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Author Topic:   Aluminum trailer brightner
Swellmonster posted 09-07-2002 04:27 PM ET (US)   Profile for Swellmonster   Send Email to Swellmonster  
If you keep your aluminum trailer looking like new, how do you do it?
TRAFFICLAWYER posted 09-07-2002 06:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for TRAFFICLAWYER    
1. Keep it in the garage.
2. have your wife or significant other spit shine it every week.
3. NEVER, but NEVER dip it in salt water.
4. Buy a new one every other year and follow the above.
5. Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!
Contender25 posted 09-09-2002 03:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
Woody Wax works wonders.

Transmission/Hydraulic fluid also works wonders for preventing oxidation.

I recently spruced up a 4 year old trailer with Woody Wax and was amazed. So much so I sold the trailer and the new owner did not believe it was ever dunked in Saltwater!!

They claim Woody Wax does wonders on Fiberglass, I have not had success on that route but with Aluminum, Yup It Works!!

Swellmonster posted 09-10-2002 12:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
I put woody on the deck lastweek and so far I am very happy. But I havent been on it when its dry.
Ill try it on the trailer next!
hooter posted 09-10-2002 07:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Bought ever trailer Ah ever owned to haul a boat, not to stare at. Ah mean, Ah look to see if da lights woik, everting's tight, nothin' hangin' loose, but to make it purdy? The thought jest never occured to me. Will it help ya get womens, havin' a shiney trailer like dat? Guess it could, 'cause showin' my shiney arse sure brings 'em outta da woodpile! An' it is ever so humble compared to a shiney boat trailer, I ezpect.
hooter posted 09-10-2002 08:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
To be fair, I'm gonna have'ta get some o'dat Woody Wax fer mah back-side. Improve da odds vis-a-vis you purdy boys wid da shiney trailers.
Swellmonster posted 09-11-2002 12:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
I put a lil woody wax on the trailer.
It didnt clean it. But when I do get it bright and shiney (so I can see the bugs in my teeth) I'll get that woody on there!
Contender25 posted 09-11-2002 01:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
Hooter- what is your problem buddy?

SwellMonster- did you use it with the bronze wool? that is the trick, if you just wipe it on- it will protect it but if you rub it on with bronze wool it will shine getting rid of most oxidation and dirt.

It also cleans up the Marinium hardware on older Whalers, the bronze wool is the key.

hooter posted 09-11-2002 02:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Contentious25, ALL God's children gots problems, even me. Ah jest feel dat after his boat looks purdy, a feller ought to go play wid'his kid or his dog or his wife or girlfriend or his neighbor or brother fer cryin' out loud, and not be polishin' on his friggin' BOAT TRAILER. Hermits can have at it, as dey needs the distraction: Wilson, pass me some mo'dat Woody Wax der will ya, bud? Dis I-beam still looks a bit rough.

From 1986, page 24 of the owners manual says, "CAUTION-Never use steel or bronze wool for any cleaning applications! Tiny particles will fall off, getting into gelcoat and causing rust stains." Take heed, as blue-green bronze corrosion is a sumbich to remove from non-skid.

Decided Ah don't much care fer dat Woody Wax. Ah keep slippin' off da damn terlet seat:-!

Contender25 posted 09-11-2002 04:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     

Thank for letting me/us know how I/we should be spending my/our time. I also thank you for the added bonus from the owners manual. I will, as of now change my way of life AND ingnore 1st hand experince.

Hooter has read one thing in the "1986 manual page 24" that is correct, do NOT use steel wool, That will rust. Bronze wool has worked fine for me be sure to wash all of the particles away. We actually use bronze wool during one of the stages in re-varnishing our sailboat that stays in the saltwater, yup Hooter yet another boat to maintain, what will I do now.

Hooter feel free to E-mail me off the site to tell me how I better be spending my time being you do not list your E-mail address I was unable to tell you what I though you should do with your time. Unless you have something to add about Maintaining an Aluminum trailer?? (the original question)

Contender25 posted 09-11-2002 04:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
Hooter -

I just realized you referered to me as "Contentious25"? Here we are on Sept 11th. and you are calling people in your own country, who you do not know names? Whats up up with you? I am just tring to help a fellow boater out here and you are calling me names and railroading the thread? I do not understand, what is you plan or problem here?

Bigshot posted 09-11-2002 04:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
You guys actually wax your trailer......what a waste of time. If you were that concerned on how it should look, why did'nt you have it clear-coated when you bought it? It would still look factory fresh. Do you armor-all the tires as well? This aint no Harley show here.

As far as Hooter's mention of page 24. That may say steel wool but has probably since been changed to any wool. There is a thing called "dissimilar metals" It is when you use a certain metal to clean another hence "dissimilar". These microscopic particals fall into the poors, etc and being "dissimilar" they corrode at different rates. If you use a steel wool or bronze wool on aluminum it will get into the poors and make it corrode faster. You should use a scotchbrite pad instead. So Hooter is right.

I personally do NOT want a pretty, perfect trailer because when the theif comes knocking at the local boat ramp.....guess who's he is gonna pick? Your pretty trailer or my semi-dull 1997? Since my insurance don't cover my trailer.....I like it rusty but trusty.

Bigshot posted 09-11-2002 04:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot started it:(
Contender25 posted 09-11-2002 04:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
BS How?

By asking what his problem is?

Bigshot posted 09-11-2002 04:27 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     

Hooter does not have a known "problem"....he is just ....let's say.... verbally challenged:)

If you read between the lines(which you kinda have to) you will see that he is making a point plus ribbing at the same time. 9 out of 10 yimes I agree with him.

Bigshot posted 09-11-2002 04:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
I drop in salt water 99% of the time. No matter what I do, within a year it looks like crap. If salt water don't do it, my neighbors well with iron oxide in it will when he waters his lawn.
Contender25 posted 09-11-2002 04:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
No doubting it disimilar metals will corrode. I have not had an issue with the Bronze wools nor an issue with the Stainless "U" bolts holding my Aluminum Trailer together ( also disimilar metals). Scotch Brite pads are an excellent idea the only problem with them on Aluminum is they scratched it??? This was a fine pad. Good idea though.

If I had an old beater trailer, like the one under my 19 outrage I would and do just rinse it off but with the Contender 2002 Loadmaster tri axle alum with alum mags and all the bells wistles I think it may be in my best interest to keep it looking good for resale and just to keep an eye on what is going on with it.

Contender25 posted 09-11-2002 04:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
Bigshot-As for Hooter's problem I am NOT referring to the way he writes his posts (which by the way is rather impressive)

Rather-His problem being telling us how he thinks we should be spending our time and adding nothing to the point at hand "how to maintain an Aluminum Trailer while ribbing us???

Lagged posted 09-11-2002 05:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for Lagged  Send Email to Lagged     
Why not use a self etching (?) paint? Dupont makes some of that. I had it on the trailer for my 13. It didn't come off in the year i had it painted.
Bigshot posted 09-11-2002 06:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
My neighbor has an aluminum trailer painted maroon to match his 28' velocity. It looks great but is only a year old. I will keep an eye on it. Painting aluminum can be a double edged sword sometimes. When my trailer gets to crappy, I will paint it like a Mayco(the trailer co) and charge more when I sell it:)
hooter posted 09-11-2002 07:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
C-25, About 95% of dis entire forum is opinions of one sort or anudder, and mahn might differ from yers EVER now and then. No problem wid'dat here on dis end. Mah bride calls me a A.D.D. which could account fer some'o da railroadin'. No harm ever intended, though (ezcept fer one feller, he knows who he is).

Ah do admire yer list of boats AND yer tenacity if ya keeps all dem trailers sparklin' like it sounds. Jest tink ya'd be a happier sailer if ya put down dat cleanin' pad ever now and then and sit down somewheres wid a cee-gar and a tumbler o' yer favorite amber-colored beverage (dat do include beer). Mebbe share it wid a few like-minded contemporarities. Might hep ya keep from comin' acrosst sometimes as bein' wound purdy tight:-!

Swellmonster posted 09-11-2002 07:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
Im not offended with what hooter writes. My memory is next to nothing, so when he or others get of track, I just skip a line or two and get over it.
Gotta admit, the "contentious" was pretty cute.
I talked to a guy in a metal store and asked him about the aluminum and he said snow bowl toilet cleaner will brighten that trailer right up.
Man, if we could post pictures, Id show hooter a shiney azz trailer. Imagine a lusty woman, just a sittin a spell on that shiney bright trailer, sipp'en a gin-rickey in one hand and a bbq drumstick in the otha.
OH! I better wake up cause I dont have a dig cam.
WHen I saw 20 posts, I got all excited thinking I had more new ways for the shiney trailer... Oh well, keep'em com'en
jimh posted 09-11-2002 08:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
I think some light wet-sanding, them maybe you could buff it with a wheel with 3M-FINESSE-IT-II for a couple of hundred hours.

I have seen some nice painted trailer rigs where the boat, the trailer, the wheels, and the pickup truck were all painted the same color. But heck, a desert tan trailer? I don't know if I could go for that. And a desert tan GMC Suburban, no way.

I think the whole tread belongs over in MODS/REPAIRS or maybe PERFORMANCE.

I don't know what has happened but ol' Hooter's eye-dialect is starting to make sense to me!

DaveH posted 09-12-2002 10:49 AM ET (US)     Profile for DaveH  Send Email to DaveH     

Your statement:

"did you use it with the bronze wool? that is the trick, if you just wipe it on-it will protect it but if you rub it on with bronze wool it will shine getting rid of most oxidation and dirt."

Is actually incorrect corrosion-wise. The layer of oxidation you are removing to "protect" the trailer is actually helping to slow down the corrosion process. It actually is a passivation layer which when removed, allows more corrosion to occur. Corrosion is the oxidation of metals and each time you remove the layer, you are removing more metal. Your application of a wax is also a layer-albeit a very temporary one.

As for Hooter, I enjoy each and every post of his as comic relief intertwined with realism and good ol' horse-sense. I think you may have read his post out of context to the true spirit of his intent. He's a good egg.

hooter posted 09-12-2002 12:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
ok,ok, OK! One more an'Ah gotta go. Dis really is on pernt, kind'a:

Back in'da olden times, dey's used to be dis big ole bird, size of a condor, used to live ova in China. Dey called him da Foo-bird. He'd soar round and round goin' ever higher, till he was jez a SPEC in da sky. Den he'd let loose a big-ole crap. Now you can imagine how it went fer da fella got dumped on by dis Foo-bird, a two-gallon crap fallin' from seemin'ly nowhere, hittin'im at 90 miles a hour. Well, if after he recovered he warshed his'sef off, da poor fella he'd die immediately. Poof! But iffin he DIDn't warsh, he'd become incredibly wealthy, move into a big ole palace an' have purdy girls by da score. Dat's where da sayin' come from, "if da Foo shit, jez wear it."

Ya got dat?


Contender25 posted 09-12-2002 09:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for Contender25  Send Email to Contender25     
You all are correct. I was scheming a plan for you all to ruin the looks of your trailers so I would have the sharpest looking one on this earth. Hehehe :-0

DaveH- All I did was follow the directions as seen here-

Swellmonster posted 09-12-2002 10:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
Gots to luv the woody.
I noticed how it said to use a fine steel wool......
DIVE 1 posted 09-13-2002 09:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for DIVE 1    
We use a pair of products from California Custom phone #800-457-1242. The first is an aluminum deoxidizer followed by purple metal polish. Easy to use, no hard rubbing or polishing. We use it on marinium cleats, aluminum wheels and aluminum diamond plate. It makes the aluminum shine like chrome. You can apply wax over the area after polishing, but we found that a reapplication of the product on an as needed basis was less work. When you initially use the product it will take several applications to reach the desired level of shine. The diamond plate on our fire trucks shines like chrome for parades.
Swellmonster posted 09-15-2002 10:56 PM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
I talked to an air conditioner tech and we talked about cleaning the aluminum coils. They use a pink acid coil cleaner from the professional stores, "Graybar" and it turns them real bright and clean, no rub or buff.
Guess what Im trying next.
Of course after its all clean, I will finish it off with woody......
DaveH posted 09-16-2002 10:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for DaveH  Send Email to DaveH     

I am posting an exerpt from our email exchange to help those slightly confused on what to do:

"I was hoping I didn't open up the proverbial "can of worms" with my statement, however true it is. Let me explain, there
are many types of of aluminum corrosion, including pitting, crevice, and filiform; intergranular and exfoliation; galvanic
deposition, and stray-current; erosion, cavitation, impingement, fretting; and environmentally assisted cracking.

The haze (white or grey) on the aluminum is a very thin layer of exfoliation oxidation, or "aluminum rust" if you will. The
corrosion layer forms quickly and then slows down as less and less metal is exposed. If you remove this layer through
polishing, you are allowing increased corrosion to occur. Keep in mind that this is a very small amount of metal and the
trailer performance will not be affected in any way through this type off corrosion. Other types of corrosion as sited above
can be much more significant but Woody Wax cannot help in that regard. I would continue as you are doing by waxing it if
makes you trailer appear better. It is not needed though.

By the way, anodizing is actually a forced corrosion of the metal using electricity. It is a passivation layer but much thicker
than the naturally occuring way I described. I would not try to polish this layer--ever, for you are removing the protection.

Let me know if this explanation needs more clarification and I can provide some reading material sources for you.

To add to your comment about cleaning cooling coils on an A/C unit. Clean coils are paramount to higher efficiency in heat transfer applications.

Swellmonster posted 09-18-2002 02:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
And they sure do get shiney.

Bigshot told me if I shine up and wax my trailer, I would get better gas milage going down the road plus my boat would launch and retrieve quicker.
Cant wait!!!!

Bigshot posted 09-18-2002 02:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
No doubt and the women will flock to your trailer! My trailer is so waxed up that I don't even need tires!
DaveH posted 09-19-2002 10:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for DaveH  Send Email to DaveH     

Somewhere there's a joke here about trailer trash....

Swellmonster posted 09-19-2002 11:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for Swellmonster  Send Email to Swellmonster     
Good one! I bet she's slicker than owl shiz.

Another use for woody wax, I used it on my vans black part of the mirror and bumpers. Letssee if it hold up better than armor-all.

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