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Author Topic:   OUTRAGE 28
David Pendleton posted 09-08-2004 10:24 PM ET (US)   Profile for David Pendleton   Send Email to David Pendleton  
Hello all.

I am looking for some feedback on the 1999-2003 model year 28 Outrage. I'm thinking about moving up from my 23 Conquest. I've looked at the 28 Conquest and pictures of the 28 Outrage. Unfortunately, there isn't one nearby me to look at.

What I'd really like are some better pictures of the cabin. Most ads online only show a snapshot or two through the hatch.

If it's not too much trouble, do you have any pictures?

Also, how is your boat powered? Do you find it adequate?

Thanks much.


jimh posted 09-12-2004 08:23 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
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tully_mars posted 09-12-2004 11:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for tully_mars  Send Email to tully_mars     

I am sorry I don't have pics, but I have been on a 28 Outrage. The cabin is much smaller than a similar sized conquest. It basically is a head and and the aft cabin with some rod storage below deck. There is much more room though than your current 23 offers.

It is definitely rigged for some serious fishing. Lots of room above deck around the console for 360 degree fish fighting. Easy access to a large live well, and nice console.

Happy hunting...

Capt. Tully Mars

msc posted 09-13-2004 10:04 AM ET (US)     Profile for msc  Send Email to msc     
Dave , my boat is powered by twin 225 optimax engines. Fuel economy is really quite good considering the weight of the hull with full fuel and from that point of view the power is adequate. Having said that, my boat is no rocket ship. Time to plane is longer than I would like and the "hole shot" is decidedly lacking (maybe diferent props would help this). Range with 296 gallons of fuel is more than adequate. I believe this hull would benefit from 250-300 horsepower engines.
The cabin is spartan which I actually like. Good rod storage as well as cubbys etc for life jackets and other stuff. The head is very useful for average size folks. I am 6' tall and can stand upright in the cabin, the head seems to have about 5-5.5' headroom As for spending the night I think any motel would be preferable. I have never spent the night on my boat and don't intend to...if you are looking for an overniter look elsewhere. Where this boat shines is as a fishing platform. Whether it is sitecasting blues and bonita or trolling the stream this is about the best laid out boat (in its size class 25-33 feet) I have had the privelege to fish from. From bait prep to fish storage I have seen none better. In fact, I was thinking of contracting a case of 4 footitis but cannot find anything better under $200,000.00.
The layout of the helm is excellent and with the curtains left connected to the windshield (I never roll mine up) you and your electronics stay dry regardless of sea and wind conditions. The hardtop provides excellent protection and going forward is easy due to the width of the side passages and the high railing.
I am biased, I know, but I have looked and this boat stands out as a serious fishing machine. If saltwater fishing is not your primary intended useage get a Conquest28.
David Pendleton posted 09-13-2004 03:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
Thanks for the information.

I currently sleep on my 23, so a 28 would be like a hotel room to me! Especially if I found one with AC.

I'd love to have another Conquest. I've seen several Outrages below 80K; but not too many Conquests in that range.

My main reason for upgrading is to have more room both above and below deck. I don't fish much.

The market changes often, we'll see what things look like next spring...

Thanks again.


im4bc posted 09-23-2004 12:29 AM ET (US)     Profile for im4bc  Send Email to im4bc     
I know a guy who is selling a 2001 28 conquest for 80,000
David Pendleton posted 09-24-2004 01:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
BW23 posted 09-24-2004 02:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for BW23  Send Email to BW23     
I'm also thinking of moving up from a 23' Con and the 28 OR layout looks great.
I was shopping for a 26-29 fwd flush cuddy(lady needs a cuddy) and they are few and far between. Brands so far are, Contender, Pursuit, Intrepid and possibly a Regulator with a bow doger.

The Contender 31 Fisharound is another great layout.

Most of these brands are know for their deep V ride which would concern me with the modified Whaler design.

msc, how does it ride in 3-5's and at what speed? Could you provide 4K rpm and WOT numbers?

I did a search and there are quite a few 4 sale. Wonder why?

Thanks in advance,

jflots posted 09-24-2004 02:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for jflots  Send Email to jflots     

The 28 Conquest and Outrage share the same hull, console/companionway door, and aft end...same folding stern seat, livewell and transom gate. The Conquest helm deck area is much more suited for cruising or family stuff. Ladder-back helm seat with a port-side lounge seat is perfect for 3-way conversations. The Outrage helms seats are just for running, and have a sizable prep station with storage behind them. The Outrage cabin is quite a bit smaller but mostly in head room, not so much in berth size. There were 2 versions for galley set up but I can't remember the differences. One was more fish oriented. Head compartments were similar but again the Outrage has more limited space. Both have vinyl upholstery in the cabin for easy maintenance. I'm biased but I think both are great boats, the Conquest is more versitle. When we finished the Conquest prototype we launched it on a Friday afternoon, I took it to a local marina and the Engineering Dept. took it for a happy hour cruise that night. The following day I took my then girlfriend for an afternoon ride and proposed to her on it. We'll be married 6 years this November.

BW23 posted 09-24-2004 03:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for BW23  Send Email to BW23     
I'm not interested in another Conquest or cuddy/WA boat. The 28OR seems more of a oversized CC with some nice features.

If the ride is only marginally better than my 23', I'm looking elsewhere.

BW23 posted 09-27-2004 08:46 AM ET (US)     Profile for BW23  Send Email to BW23     
I'm not intending to stir the pot but here are 2 opinions on the 28 OR that I received on another site. Must be why there are quite a few 4 sale on Yachtworld.

Based on these opinions, I'm looking elsewhere.

"Yes it will be whaler rough and it also is a big pig on fuel due to the weight. I have fished one a few times and it was powered with 225 optimaxes. We got maybe 1.3 mpg. Also has really small fishboxes for a 28 foot boat."

"I've spent quit a bit of time in a 02 290 Outrage/225 Opti's in the last two years tuna fishing.
The boat is an excellent solid fishing platform. Eazy to get all around on for stand up type fishing.

The first irritating thing is the lousy visiblity from the helm and I'm 6'4". Even standing you can't see the water less than 50ft in front of the boat. The next problem are the trim tabs. They are barely big enough for a boat half its size. You are stuck with them because fit up into pockets in the hull, you can't change them. The damn boat won't plane at less than 25mph. There is no 12-25mph speed range on the boat. In that speed range there's no way to see ahead of the boat with the bow in the air. I'm hoping a set of 4 blade Revolutions will help the planing speeds and clear up the constant breaking loose the Mirages do..

The ride.... yes, again it's solidly built has to be to survive it's own ride.

The better let the wife crawl around in one before you buy it. Laying in the V berth feels like to are in an MRI xray tube.. Unless you are your wife are small people it's not the cabin for you..

msc posted 09-27-2004 12:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for msc  Send Email to msc     
BW23, 4000rpm = 27kts wot= 37kts These are approx due to variances in sea conditions and weight onboard (fuel,ice,water etc). As for fishboxes, they are entirely adequate for my purposes. I have come back with 15 gaffer dolphin with room to spare. 35# tuna are easily accomodated as well as wahoo (the boxes are 50" long). Catch many fish over 100# you could have an issue. As for 3-5 seas there is a big difference in those figures. I have been in some real snot and made about 14-18 knots. In 3 footers I run 4000rpms. In 5 footers it depends on frequency. 1.3 nmpg is about what I average. I haven't really spent much time on other small boats so I can't compare the ride. I do manage to maintain the pace set by my buddies in GWs without getting the s##t pounded out of me. I don't think it rides as well at speed as a 32 regulator a dealer was trying to sell me but if you gave me the regulator I would sell it and keep the whaler. There is no comparing the 2 as platforms for offshore fishing. The regulator is a King fishing to the hotspot but miserable once there rocking and rolling with no more than a simple movement from the crew from one side to the other...and pray for good weather or you are going to get wet. That statement about the lack of a slow plane is absolutely accurate. The trim tabs are too small. I have no trouble with visibility except coming up on plane. It will ride far better than your 23...physics will mandate that. But, it is a 10'4" wide boat 28'6" long with a 20 degree deadrise hull so it is not going to run as well in snotty conditions as a 8'6" to 9' wide boat 30'long with a 24 degree deadrise. But you won't puke as much when you get there.
jflots posted 09-29-2004 09:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for jflots  Send Email to jflots     
I haven't driven one in years, but don't rmember visibility being an issue. I'm 5'5".

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