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Author Topic:   170 MONTAUK: After-Sale Service Suffers
Jim D posted 08-21-2004 01:13 PM ET (US)   Profile for Jim D   Send Email to Jim D  
I hate to put out negative info regarding my Boston Whaler but I really need to vent. I have a 2003 Montauk 170 and the anchor locker has a broken latch assembly. The hatch keeps banging when I hit heavy seas. I stopped into my local BW dealer last Saturday to order the replacement part. The guy behind the counter seemed annoyed to help me but did try. Finally he gave up and said he would call me on Monday with the info. I never got a returned call. I phoned another BW dealer on Tuesday to order the part. He kept me on hold for over 10 minutes and then came back and told me he couldn't find his parts catalog and he would call me back when he did. Again, I never got a returned call. On Wednesday I went to and filled out an email request on the website for assistance in obtaining the part or at least the part number. You guessed response.
I can't get over the change in attitude from when I was buying the boat. When I purchased the boat at the AC Boat show in Jan 2003, the salespeople fell all over themselves trying to help me. Now after the purchase is made, looks like they run the other way when a current owner stops in.
Appreciate it if someone could help me out with obtaining the part number.
And if Boston Whaler is listening, I think you guys have some homework to do with your customer support.


TRAFFICLAWYER posted 08-21-2004 01:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for TRAFFICLAWYER    
Whaler has some of the best C.S. folks around, give them a call directly and maybe they'll just send you a replacement part.

Or you can call Sea Island marine in Beaufort, SC one of Whalers oldest dealers and Guy will be happy to help.

erik selis posted 08-21-2004 01:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for erik selis  Send Email to erik selis     
If it's the "Stop-Doorholder" you are talking about it has the BWI No. 1142348

If it's the hinges you are talking about; BWI No. 1617323.

Hope this helps and good luck with your fine boat.


Jim D posted 08-22-2004 09:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for Jim D  Send Email to Jim D     
Thanks guys. I think I just need to chill. It looks like 1142348 is what I am looking for. I will call the dealer tomorrow with the number and I am sure I will get results. Thanks VERY MUCH for your help!


Jimm posted 08-22-2004 11:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for Jimm  Send Email to Jimm     
Jim, don't feel bad. A friend of mine totals his car which he needs for work. Same day he goes to the local VW dealer. They look up his credit and with just the credit report and a $100 personal check they put him into a brand new smaller VW and off he drives. Next week he decides he wants the floor mats and back he goes to the same dealer. This time they refuse to take his personal check for the mats - "We don't take personal checks". You try to figue it out. They sold him a car on a personal check and credit look up but would not sell the same guy the mats for a check.
jimh posted 08-22-2004 11:56 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Many boat dealers still think the boating business can run the same way it did in 1950. These are the folks that are looking for new customers every year because 25-percent of their old customers just gave up boating entirely, often due to lousy after-sale support like you describe.

I can't fault Boston Whaler too much here. They have an on-line system in place that apparently allowed a fellow in Europe (Erik) to look up the part number and pass it to you. That seems like rather good on-line support.

As for your lousy dealer(s) part department, they probably ought to get themselves a decent computer. Then they could get on-line, post questions on this forum, and get people in Europe to look up the part numbers for them.


ghefty posted 08-22-2004 11:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for ghefty  Send Email to ghefty     
JimD, I had a similar problem with the device that secures my anchor hatch. I determined that Whaler had installed the part upside down. It's a male/female connection and the male component was installed on the lid while female compentent was installed on the hull, this allowed the female component to hold water, corrode and ultimately fail. Customer Serivce at whaler was ready to ship the part to me directly but suggested that I take the boat to the dealer and have them replace the parts under warranty. I would expect nothing less for your problem. Call Chuck Bennett at Whaler Customer Service at 877-294-5645.
As for the selling dealer, I would remind them that you bought your whaler from them and if they make you feel that your are not valued as a customer you will share your feelings with your friends.
Good luck.
'03 M170 90-4s
(It's still mine for now, I pick up my new Glacier Bay on Friday)
Jim D posted 08-23-2004 10:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for Jim D  Send Email to Jim D     
George - that's exactly the way mine is installed too!
The male piece of the securing latch is attached to the lid. The rubber female piece is attached to the hull and it rotted through. After taking a close look, I noticed that the female rubber piece broke and was stuck to the male piece on the lid.
Thanks for the tip. I'm calling Whaler now.
Jim D posted 08-23-2004 12:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for Jim D  Send Email to Jim D     
I spoke with Chuck Bennett this morning at Boston Whaler. Nice guy. He read this thread in and my replacement part is in the charge.
Ah, life is good again.
Florida15 posted 08-23-2004 02:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for Florida15    
You should print this thread and mail it to the OWNER of your local Whaler dealership.
sportroyalwulf posted 08-23-2004 03:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for sportroyalwulf  Send Email to sportroyalwulf     
I had a similar issue with the dealer. I printed out the drawing/bluprint for the part that I wanted from the whaler web site. Went to the dealer to order the part. The parts guy was a little short and said that he would have to contact whaler for the part number etc. Did not waste my time arguing. A few phone tags later I gave up and figured out an alternative way to do what I wanted to do (fasten down an auxilliary gas tank).

The customer service people at whaler are the best. But your problem has to wind through the dealer to get to them. Dealers don't seem to always understand that the whaler owners are a little different and have a bit more knowledge and expectations of service after having paid a premium for their boat. The factory service people know this and always deal with customer problems accordingly. The bottom line: Jimh said it best in his earlier post.

Holy Cow posted 08-24-2004 07:17 AM ET (US)     Profile for Holy Cow  Send Email to Holy Cow     
Jim D! That is a common Problem with the 03 170s'. I had to make shift and glue and screw my Male/Female parts and add some grease to make the two pull apart easier! Took some doing, but I found the grease works on this connection and may well save it! HC
Donzi posted 08-24-2004 09:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for Donzi  Send Email to Donzi     
I have a 2003 17' Montauk that had two snaps which tore off from the vinyl on the small cushion in front of the console above the cooler. It tore from being fitted too tight when it was originally sewn. I was surprised it was not covered by warranty since it was defective based on sizing. Only cost $160 to replace. Great customer service?
highanddry posted 06-26-2008 02:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for highanddry  Send Email to highanddry     
Donzi, simlar things have happned with me, defective parts and no warranty coverage for anything. I am not impressed with Whaler service at all. In fact, it is lousy. We love the boat but next time we buy, it will not be a Whaler and we will buy another boat when the time comes to relocate due to lackof warranty, lackof a dealer network, lack of a parts support network and an indifferent approach by both Whaler and various barely dealers to our issue. Good thing I can fix things myself.
bigjohn1 posted 06-27-2008 09:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1    
Jim, You can save yourself alot of grief by calling Sue at Twin Cities Marine and ordering the part directly from her. She is first-rate at customer service and ships very quickly. That part is very easy to replace yourself in about five minutes.
andygere posted 06-27-2008 02:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for andygere  Send Email to andygere     
I second the nod to order parts from Sue at Twin Cities. I am more than 1,000 miles away, and I get fast, courteous service from that Whaler dealership.
swist posted 06-27-2008 02:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for swist  Send Email to swist     
Parts guys annoy me. What do they actually do? If they have the part in inventory, any idiot can find it. Their added value should be to find parts they don't have in inventory (but even with all the computerization, this shouldn't be that hard - half the time the customer already has the part number).

"I'll have to look it up and call you back" generally means forget about it.....

Tom W Clark posted 06-27-2008 03:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom W Clark  Send Email to Tom W Clark     
Who was the knuckle head who dredged up a four year old thread to bitch?

Don't blame Whaler for an underperforming dealer. Not all Dealers are the same. Just call Sue Lodel for Whaler parts.

wood duck posted 06-27-2008 04:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for wood duck  Send Email to wood duck     
I'm with Tom on not knocking the brand because of an individual dealer's poor performance. I've purchased three Whalers from Chesapeake Whalertowne in Grasonville Md. and my experience is that they do everything they can to enhance the brand and make the buying and servicing experience a pleasureable one.
GreatBayNH posted 06-28-2008 07:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for GreatBayNH  Send Email to GreatBayNH     
I'm with Tom on "Who was the knuckle head who dredged up a four year old thread to bitch?"
Tohsgib posted 06-30-2008 12:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
My question is how did he find the 4 year old thread to bitch?

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