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Author Topic:   ski pylon for a 2000 Outrage 18
jacko posted 04-04-2002 11:20 AM ET (US)   Profile for jacko   Send Email to jacko  
I'm looking to either make or buy a new or used ski pylon for an Outrage 18.
Anyone have any ideas
aubv posted 04-04-2002 12:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for aubv  Send Email to aubv     

If I remember correctly I purchased stainless steel pylon from BW dealer for about $90. It weights 15 lbs(?) and came with the ball lock quick release pin.

Works well.

phatwhaler posted 04-04-2002 02:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for phatwhaler  Send Email to phatwhaler     
If your are looking for an extended pylon/ wakeboard pylon here's my setup.
1st I have a 19 OR. Probably not much different.
I made a base for the pylon that fits into the inspection cover behind my leaning post. The pylon is about 7ft tall, there is a cable headed to the bow and one cable to each stern cleat. The pylon is aluminum, and I had eyes welded onto it at a local fab shop.
I have a peice of strap that wraps over the bow and connects the cable to the bow eye. The piece of stap is only three feet long and I sewed the eyes into it myself with sail twine and needle.
Complications: I have a T-top so the cable has to connect to the pylon a little lower than I like. I also had to take my windshield off becasue the cable crooses above the console too low to leave it on.
You may be wondering why I don't just connect the ski rope to the T-top. I don't do this because I don't want to weaken the T-top or rip it out of the deck etc.. It seems sturdy but it was never designed to pull a skier. I have seen some people doing this and I'm sure that they will have problems soon. Anyway, everthing works nice and the windshield screws right back on when I'm not wakeboarding. I had to drill zero holes in the boat.

phatwhaler out.

jacko posted 04-05-2002 03:54 AM ET (US)     Profile for jacko  Send Email to jacko     
To buy a new standard BW ski pylon (not overextended or anything)I have been quoted 360 !!!! This was by the BW dealer in the UK. Unfortunately the market here is almost wrapped up for BW parts or similar so may be I should be looking further afield.
The $90 you are suggesting seems about right to me considering the BW ski pylon is a 2ft staight piece of stainless steel tube with a rope eye. This then locks into the multipurpose connector similar to the cockpit table and fishing prep table.

If you could remember where it came from it would be great. If not - any ideas about steel tube sizes required for the loads so I can have one made.


aubv posted 04-05-2002 06:40 AM ET (US)     Profile for aubv  Send Email to aubv     

Actually my pylon is solid, not a tube. I will be talking to BW dealer today and will get part # and current price for you.


lpaton posted 04-05-2002 06:49 AM ET (US)     Profile for lpaton  Send Email to lpaton     
Would appreciate any dimensional info,picture,sketch etc for a ski pylon. Was quoted about $US200 when I inquired two years ago. I have an Outrage III (19'-8")
aubv posted 04-05-2002 04:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for aubv  Send Email to aubv     

There are at least three different pylon set-ups that I have seen for newer whalers(1996-) Some boats have a railing around the splash well and in the center, in front of the engine, there is a female opening at the top of a vertical support for the railing. This is designed to accept fishing stations, cockpit tables or pylons. They are held in with a ball lock quick release pin. Current cost about $100. In the 2002 page 26 you can just see the top of the vertical support for the pylon.

The other types are tripod arraignments of which I am less fimilar. I believe these pylons are around $350. If you have a 2002 Cat you can see this type on page 16 & 20. I can send pictures in the next week or so of both types if you need.


609-242-2400 is the phone number for Pelican Harbor a BW dealer in NJ. Ask for Judy Or Woody. I can measure my pylon in the next couple of weeks if you need.


JoeH posted 04-06-2002 05:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for JoeH  Send Email to JoeH     
Our Outrage 19 came with a Swivel-eze brand pylon. It is a tripod style with two legs mounting to the inside of the transom and the third on top of the splashwell. I don't know if it works, got skis for christmas. Check Cabelas. Joe
lpaton posted 04-08-2002 09:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for lpaton  Send Email to lpaton     
2002 page 26? What is this reference to please.
My arrangement is as the first you mention, a female tube with hole for ball type connecter. A pic or otherwise would help. When I order stuff from the states I get hit with brockerage fees plus special transport etc and prices get out of hand. Often cheaper to get something made up. Thanks
aubv posted 04-08-2002 04:27 PM ET (US)     Profile for aubv  Send Email to aubv     

I was refering to page 26 in the 2002 Boston Whaler Catalog. I think faster than I write and thats not saying much! I can scan and e-mail if it helps.


lpaton posted 04-09-2002 07:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for lpaton  Send Email to lpaton     
Would appreciate pic. Saw post you describe on but have difficulty seeing how post tall enough to clear motor housing will stand up to tow loads without a back brace
phatwhaler posted 04-09-2002 10:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for phatwhaler  Send Email to phatwhaler How can I get a password to access the site?

phatwhaler out.

Chap posted 04-09-2002 10:25 AM ET (US)     Profile for Chap  Send Email to Chap     
Cat is out of the bag.
Click on the Whaler logo above the sign in.
jacko posted 04-10-2002 03:57 AM ET (US)     Profile for jacko  Send Email to jacko     
I have just ordered a BW ski pylon for an Outrage 18 2000 from Holland. The price is about $150. It should take about 10 days to arrive and when it does I'll take a photo of it and stick it somewhere everyone can see. If need be I will also take exact measurements if anyone else would like to make one.
As mentioned earlier I also have concerns that a vertical solid stainless steel pole will be able to withstand the loads of a waterskier. I suppose if I use a BW pylon I should be covered if it brakes or damages the boat. Is this correct?
aubv posted 04-10-2002 08:37 AM ET (US)     Profile for aubv  Send Email to aubv     

We use our pylon, like the one you have ordered, and it workes well there are no signs of cracking near any of the railing support attachment locations. Our railing, that the pylon goes into, is mounted in 5 locations.

I would hope that BW has engineered the pylon and support for it's designed use!

If you get to it first, mine is located at another location and can't get there for another week or so, here is a place to post pictures.

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