday evening. We have reservations for the 7AM Saturday ferry. Gail will be coming up one day later with the Supercat.

Current plan is to come over Sunday for the day, perhaps Saturday afternoon, depending on how unpacking for a two week stay goes.


tbirdsey posted 07-16-2000 08:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Karen and I are "in". Looks like just the two of us. We will be doing our best to make Larry's 3pm "in-the-water" deadline, although it sounds like he will be monopolizing the launch ramp!!! I made reservations a while ago at Spider Bay Marina for Sat and Sun night so I will be calling to add Friday night today. We also have resevations at a B&B in Little Current for Sat and Sun - can't get Karen to sleep on the 18. Larry, I hope your 25 sleeping configuration looks really inviting, otherwise I'm going to have to go for a 25 cuddy - Karen really wants that enclosed cabin! - I'm with you on the "convertible" whaler.

Our plans are to return on Monday (hopefully back in Tobermory by noon)unless the forecast is really bad for Monday, in which case we will probably have to leave sometime Sunday.

Bruce Boehle posted 07-16-2000 10:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bruce Boehle  Send Email to Bruce Boehle     
We are definitely in! We will arrive at the launch ramp at SpiderBay around 8 or 9ish on Sunday. We would enjoy hooking up with any one else going out to Neptune that morning. There will be four of us Me, Sarah(wife), Matt(15) and Robert(13). We would like to know what the arrangements would be for lunch? Bring a picnic cooler? Or will we do some sort of pot luck?
kingfish posted 07-16-2000 10:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
Hang in there a little longer about lunch, Bruce - We may run over to Killarney as a part of the Sunday tour, and if we do, it's fish and chips from the bus at the docks if we time it right for lunch. (And since it's us planning, I don't know why not.) The trick will be for us to know if the weather is right for the trip that way before you guys head out from Little Current, because that's the last place you can get vittles. A plan may be, assuming cooler space, that you bring makings for lunch as a back up, just in case the the weather's wrong for Killarney. With the kids along, you're probably going to have snacks and drinks,besides.


lhg posted 07-16-2000 11:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Don: Would you and Walt be considering both Sat afternoon and Sunday, or just one or the other? If both, will you guys be docking your boats overnight at John's or Spider Bay?
What about Monday also? Be sure to look for all of us at Tobermory in case we can't get out Friday afternoon. If so, we may follow you guys across behind the ferry Saturday morning! I'll be anxious for a ride in your 21. Never been in one, but always loved that boat from the day I first saw one in 1971!

Bruce: Glad to hear you're making the trip, and there should definitely be boats at Spider Bay Sunday AM to meet up with. Maybe all of us! I'll also be looking forward to a ride in yours, since for 15 years, a Nauset provided my exclusive Whalering.

I think that one of the fun aspects of this event will be to ride in each other's boats or even do some trade off's on the runs. Then we'll be able to get some photos of our own boats underway.

Tom: My guess is that we'll all agree not to leave Tobermory 'til all have arrived. Karen will have a perfect oportunity to check out & compare the sleeping accomodations on the 25's, since Walt has a 25 Revenge. You will like the 25' hull and in either configuration.

And John: How super of you to do this whole thing in the first place. I'm sure that everybody would agree that we are going to chip in to cover ALL of your costs! Providing the location is enough on your part.

Backlash posted 07-17-2000 10:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     
Carolyn and I are definitely "in" and are planning on arriving in Tobermory around midnight Thursday. We will hang around checking out the sights, etc. until the much anticipated 3:00 PM launching for Little Current. We will be staying on the boat at Spider Bay Marina Fri., Sat., and Sun. nights. Departure from Little Current will probably be sometime Monday, weather permitting.
Is there a spot in Tobermory for everyone to meet prior to the Friday afternoon launch?
jimh posted 07-22-2000 01:30 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
When all these Boston Whalers show up in Tobermory on a Friday afternoon, the locals are going to think the US Navy is in town!

I am gonna be there, either with or without a boat, but I am gonna be there. I don't know if I am going to hitch a ride up on someone's boat or take the ferry over and meet everyone in Little Current--things are still in flux.

I will, however, have about six rolls of film for the camera and we should have enough Whalers to fill up CETACEA for a few months!

Don't worry about trying to find each other in Tobermory; it is a pretty small town. We were there once in the fall and the grocery store had a sign that said, "If anyone wants groceries, call and we'll come down and open up."

--Jim Hebert

lhg posted 07-22-2000 12:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Word has it that Don M is going to show up with a brand new Yamaha 200 on his Outrage 21!
dfmcintyre posted 07-23-2000 08:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Ah, yes.... My mechanic reported an out of town spy in the area, and I was wondering if the news was going to come out!

I've run about 20 gallons through the breakin routine. She's real quick up to the low 40's, and I think that we are going to look at a manual jack plate for a winter project.

Just got back from this past weekend with her up at Lake Cadillac with friends, for a float plane reunion. The better part of yesterday and today was spent being a photo chase plane for Supercubs taking off and landing.

Regarding our arrival at Neptune:

I'll more_than_likely, be coming over on Sunday morning, dropping in at Spider for the day (not overnight). Last time I talked with Walt, he was undecided on either trailering over or running from Evansville. My wife will not be coming, as she will still be enroute one day behind me (daughter arrives back from sports camp early Sat evening) Walt and I will be arriving at Tobe Friday afterrnoon/evening for a 7AM Sat departure.

Seeing that Northernaire is already booked (by the week), and has the food included in the price, we will probably be sticking fairly close to it.

Gail will be pulling up the 20' Boston Whaler 'Cat. If it's a good wind and anyone wants a ride, if you can make it to Northernaire, we'll give you a ride that will leave you talking to yourself...

Best - Don

tbirdsey posted 07-23-2000 10:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Heading out for Lake Winnepesaukee (see the Hull Development paragraph for the Classic 13 in the reference section of this site)tomorrow for the week and will bring the Outrage back. New decals are waiting in New Hampshire and hope to get a delivery from Dave's while I am away. Question: Is anyone familiar with the West Marine North Channel Chart #277204? Worth the 20 bucks or I am I better off waiting until we get to Tobermory??
dfmcintyre posted 07-24-2000 08:00 AM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Tim -

If you (and others) are interested only in a route from Spider to Neptune, I'll make as many color copies of my chart of that area as needed.

However, if your planning on further N/C travel, I'd recommend the Richardsons chart book of that region.


tbirdsey posted 07-26-2000 08:03 AM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Also need to get to Spider from Tobermory, but thanks for the offer. Tom
dfmcintyre posted 07-26-2000 02:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Tim -

With that in mind, I'd recommend the Richardsons, since it will give you the overall, plus harbor detail (of which there is a significant amount of, between Tobe and Spider / Neptune).


kingfish posted 07-30-2000 09:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
Hellooooo, Manitoulin!!

Well, it's getting close, and we just got back from Sam's Club, so I'm checking in with the latest details...Here goes -

For the two cook-outs, we have burgers, brats and dogs for an army; we'll pick up buns and onions at Espanola on the way up on Thursday. We have mustard, relish, catsup and soft drinks, as well as paper plates, plastic cups and silverware and paper towels for both the two cook-outs and breakfast on Sunday.

What you-all need to bring is: your own drinks if you don't trust my judgement (I have more than three cases of assorted soft drinks), or if you want beer or liquor; ice (bring some extra); chips; any side dish to pass you desire (if any); and bring your own self. That's it.

For breakfast on Sunday, I have waffles, french toast sticks, sausage, *some* cereal, tang, Key West Cuban Roast coffee (and I'm hearing rumors about some New Guinea coffee that migh migrate over on an Outrage 25) and if I can enlist some help Sturday night peeling potatoes and onions, I'll do up a monster batch of those famous Neptune hash browns. I'm not thinking of a thing that will need be brought for breakfast that we won't have.

Neptune will be open for business all day Saturday, come on out whenever.

Saturday night I'm planning on everyone but Steffens, McIntyres and Boehles. We'll play the time by ear, but be done and put away in time for anyone making the run to Little Current to be able to do it before dark.

Sunday morning breakfast is currently planned for 9:00 (could still change with enough input) and I'm hoping for everybody. I'll have coffee on *way* before then for any early birds. Would seem we'd want to be on the water between 10:00 and 11:00.

Sunday evening cook-out I'm planning on everyone plus another couple from Cincinnati, who will be staying with us for a few days and who I'll have to swing through Little Current to pick up Sunday between 4:00 and 5:00. I *really* hope everyone can make this, and the plan again is to wrap it up in plenty of time for anyone heading back to Little Current to be able to do so in daylight.

So th-th-th-that's all, folks...Fire away with any question or comments, but do it before mid-afternoon on Wednesday, at which time I will be breaking the umbilical cord with most thing electronic and heading NORTH!

p.s. My family will consist of me, my wife Katie, my 18 y.o. daughter Jessica and her 20 y.o. cousin, Betsy.

Over and out for now...


Bruce Boehle posted 07-30-2000 11:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bruce Boehle  Send Email to Bruce Boehle     

All sounds super duper!!! Will there be any teenage kids other than ours? What time are the others leaving for Neptune on Sunday AM? We would like to hook up if possible. Since we will be at Meldrum Bay and I believe this to be about an hour drive to Little Current I would like for this hook up to be not too early. After all, we are on vacation. If we could meet about 8:00 or 8:30AM for the run that would work for us. If not we can make the run ourselves. We will be around on Sat. and will use our time to familiarize ourselves with the area and to get settled in at White Sea.

dfmcintyre posted 08-01-2000 07:10 AM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Bruce -

Walt and I will be on the Saturday 7AM ferry, and first stop will be at Northernaire. You will pass NA on the way to Meldrum. It's at Evansville, right on the bay. Stop by if you want and check it out.

From NA to Little Current, it's about 45-50 minutes. You can judge from that what the Meldrum to NA run takes.


kingfish posted 08-01-2000 08:38 AM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
Phone numbers...

There is pretty fair cell coverage up around Little Current and around both major routes to it (highway from the Soo, and ferry from Tobermory). I will have my hand-held fairly close to me most of the time. If any of you have cell phones in your vehicles or hand-helds, would you e-mail the numbers to me? I'll e-mail my number back to you in return.


lhg posted 08-01-2000 04:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
How about all of us using channel 19 for the duration of our various trips? From my radio channel listing, it appears to be open for general ship to ship use, and probably won't have the heavy traffic of the 68-73 channels.
kingfish posted 08-01-2000 08:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
Copy that...

You got the Kingfish, standing by one nine...

tbirdsey posted 08-01-2000 10:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
I need to inform those who are planning on meeting and launching from Tobermory on Friday afternoon of a last minute, unavoidable change in our schedule. I have to be at Kent State University on Thursday for an interview for a new building project. We will not be able to make the Friday afternoon departure and in fact will not be arriving in Tobermory until Saturday morning sometime. Hope this message gets to someone who can pass it on to those involved. We are still planning on staying until Monday morning. It is also looking like my 15 year old son and perhaps a friend of his will also be along.
Bruce Boehle posted 08-01-2000 11:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bruce Boehle  Send Email to Bruce Boehle     
We are all set. We will look for any last minute posts up till about 12:00 on Thursday then we are out of here!

See ya there.


lhg posted 08-01-2000 11:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Sorry about your change in plans, Tom. Sure is hell to have to work for a living, isn't it?

If wind is OK, we won't wait for you on Friday, and instead will see you up at Spider Bay or at John's place. Call my cell phone and keep us posted, so we can let you know where we'll be. if we're caught at Tobermory over Friday night, then we can see you Sat morning.

Since you're going it alone over this 60 mile stretch, and it's unfamiliar water to you, I'm a little concerned. Be sure you have the charts and that the weather is right.

Because of the shorter time frame, you might also want to consider driving up the east shore of Georgian Bay, through Sudbury, and over to Little Current, going through Toronto. Or you could enter Canada at the 1000 Islands, and head over along the Quebec River. This looks more direct, but I'm not sure.

See you in Little Current, one way or another!

jimh posted 08-02-2000 12:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Wednesday update:

I think I will drive to Little Current on Friday, so that we will have a car on shore in case we need to handle something that comes up and need transportation. And, since I don't have a boat, the car will give me a base to keep all my stuff.

Now the problem is where to sleep!I was hoping to grab a berth on some unused boat (Birdsey?) but it sounds like they may be filled...Well, if I have the car I can always drive to a B and B, as I am sure the motels around Little Current will be full.

This turns out to be "Haw-Eater" weekend on the island, when everyone returns who has moved off the island. It is a big island-reunion sort of thing. This is really putting a crimp on the ferry.

The Friday early and late sailings are sold out with reservations, leaving only the 11:40 a.m. and the 3:40 p.m. sailings available, but they are recommending getting in line at least 3-4 hours early to get a spot! The early Saturday sailing is sold out, too.

What this means to me: if I miss the 3:40 sailing on Friday, I won't get on until 11:40 a.m. Saturday. Since I have to be in Tobermory by almost 11:40 a.m. Friday (to get in line), it means I would be stranded for 24 hours there!

That is not attractive...

So instead, I may drive around via the Soo, which is longer mileage but about the same time (because of delays with ferry, etc.) and I can be sure to find some room on the Trans-Canada Hwy for Friday night if there really is nothing in Little Current available (which is what looks like is the case).

Thus I would either arrive late Friday or first thing Saturday in Little Current.

Another option is to drive up late Thursday, get in line, and hope to make the 11:40 a.m. sailing, but then I would miss all the boats, etc., in Tobermory.

By the way, as for charts, etc., I have dozens. I have the Richardson book, plus all the individual Canadian Charts, so I can navigate for a boat that needs charts.

So if I don't get to Tobermory on Friday, I will meet everyone in Little Current, either Friday night or Saturday morning.

The weather has been terrible this week; it has rained for 5-6 days in a row. That should mean we are going to have great weather this weekend!

I'll check this forum often the next two days for last minute updates from people.

--Jim Hebert

tbirdsey posted 08-02-2000 03:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Jim - would love to have a navigator if you somehow end up in Tobermory Sat morning. If not, even a copy of chart(s) from Tobermory to Little Current would save me looking for them in Tobermory when we arrive. Any chance to copy and Fed ex or Fax. Tom
jimh posted 08-03-2000 11:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Revised plans:

After several telephone calls, voice-mails, and e-mail, I have been convinced that I'll leave my car in Tobermory and join the fleet going north on Friday afternoon!

Tom: I'll leave a chart book for you with the Harbourmaster at Tobermory. You can pick it up when you get there. The office is right on the west side of the harbour. It's the Richardson Lake Huron book; it has all the charts and not too many old courselines on it. It should get you through.

I'll also have to return on Monday to Tobermory, either via boat or ferry. I can always hitch-hike down to South Baymouth from Little Current if all else fails and take the ferry as a walk-on. Maybe I can ride with tbirdsey, as I think Tom's going then, too.

I should have a room on Friday night, and plan to sleep somewhere under the stars on Saturday and Sunday, either on Neptune or in the cockpit of a Whaler. We'll leave it to chance and weather...I'm bringing an air mattress and a sleeping bag.

I am bringing a little something from each of the four major foodgroups (beer, salt, garlic, chocolate).

I'll be leaving on Friday morning, I should be across at Sarnia before 10:30 a.m., and should be in Tobermory by about 2:30. I'll get a new provincial road map and exchange money at the Tourist Info booth at the bridge.

See everyone there!

--Jim Hebert

BD posted 08-03-2000 09:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for BD  Send Email to BD     
If you all get down to Penetanguishene area..keep an eye out for Sid Freeman's 22 ft Outrage "Misquito Coast" - he is the Whaler customization king for the Royal Canadian Yacht Squadron...
jimh posted 08-04-2000 12:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Last minute weather forecast shows a big fat HIGH pressure center sitting over central Lake Huron. This should produce light winds for us on Friday and Saturday.



Sam Collins posted 08-06-2000 09:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for Sam Collins  Send Email to Sam Collins     
Sure is quite around here, with all the gang gone. Don't reckon they just kept heading North ? Anyone heard from them.
Shadowcatcher posted 08-06-2000 11:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for Shadowcatcher  Send Email to Shadowcatcher     
I wish I was there! Too bad they can't post reports from the scene, but, why would they when they're on their Whalers instead of thinking about being on their Whalers as I am now. I have overcome this with a complete cleaning, sanding and Amazon oiling of the teak on my '89 Outrage. It looks better than new for my trip north to Brainerd, Minn next week. Thanks to BW Forum and lhg for the advice on Whaler boatkeeping.


jimh posted 08-09-2000 01:01 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
NC/2000 Classic Boston Whaler Rendezvous Update:

The long weekend was a great success. Here is a really quick summary:

Friday: We left Tobermory with four boats--(2) 18/19-Outrages, 21-WA, and 25 Outrage. Winds were strong SSW, 20 knots, and seas 4-foot, but just enough of a southerly component to the wind to make them following seas or quartering seas for most of the way north.

We did have about ten miles of upwind slog, then ran along the lee of Manitoulin, ending with about ten more miles dead to windward at the last leg. In total: 75 miles of pretty open water of Georgian Bay.

I was aboard Jim Gibson's 19 Outrage II. It was very impressive how well the boat handled the conditions. It was not like sitting in your living room, but it was nothing scary at all.

Saturday the wind was from the South, putting us in really calm water on the north side of big Manitoulin Island (40 miles wide in places), and we had a nice trip out to Neptune, then over to magnificent Baie Fine, then back to Neptune, then back to Little Current. Again about 75 miles of boating. Absolutely terrific conditions, although by late afternoon the breeze went West at 20 knots again, making a rough ride back to Neptune across Frazer Bay (5 miles open water).

By Saturday evening we added a 16 Nauset, another 18 Outrage, a 17 Montauk, and a 22 Outrage to the assembly of Whalers.

John Flook cooked up a big grill of hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers for everyone.

By Sunday the weather deteriorated to a gray overcast sky with scudding clouds, but no rain! Everyone reassembled for a late breakfast on the island, then we took off for a 15 mile cruise through the Bay of Islands up to Whitefish Falls at the extreme NE end. A line of nine Whalers paraded through the small river mouth, bringing gawks from the shoreside cottagers.

We wound our way back through the islands toward Neptune. Once we hit open water a drag race broke out. I saw WHALE LURE go completely airborn jumping our wake, and roaring ahead at about 60 MPH. Lotsa fun being had.

Back at the island, we relaxed and talked boats non-stop, had another great cook out courtesy of John and Katie Flook, and the last boat departed about 10 p.m. (Larry Goltz in WHALE LURE, with me aboard, too).

By this time it was totally dark--no moon, no lights, no stars, and a mist forming on the water--and we navigated almost entirely on the DGPS track plotter, retracing the courseline made coming out in daylight, including transiting of about five pairs of unlighted buoys in a narrow channel. It was quite a testament to the power of modern navigational electronics!

Monday brought a wind shift back to westerlies. I left at 8 a.m. with Tom Birdsey and family on their 18-Outrage for the 75 miles back to Tobermory.

The first hour was calm downwind running, then we hit Georgian Bay, where the remnant swell of the weekend's strong southerlies was still rolling up from the south. A six footer was mixed in occassionally, forcing us to quickly slow down and drop off plane.

We worked our way down, staying mainly off shore of Manitoulin to cut the distance down, and running into some pretty big seas from the SW as we got about half way down the eastern end of the island.

The last fifteen miles were right across open water of Georgian Bay, with a good breeze from the SW rolling up on our starboard quarter and only a compass heading for a courseline.

Finally we made it to Flowerpot Island for a rest stop, then on the last five miles to Tobermory, and then the boating was done for the weekend.

Several groups stayed up north on the island for the rest of of the week, so we expect even more tales and adventures to tell are in the coming.

It was great to meet everyone at long last. Many new friendships were made.

As for the boats, they were all fun to see. The condition of many of them beyond belief--better than new, better than boatshow!

It was a great long weekend of Classic Boston Whaler boating. I'll have pictures and a longer narrative coming up in a few days or weeks, as time permits.

Special thanks to our wonderful hosts, John and Katie Flook!


Shadowcatcher posted 08-09-2000 01:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for Shadowcatcher  Send Email to Shadowcatcher     
Thanks for that report, Jim. We look forward to hearing and seeingmore. I saw you were back from another post and was about to post a new topic here to encourage you to come across with the report. Maybe there should be a new topic heading for NC2000 reports anyway. Thanks!


lhg posted 08-19-2000 06:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
I'll pick up where JimH leaves off, as some of us stayed a few days longer. We were all awakened in our boats about 7 am Monday morning, as Tom Birdsey and family, with our webmaster aboard, started up the Merc 150 for the 65 mile trip back to Tobermory. We stuck our heads out of the front window of the forward shelter and waved them off, a little concerned that Tom's power trim might give them some problems on the way back. I was going to flash my "Out of Beer" sign, but decided aginst it! As Jim has said, they all made it back fine.

The morning dawned sunny and bright, with light winds, and John Flook and crowd came by the marina in the Outrage 22 to join us for a 15 mile cruise over to Killarney, Ont, for fresh whitefish fish & chips at a dockside take out place, owned by HERBERT (not Hebert) FISHERIES. It was a beautiful run with the five remaining Whalers, and we've got some great pictures from the lunch dock.

By this time the wind was steadily increasing from the west, probably up to 30mph, but only John Flook had to face it going back, since we were all overnighting in Killarney. Later conversation with John indicated, that indeed, he had a brutal ride back in the 22 Outrage, straight into the wind. Real Whaler weather.

The wind howled all night long at our dock in Killarney, and Backlash had to leave at 6am for a solo trip back to Tobermory. But suddenly, in the early dawn, the wind just died, and Steve indicated they made the 50 mile trip back in relatively smooth water in less than 2 hours. The Gibson and Goltz boats followed about 4 hours later, determined to wait out the good weather, and we had beautiful, sunny and dead flat water for the whole trip back, best conditions of the entire trip, cruising easily at 30mph. We were sorry that some of the others couldn't have enjoyed the calm beauty of this wilderness run. The stark, sparkling clear water, beauty and vastness of the northern Great Lakes, particularly the Canadian shores, really gets to you. The best freshwater boating scenery in the world, and comparable to most of the best saltwater boating. Many do not realize that the Great Lakes contain 1/4 of the Earth's total fresh water.

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