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Author Topic:   Took the plunge on a 2004 MT170
GAR posted 11-12-2003 11:09 PM ET (US)   Profile for GAR  
Just adjusting to my 5 hour old commitment to a 2004 Montauk 170. This forum has been extremely helpful in choosing the right Whaler, and I'd like to retrospectively thank you all for your input during my 10 month long decision process. I'll be taking delivery next week. Just a few questions. I noticed some condensation in one of the gauges during the water test. The salesman (who has incidently been very patient and helpful)assured me this was expected and would not cause a problem. I have no prior experience with this. Does the salesman's answer sound right in anyones opinion? Also, are there any simple instruction to help me navigate the final inspection of the boat before delivery? The boat is equipped with a 90hp 4s (SS prop), factory top, swim ladder, and fishing package.
P.S. Don't mind the apparent cold feet. I'm really excited about this boat, and I look forward to contributing to the forum in some meaningful way in the future.
Thanks, George
Maximus posted 11-13-2003 02:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for Maximus  Send Email to Maximus     
Gauges fogging was a point of contention between myself and the dealer (Russo's Marine). I had to DEMAND that my voltage gauge be replaced after it showed fogging. After much resistance, I watched as they replaced the gauge with one from the showroom floor M170!!!

About a month later, my water pressure gauge has developed some condensation. I'm not going to fight this one, though. I suspect that I will be upgrading to Farina gauges in a few years.

I've heard the rumor that the gauge lights are wired to be on at all times to help reduce the condensation.

Upon delivery, I noticed the clunk the Mercs make shifting in and out of gear. Members of the board have informed me that this is caused by the mass of the SS prop.

I've been a very happy M170 owner since mid-July, having upgraded from an '64 17 footer. I've logged almost 50 hours. Unfortuneately, the boat gets winterized and garaged next week.

Good luck with the new boat.

cape_rover posted 11-13-2003 06:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for cape_rover  Send Email to cape_rover     
Congradulations on your purchase. Do you mind saying what you paid for the boat (minus taxes). I'm in the market to buy a M170 in the north east and I'm wondering what others are paying for this boat.
Jarhead posted 11-13-2003 06:43 AM ET (US)     Profile for Jarhead  Send Email to Jarhead     
Congrats on the new Whaler :)

If it's any help I can tell you the gauges on both my 160 Dauntless and 130 Sport fog and from what I've heard it's a common occurrence.

Just take your time on the inspection and ask questions. You'll do fine.


GAR posted 11-13-2003 06:44 AM ET (US)     Profile for GAR    
Thanks for the replies. I paid 23k and change. Being that this is my first experience buying a new boat, I found it difficult to achieve a sense of satisfaction that I actually got the best price possible. On the other hand, I feel comfortable with the dealership (Parker Boats in Orlando), and its nice to get the negotiating over with and start enjoying this boat. About the clunking noise, I noticed a clicking/spinning like noise when the boat was abruptly brought from 4000 RPM to high idle speed as we entered a no wake zone. I assumed it was the prop spinning after the RPM's were brought down. The salesman agreed, and stated it was due to the weight of the SS prop. At the sake of sounding completely helpless, does this sound like something I should concern myself about?
Thanks, George
dhlaw posted 11-13-2003 07:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for dhlaw  Send Email to dhlaw     
Once again I say why...... why would you pay that much for a boat that was being advertised on the factory web site for $17,600 with trailer. Parker are the biggest theives in Orlando.
jimh posted 11-13-2003 09:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
The noise you hear on rapid decelleration is the propeller spinning faster than the drive shaft. I don't think this is generally thought to be beneficial to the dog clutch in the lower unit. More gradual decelleration is probably the solution.

The gauge fogging is probably inevitable, or at least it has been frequently reported.

Shifting in and out of gear should be done with a brisk motion. The additional weight of a stainless steel propeller does seem to make for more "clunk" when shifting. The steel propeller will have more momentum, so it might tend to still be turning when an aluminum propeller would have stopped.

As for the price, well I think everyone has a bit of buyer's remorse unless they absolutely stole the boat in the deal. I still fret that maybe I paid too much for mine, but then I think of all the fabulous experiences I have had with that boat in the last three years. They were worth thousands of dollars more than any minor difference in my sales price might have saved me.

For every boat deal, there is always someone who could have gotten it cheaper, or so they will tell you.

Maximus posted 11-13-2003 10:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for Maximus  Send Email to Maximus     
Sounds like he paid $23,336 + tax like the rest of regrets.
cape_rover posted 11-13-2003 10:42 AM ET (US)     Profile for cape_rover  Send Email to cape_rover     
I think you got a decent price. I received this email from whaler:

[The MSRP of the standard 2004 170 Montauk (includes a 90 hp 2 stroke Merc)is $17, 949. To add the optional 90 four stroke would be an additional $2,753. This price does not include freight, taxes, dealer prep or other options.]

The kicker in dhlaw's post is what his price does not include.

The best price I've found with the options you describe is $22,600 including freight, prep, etc (no taxes). So you are definitely in that ball park.

If you care to know what dealer cost is check out this post:

Note that the poster got this quote from a family member who appears to be a dealer.

RonB posted 11-13-2003 11:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for RonB  Send Email to RonB     

I recently traded in my 2003 Montauk 170 for another Whaler (a demo 2000 18 Outrage). I needed to upgrade a bit because of my wife and three kids. If it was just me, no way would have I traded it in. Anyway, I traded it in with less than 20 hours on it and it is sitting on the showroom floor of
my dealer (Surfside 3 in Peekskill, NY).

It has the bimini (Captain Navy Sunbrella Blue), fish package, swim platform and comfort package (bow cushion), and of course trailer. It has the 2 stroke 90HP Merc.

I don't work for these guys but I thought I'd mention it to you and anyone else out there interested in the new Montauk. I have no idea what they are asking for it but I could pass on their phone number to you if interested.


dhlaw posted 11-13-2003 11:25 AM ET (US)     Profile for dhlaw  Send Email to dhlaw     
No, the real kicker is that the cost of a two stroke 90 elpto is $4699 and the cost of a 4 stroke 90 is $6499.... that is a difference if $1700 not $2700. Starting to get my drift?? Bimini top can be bought for $200 from surplus marine who gets their stuff from the whaler factory. Hey, if you think Parker deserves to make $8500 on the boat then fine............
cape_rover posted 11-13-2003 11:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for cape_rover  Send Email to cape_rover     
The 4 stroke has a stainless prop and the 2 stroke has an aluminum prop. So it is about a $2,000 upgrade - add the dealers 35% markup and you have $2,700. But what can you do, you have to buy the boat as a package - most people don't want to bother with buying the boat with a 2 stroke, selling that motor on ebay and then buying a 4 stroke to hopefully save 700 bucks.
Knot at Work posted 11-13-2003 12:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for Knot at Work  Send Email to Knot at Work     

Congrats from a fellow 170 owner, I absolutely love the boat.

Some things I noticed:

The price of your boat was very close to what I paid. My Whaler came with the 4 stroke and fishing package in addition I got the bow cushion for the wife.

I have found that you paid about the average we all have so enjoy your purchase.

I remember a saying when I was in Dubaii UAE and buying Persian Carpets.. "Be happy with your purchase and NEVER ask a fellow shopper what he paid for his carpets, either you will be disappointed, or he will be angry"

Nice parable, but the bottom line is price is contigent on product and demand and supply.

Yor market is a tough one and 170's are sellign in that ballpark. AS LONG AS YOU ARE SATISFIED that is what is important.

Condensation in guages,, you get used to it and yes they all have it. It fades after running for a while.

The sound you hear dropping off plane is normal and I agree with Jimh, you need to practice your boat handling to reduce the sound so it will not wear anything out.

If you have any questions let me know.

This boat kicks ass and all those who sold theirs,, well they regret it!

13DAUNTLESS posted 11-13-2003 12:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for 13DAUNTLESS  Send Email to 13DAUNTLESS     
I think the 90 4s is only about a $2200 option on the 170 with the ss prop.
sumnerdav posted 11-13-2003 12:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for sumnerdav  Send Email to sumnerdav     
100% agreement with Knot at Work.

My 2003 with a 2 cycle cst about $3000 less than you paid.

You'll love the boat. Use it often.

RonB posted 11-13-2003 12:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for RonB  Send Email to RonB     
Knot at Work,

"This boat kicks ass and all those who sold theirs,, well they regret it!"

At the risk of being verbally bashed by all the Montauk owners out there, I do not regret trading in my Montauk for an Outrage. Whaler makes great boats and the craftmanship on one Whaler is no better than on another.

That being said, my Montauk was great and still is great, but it's not an Outrage. Like you said, "AS LONG AS YOU ARE SATISFIED that is what is important." The Outrage is a better fit for my style of boating as I imagine the Montauk is a better fit for your style of boating.

..just had to stick up for the Outrage owners out there :^)

Happy Boating!


dhlaw posted 11-13-2003 12:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for dhlaw  Send Email to dhlaw     
Make no mistake, I think the boat is great. Gar, you will have many years of enjoyment out of that boat irrespective of what you paid (within reason).
GAR posted 11-13-2003 08:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for GAR    
Thanks for the input. A special thanks to dhlaw for the reality check. I love the "persian carpet" bit. It was quite therapeutic. It's never easy to hand over that type of money and not wonder. I'll follow the forum posts and look for an oppurtunity to learn more from you all.
Barney posted 11-13-2003 08:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Barney  Send Email to Barney     
George, Welcome to the club. It's a great boat. Jim
MantyMonty posted 11-13-2003 09:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for MantyMonty  Send Email to MantyMonty     
GAR, I am in the same Boat as you. I just bought a 2004 170 2 stroke for about 1200 less. That is in line with your purchase price. My whaler dealer is a handy 5 miles away, which is worth some thing to me. You will not be disappointed. I only have 1.7 hours on mine but I did have a 150 sport also. I would have more time on it but the harbor has almost 1 inch of ice on it. Last Sat. Al from Twin Cities in TR took a demo ride thru the ice with a Whaler. Don't know what model, but they are all tough. The only thing that matters is that you bought it, you like as we do, you will have it home shortly, and enjoy the toy!
samwhaler posted 11-13-2003 09:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for samwhaler  Send Email to samwhaler     
George, congratulations on your purchase you will love it. I have the exact same setting and payed the same for it. Likewise, I did a lot of asking and shopping around before buying. I think it is a fair price considering it is a buyers market. Did the dealer make a good profit out of the deal? absolutly. Do I regret what I payed? not a bit. I enjoy every thing in that boat and take it out whenever I have time. The Outrage is one of the best boats BW makes, but it doesn't fit in my garage! I fish mostly by myself and I mostly fish inland lakes, the Montauk 170 fits my needs. I am sure if someone does more of offshore fishing and have a bigger family the Outrage will fit their needs better. So welcome to the party, get your credit cards ready and get yourself some nice electronics and enjoooooy.
dhlaw posted 11-14-2003 06:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for dhlaw  Send Email to dhlaw     
Well the trick is to keep the boat for a number of years and use it alot. The price will not matter as much after you have put a couple hundred hours of great memories in your life. GAR, I live on the river in New Smyrna. You need to pull that thing over here and enjoy the river and out around the bell bouy and rocks (on calm days). Drop me an e-mail when your coming and I'll sling the 28 in the water and we can grab lunch at Inlet Harbor restaurant.


lakeman posted 11-14-2003 08:18 AM ET (US)     Profile for lakeman  Send Email to lakeman     
Gar you made a super decision no matter what you paid for the boat. Most people over buy or buy boats that have all the glamorous padded seats or special features that will have to be replaced every few years and then they hate boats and boating and bash it because of the expense. Your boat will provide you with years of good use, with a little care and loving and will offer you great resale value when you decide to leave boating or go to a bigger boat.
I simply think that this Whaler is the best all round boat for the money.
Knot at Work posted 11-14-2003 09:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for Knot at Work  Send Email to Knot at Work     
Some ideas for your boat.

Mount Rod holders on rear of transom well gunwhale like Barney and Tobasco have.

Go with the Garmin 188. It is a good fit on the port side of the center console top. It works well with the Montauk. I little expensive but a good investment for your boat.

Get a good boat cover. I will take a picture of mine and send to you if you like give you an idea of what it looks like.

Turn your 72 qt cooler around so the lid won't fly up when your hauling down the river.

Buy a couple of Premium mooring lines. Nylon 3/8 inch work well for me. 25 ft is a good length

Buy a couple 5 gallon buckets from Home depot. Make great storage bins and you can even buy a D cell battery Areator to use for a live well bait bucket. I have not lost any shrimp yet (if I can only catch a damn fish though)

Buy a couple of large Taylor made fenders for the forward hull. I usually cruise with 4 fenders to ensure when I tie up to a bar or pier I will not get gouged by the dock or other boats.

I bought a 96 qrt Igloo cooler and got the replacment hinges and snaps at west marine. I use this for a fish box just add ice. It fits pretty good behind the rps and I am good to go.

Consider the 27 gallon Pate tank I am gonna go that route in the fall.

Enjoy your Whaler! They have a unique personality, and always turn heads.

scaleplane posted 11-14-2003 09:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for scaleplane  Send Email to scaleplane     

Congrats on your new Whaler! Don't fret on price - just enjoy.

The guages that came with my new 40 HP Johnson this summer also fog up. I was concerned until I read all these posts and now realize it the nature of the beast. They do clear up on a sunny day.

sarnuk posted 11-14-2003 05:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for sarnuk    
boy. watching how nice and honest y'all have been in dealing with george...i'd like to try you on my issue. i bought a ventura 160 this summer (first boat), paid $21,600 in NJ, and want to trade up to the 19 nantucket. the 19 nantucket is being quoted to me by the same dealer at about $31,600. (bimini top, mercury 115 4 stroke. bow cushions and 54q cooler with cushion and backrest)...and he'll give me $18,800. a difference of $12,800. i am about to bite; he tells me this is the price he will sell the nantucket for at the NY Boat Show. any advice? i too will meaningfully contribute as i get more wet.... sal
Knot at Work posted 11-14-2003 07:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for Knot at Work  Send Email to Knot at Work     
I wish I knew more about Dauntless and Nantucket's

Perhaps one of these fellows woudl help out if you put it out as a general question instead of attached to the Montauk thread. A suggestion.


Knot at Work posted 11-14-2003 07:14 PM ET (US)     Profile for Knot at Work  Send Email to Knot at Work     
Perhaps I should read the OTHER threads before posting!

I also meant Ventura vice Dauntless...

I will say I took the 4 stroke also and am glad I did. Oil is easy and it is quite!

sarnuk posted 11-14-2003 07:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for sarnuk    
thanks knot...... sal
tabasco posted 11-15-2003 08:13 AM ET (US)     Profile for tabasco  Send Email to tabasco     
The best deals in the Northeast are at Birbarie Marine in Branford, Ct. Just ask for Skip (the owner) and you will get a great deal. He is probably one of the nicest boat dealers I have ever met.

You can even mention my name RAY from the whaler forum, and he will give you special attention.

GAR posted 11-15-2003 10:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for GAR    
Great feedback. This is the stuff that keeps me checking the posts daily. That's a great "to do" list from Knot. I'm looking forward to getting started on the extra toys. Thanks alot for the energetic comments and heartfelt advice.
skred posted 11-18-2003 10:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for skred  Send Email to skred     
MantyMonty, I tried sending you an e-mail and you don't have an account at Yahoo as indicated in your profile. I had some questions for you. Do you have a new e-mail address?
chaimemet posted 11-20-2003 07:09 PM ET (US)     Profile for chaimemet  Send Email to chaimemet     
mine lives in the garage so i see it every time I walk out. My dealer congratulated me at the ramp, after all the papers were exchanged, that I had just bought the most expensive Montauk that his dealership had ever sold! I Think he is one the biggest in the civilized western world! Dont ask for all my options! I am the one responsible for the M170 rear bench design! Dont ask how much! How about full Isenglass? How about a Dodger with removable Isenglass? How about a removable Kodiak livewell? How about.....?
Barney posted 11-20-2003 08:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for Barney  Send Email to Barney     
chaimemet, Now you've done it! Pictures are in order for all that interesting stuff. Jim

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