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Author Topic:   190 Nantucket in this month's 'Trailer Boats'
whalerdude posted 06-25-2004 03:14 PM ET (US)   Profile for whalerdude   Send Email to whalerdude  
I just received my July 2004 issue of 'Trailer Boats' magazine and there is a great article on the 190 Nantucket on page 47. The test boat has a 150 Optimax on it.
Buckda posted 06-26-2004 03:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for Buckda  Send Email to Buckda     
Just finished the article this morning, not as glowing as I would have expected, but generally positive.

I was suprised at the top end speed with a 150 on it...low 40's.

Nice following article on Chicago boating as well.


Mark426 posted 06-26-2004 09:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for Mark426  Send Email to Mark426     
I looked for the magazine today, not in any places I looked.
Mind filling us in on the downside remarks? I know the positive features, just curious about the "not so good" in the magazine.


Buckda posted 06-26-2004 10:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for Buckda  Send Email to Buckda     
"While the new offering (Nantucket) features Whaler quality, it doesn't offer as many standard features as most of the company's other boats..."

"...though the wheel is stainless steel, some cost cutting is evident."

Regarding the use of the boat for a family vessel...

"...we were disappointed that the new model does not offer an optional ski pylon, even though one is available for the Dauntless."

"...even with its max-rated power, our rig topped out at 43.2 mph."

Overall, the article was very positive, and I see no reason that the marketing staff at Brunswick should be disappointed in it...


kamie posted 06-26-2004 10:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for kamie  Send Email to kamie     
Borders usually carries 'Trailer Boats'.

I wonder how fast they expected the boat to go? In the performance reports on BW's site they max it out at 44mph at WOT on the 150HP.

panther posted 06-28-2004 01:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for panther    
I don't understand why Whaler insists on underpowering all their boats. At 43 MPH with a 150, the Nantucket is a total PIG. If a boat can't do 50 MPH what good is it, except for duffers and scardycats.
RonB posted 06-28-2004 03:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for RonB  Send Email to RonB     
For those in the northeast that read the weekly magazine "The Fisherman", the June 10th, 2004 edition reviewed the Nantucket.

Not glowing but not bad either, they stuck to the facts, mentioning the safety of Boston Whalers, different power packages, recommending either the 115 Classic power package with a Miami Boat Show price of $31995 and a street price of 29K or maxing out with the 150 Opti which offers the best range and performance, 44.5 mph spinning a 17 in pitch Mirage.

Some highlights:

Early in the article...

Love them or not, Boston Whaler craft have been veritable fixtures at coastal marinas since the late 60's, taking many anglers out for a day of successful rod bending and bringing them back safely to home port. Whaler has taken some of it's timeless designs like the 130 and 150 Sport open skiffs and 170 Montauk CC, grouping them into a "Classic Series" lineup that includes a turnkey package that's ready to fish, complete with Mercury outboards and a galvanized trailer. Joining the group for this season is the largest and most seaworthy member of this group, the 190 Nantucket.

Later on...

Since Whaler is a Brunswick-owned company, you can have your choice of motors on the transom, as long as they wear Mercury black.


Like all Whalers, the 190 Nantucket is built to last in the most extreme conditions and will provide unsinkable assurance to your friends and family every time you head out to have some fun on the water.

Like I said, not glowing but not bad either. I've fished on the boat and would be just as happy with it as my own boat, a 2000 18 Outrage.


Buckda posted 06-28-2004 07:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Buckda  Send Email to Buckda     
Success has a price tag. When you're big and successful, people tend to discount your successes and the good things you do (they become expected), and tend to amplify any shortcomings, small though they may be.

Boost that reputation to legendary status, and the imperfections are magnified all the more so.

Of course, the other companies have continued to raise the bar, and while Whaler was once head-and-shoulders above the competition, there are now several other companies that are in the ring with comparable quality, but with different product properties.

Add the fact that some manufacturers are "spoiling" us with extra creature comforts and accessories that are more different to install/locate on the unique BW hull, and well, every little thing stands out.

If I recall correctly, Boating magazine editors continuously voice dissapointment in the use of foam mattress pads on mega-yachts that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars "For a boat of this caliber, we'd like to see inner-springed mattresses".

That's not to say that the criticism's doled out for the cost-cutting measures by Boston Whaler and other manufacturer's is not deserved. The general decline in component quality seems to be a phenomenon that has been fairly steady for a while now. (who is to stop that trend?...we're the schmucks doling out 40-80 grand on a new boat with cheap "made in China" and plastic parts....we also do it with our automobiles...)

As a prospective buyer, I would want to know that a company obviously cut costs on the helm wheel, would factor into my purchase some negative is not all bad...especially when the general tone of the article is positive, and the endorsement of the Boston Whaler name is still present and the overall safety and quality is there, the rest is just extra.


elaelap posted 06-29-2004 11:11 AM ET (US)     Profile for elaelap  Send Email to elaelap     
"If a boat can't do 50 MPH what good is it, except for duffers and scardycats."

Yo, panther--Why don't you bring your 50 mph Whaler out here to Bodega Bay? There's a whole lot of folks who would love to watch you blasting along outside at fifty...for a couple of seconds. We love to watch whales broach, sometimes spinning over onto their backs before crashing back into the huge Pacific swells.


Yiddil posted 06-29-2004 11:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for Yiddil  Send Email to Yiddil     
"If a boat can't do 50 MPH what good is it, except for duffers and scardycats." GEEEEZE!!!Ya Think Panther???

Hells bells, why don't we just put all the "duffers and scardycats" in one place and wipe um off the face of the earth????

There not worth jack if there not doin at least 50MPH, no sense in keepin um around! OY VAHS MERE!!!!

I have a Nantucket with a 115 carb on it and it will run with the 150 just fine...and performance is comprable based on everything Ive read on it.......see the graphs.....Oh my Gosh! Ya think they will come for me???? Ya they might, but after they do away with me, they will probably keep the Nantucket and go fishin:) LOL

SteveGMP posted 06-29-2004 05:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for SteveGMP  Send Email to SteveGMP     
Last Saturday and Sunday I had my 18 Dauntless on Sebago Lake. Saturday the lake was flat; and I remember thinking that 35mph is a little slow, but not to slow. On Sunday I had my five and eleven year old sons with me along with my wife. This was our first boat ride together this season. The final leg of our boat trip consisted of 2-3 foot waves coming off the White mountains to the east of the lake. No problem, everyone was confident even in the cold breeze, and some laughing and horse play was still going on with my kids. At the entrance to our cove my wife and I both realized again why we bought the Whaler.
Camuyano posted 06-29-2004 05:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for Camuyano  Send Email to Camuyano     
I have read all threads about how Whalers are underpowered, particularly the 170 Montauk, and was concerned before I took delivery of my boat thinking I have made a mistake. Perhaps my perception is a bit skewed because my previous boat was a small trailer sailor that would only make 5 knots on a good day but I do not find the Whalers to be tortoises as some would have you believe as long as you take the boat's intended use into consideration.

I've had my boat out both in the Potomac, a big open river, and an inland lake and can say that there are very few days when you can comfortably run wide open even with the 90 hp. I completely agree with Steve that the reason why we buy these boats is for safety and good sea keeping. If you want to go 80 mph on a flat lake then buy yourself a bass boat, but if you want a versatile craft that will bring you home when the going gets tough then the power on the Montauk and the Nantucket is just fine.

Besides being safe you will save a bunch in gas. So far I have not regreted my desicion and have been happy with the performance of the boat. The other day I went on an evening cruise to a seafood restaurant on the next cove with five adults on board and did not find the performance of the boat lacking as we raced back to beat the darkness.


panther posted 06-29-2004 09:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for panther    
Hey, to each his own I say. You choads wanna play it safe and slow, fine with me. I prefer some adrenalin rush in my life...haven't rolled over and died yet.
WT posted 06-29-2004 09:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for WT  Send Email to WT     

Do you currently on a Whaler? If not buy this one:

2003 Montauk with 175 HP Johnson.


panther posted 06-30-2004 12:43 AM ET (US)     Profile for panther    
I'm not that crazy. 50-55 is all good. If I had a Montauk I'd want a Yammy 130.
WT posted 06-30-2004 01:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for WT  Send Email to WT     

Well? What's stopping you? Looks like you know exactly what you want.


erik selis posted 06-30-2004 04:01 AM ET (US)     Profile for erik selis  Send Email to erik selis     
I guess some people just like to stir around in the manure.


panther posted 06-30-2004 12:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for panther    
erik, why would you say that?
erik selis posted 06-30-2004 12:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for erik selis  Send Email to erik selis     
Panther, for the same reason you said:

"At 43 MPH with a 150, the Nantucket is a total PIG. If a boat can't do 50 MPH what good is it, except for duffers and scardycats. "

Nothing personal, but you knew that this remark would provoke.


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