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Author Topic:   Dauntless questions
hardensheetmetal posted 06-29-2001 07:26 PM ET (US)   Profile for hardensheetmetal   Send Email to hardensheetmetal  
I am seriosly looking into a few used 18 Dauntlesses. I am wondering if anyone has any opinions, likes, dislikes on this boat. I really think the boat is very suitable for my use (day cruising the Hudson river and Long Island Sound) I like the extra seating of the 18 compared to the 16, it just seems like a much larger baot than the 16. My big question is on price and power. All the used models I am currntly looking at are around $25,000. One with a 115 Johnson with 4 year extended warranty, One with a 150 Opti. I am partial to Mercury, but one dealer offered me a new boat, similarly equiped, with a 125 Merc (carb), and trailer for the same money. Other dealers say they would not order the boat with the 125. I am looking at future resale as an important item, in five years will those opti's be worth that much more than a straight carbed 125. I think I would rather pay more for a 4 stroke at this point, any and all information would be greatly appreciated. (by the way, thank you Ray for the info on your boat, I spoke to him today)


dauntlass 18 posted 06-29-2001 10:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for dauntlass 18  Send Email to dauntlass 18     
After oweing a 18 ft Dauntless with 150 hp optimax I can tell you I had no trouble with boat or motor in two years I owned boat.Fuel consumption was app. 4gph@3500rpm app 32 mph cruise speed.At wot per gps top speed 54 mph. I think 135 hp optimax would be ideal for boat.I hope optimax does not have problem like Evenrude had.I now have a 200hp optimax. No smoke smooth idle app 5.5 gph @3600 rpm cruise speed.Go for Dauntless with optimax or fuel injection engine.
hardensheetmetal posted 07-01-2001 09:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     
I liked your ex boat alot ray, I'll be talking to him some more this week. What are your feelings on a 115 on an 18. It seem to me that this might be a bit under powered considering the min. is a 90.Any thoughts?


dauntlass 18 posted 07-02-2001 07:01 AM ET (US)     Profile for dauntlass 18  Send Email to dauntlass 18     
I would not want the boat with 115 hp motor also I have been told by wahler dealer 125 hp carb. mercury is not a good way to power boat[dealer not where you are looking at my old boat].With all the problems other people have optimax is still running well for me and I would purchase a 18 ft dauntless with 135 hp optimax.The 150 hp optimax on my old dauntlass was more power than needed but thats why they put throtles on boats.
stroke posted 07-02-2001 10:38 AM ET (US)     Profile for stroke  Send Email to stroke     
I just bought a Dauntelles 16 (1999) model with a 90HP merc in Antigua, (Caribbean). The boat is lovely, Handels the inner islands really well. i think the 18 has some nice options i wish ere on the 16, such as storage under the deck. Get the 18 you will love it. One more thing, i bought this boat after i put a deposti on a ab rigid inflatable, my father in law has a classic 15 and the new coquest 28, just recently sold the outrage 18... Whaler are fun boats.
lhg posted 07-02-2001 02:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Best advice I can give is test run one before you buy!!!!!

I have, and I'm sorry, but in the Great Lakes it doesn't compare to an 18 Outrage! It is strictly an inshore/flats type boat. The one I ran had a 135 Optimax, and it was VERY fast.

hardensheetmetal posted 07-02-2001 05:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

Just curious, I see what your impression was on the Dauntless, what made it not as good as the 18? Or just different?

You know what it is, I am just getting tired of working on my boats. I know how rediculous this sounds but after rebuilding three 13, and dealing with two boats over twelve years old, replacing canvas and vinyl, and then having problems with my 225 Yamaha, I, for some unexplainable reason, find myself drawn to a new (newer) Whaler. I feel that dollar wise, repowering a 12 year old boat would not be a wise investment. I'm just tired of it, I want to enjoy my boat for once, something simple and low maint.


lhg posted 07-02-2001 07:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Dan - I know what you mean about working on a Classic Whaler. All of us here, I'm sure, consider Classic Whalering not only a recreational pastime, but a hobby and pride of ownership. Maybe a good used, well maintained 18 Outrage would be a good solution for you. But they are hard to find. Beginning in 1986, fiberglass gunwales were a $300 option, and then became standard equipment in 1989. Perhaps a patient search could yield you one of those. (See pictures of Kingfish's low maintenance 1992 22' Outrage).

Regarding my test ride in an 18 Dauntless, it was at a BW Rendezvous where the Dealer had one for all participants to try out. It just didn't have the feeling of offshore security compared to the Outrages we were accustomed to. But this is hard to describe. It lacks the high bow of the Outrage series, and it's gunwales are too low. I particularly don't like the transom area. It had less useable floor space than the 18 Outrage. It lacks the high rails, and high bow gunwales, necessary for security and sea keeping in rough weather. The other Whaler owners that accompanied me on this test run all agreed with my comments. The boat also lacks the weather protection (wind, cold, rain) options of the earlier boats. This is fair weather boating only, and I need more than that.

Two other experiences come to mind. Later that same afternoon, a poker run was scheduled, and a BW marketing rep was stationed at the farthest distance out on the Lake. On the way back, the wind came up in our face, and we were dealing with 4' waves for about 10 miles. The Classic Outrages, including an 18 Outrage, an earlier 19 Outrage (not known as a smooth riding hull) and a 21 Walkaround, all ran back in relative ease. We wondered about the 18 Dauntless having to return in this stuff. Sure enough, the Rep returned about 45 minutes after us (we all left at the same time), really looking shaken up. He said he had a rough trip back, and followed up with the comment "it's sure not an 18 Outrage - now I know why they call it an inshore boat."

About 2 months ago, while retrieving my 18 Outrage at a ramp, and 18 Dauntless pulled in. Had a real good chance to see the two boats side by side. The owner came over and started talking about how, for offshore Lake Michigan, he wished he had one like mine. Said he was not comfortable in the boat in more than 3' seas. I can go out in 6' any time.

Please remember an opinion was asked for, and this is my experience. Others will have completely different ideas.

hardensheetmetal posted 07-02-2001 07:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

I think I can relate to what you are saying about the ride. I went from a 17 Newport to a 22 Rev. W/T (talk about night and day!) I am and always have been a huge Whaler fan, there have been very few brands, possibly none, in my life that I have felt so passionately about,***BUT***,I have to be honest, I hated the ride of my 17. I boat on the lower Hudson River mostly, where ther is almost always a short, steep chop in the afternoon. I felt that the ride was more compareable to my 13's (obviously similar hull) I am wondering if the Dauntless would handle this chop better than the 17? I really have to imagine that it would as it has more of a 'V' (correct/incorrect?) Also the new 18 has 7" more beam than my 22 and 10" more than the 18 Outrage, would this = better stability? More deck space? Beleive me, I am in no way knocking the 18 Outrage, had I found the right one, I would have bought it right away (and I would still look, if the oportunity arose).


hardensheetmetal posted 07-02-2001 07:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

Where did you do your boating when you owned the 18, what were your impressions of the boat in rougher waters?


dauntlass 18 posted 07-02-2001 08:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for dauntlass 18  Send Email to dauntlass 18     
Dan, The boat was used mainly on the upper Chesapeake Bay. I doubt I encountered any waves over 4'. Most running was in 1' to 2' waves. Although I have fished with my son in the Delaware Bay in windy, rough conditions on a few occasions, no problems in handling or ride. I must say the Conquest hull which I think is an Outrage, does ride much better. Ray

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