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Author Topic:   2005 170 montauk
bigjohn1 posted 10-08-2004 10:16 AM ET (US)   Profile for bigjohn1   Send Email to bigjohn1  
Well what do ya know, after a nearly five month wait, my new 170 arrived and the dealer and I will be taking her out this weekend for her first shake-down. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn she was a 2005 model also. I ordered the boat with every option you can get and my dealer already mounted the 115EFI Mariner. I was a little worried about how the Mariner paint scheme would go with this rig in blue trim but it looks every bit as good as the black Merc colors.

As for selecting the right prop, I wanted to start out with a 17 as a baseline and take along a 15 to compare and contrast. My dealer - Coral Reef Marine Center - urged me to stick with the 19 for the inital run and we'd see where we needed to go from there. The dealership has really treated me welll and is a class act...changing props is not an issue as they have several test props they are willing to loan me till I ultimately make up my mind on a keeper. To our mutual surprise, the boat came already already sitting on its assembled trailer (minus the wheels and lights). They normally receive their boats here in the islands on wooden cradles inside 20 or 40 foot containers and the trailer is still in its factory box unassembled. I guess with the wheels installed, the rig would have been just a tad too wide for the container once you factor in the wooden lading that is nailed down to keep everything from shifting during ocean transport.

I took a close look at the bimini and its frame. Although I haven't messed with it yet, it looks to be of very high quality and not the least bit flimsy. In its bag, it stows leaning slightly forward.

Don't know if I'm the first 2005 owner on the forum but I'll be sending some reports in the coming week and will re-read the "170 Montauk - one year after thread" to see how many of those issues are status quo for the 05 model year. One things for sure, that big ugly black bow roller is still there and simply has to go!
Big John

Moe posted 10-08-2004 10:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for Moe  Send Email to Moe     
Congratulations, John. Let us know how the props work out.


pvonk posted 10-08-2004 12:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for pvonk  Send Email to pvonk     
John, You'll love your new boat. I got my 2005 170 4-S two months ago and have used her on lakes as well as saltwater off cape cod. I have not had any problems requiring me to go back to the dealer, although my wife and I find that shifting into neutral is not as easy as we'd like. We have to wiggle the throttle around at times to find the right spot. I just had her winterized and the mechanics (who seem to be yammy types) told me the Merc neutral issue is pretty common. Next spring I'll have a Merc guy commission her and will ask about the neutral issue.

I had read here that the "factory installed" bimini is not as good as a Mills bimini - but I was surprised to find that mine is a Mills (came with the boat). It seems to be of good quality, as are the console and pilot seat Mills covers. I also ordered and installed a Mills mooring cover and it fits beautifully, is also of high quality. Good for trailering.

I've been following the "170 after one year" thread and haven't had the problems mentioned there, except that the other day I did notice some moisture inside one of the gauges, but that went away with sunlight. (Boat has 40 hrs currently.) So far the bow lights have not been a problem. I've seen other older Montauks in our bay and find the 170 much roomier. Enjoy your new boat!


AQUANUT posted 10-10-2004 11:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for AQUANUT  Send Email to AQUANUT     
awesome john,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigjohn1 posted 10-11-2004 07:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     
Finally got her out this weekend to break the motor in and get accustomed to everything. Notwithstanding all the past threads that have talked about the 170 ride, I couldn't believe this was only a 17' boat. It takes chop and wind better than any boat under 18' I have ever been in. It took alot of self control during break not to open up that 115EFI and let her fly but I got my chance after the first hour. I only had small stretches of relatively calm water to open her up to WOT during the second hour. I thought I had too much prop when I picked her up from the dealer (19P). When I opened her up, I got no more than about 5,200 RPM's whether I was alone or with four people but its hard to be exact given the water was fairly rough for this time of year. Perhaps I could have gotten a few hundred more after playing with the trim some more. The cool thing about my dealer here is that he is going to let me "borrow" various props till I am happy with one choice to stick with.

AQUANUT, I still remember the 14 and 15P you talked about. I think this week, I will try a 17 and see how things are then keep going down till I have the best all-around prop. Something tells me I will arrive at perhaps a 17 as an all-around prop and maybe a 15 as a spare...are these correct numbers for Merc props? I know that I have a 19 on there for sure now.

Also, the smoothness of the EFI at that power level is really something to behold - no roughness, no hesitation at any RPM level, just pure, smooth, even power..totally awesome!!
Big John

fishgutz posted 10-14-2004 11:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for fishgutz  Send Email to fishgutz     
How did you get a boat NOT prerigged with a Merc motor????
I didn't think that was possible. Or did the dealer swap it out for you?
LHG posted 10-14-2004 03:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for LHG    
Sounds real nice. Remembering that the 115 has a higher gear ratio than the 90, I would think the 18" Vengeance SS prop would be best. I think they ship that one with the 90 also. There is no way I would run an aluminum prop on a nice set up like that, just like you wouldn't put cheap skinny tires on a Corvette.

If that is not enough pitch, you might then consider a performance grade 19" Michigan Wheel Rapture, which uses Mercury's interchangeable hub design. Mercury's performance line props, Laser II and High Five, except for the flats/bass 17" and 19" 4 bladed Trophy Plus props, begin at 20" pitch, and that could be too much

bigjohn1 posted 10-15-2004 10:04 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     
Pierre, I too have the neutral issue you speak of and it is annoying - especially when approaching the dock with the wind blowing where you may need to shift back and forth. I have had older Merc setups but all of them had a more "noticeable" neutral position that was easier to find...guess I'll just live with it:-)

Fishgutz, since I live in the U.S. Territory of Guam, I believe my dealer has more latitude on motors than dealers in the continental U.S. On this issue, we are technically considered outside the U.S. hence his Merc motors all come with grey cowels and Mariner logos. If I'm not mistaken, Mercury Marine sells the black-coweled Mercury line inside the U.S. and exports its grey-coweled Mariner line. That suits me just fine..its still a Merc. My dealer simply placed the order with Whaler as a boat for export outside the U.S. To put my 115 on there, he charged me $1,000 over and above the 4-stroke 90 option. I paid through my nose for this boat since we are so far removed from the mainland U.S....$31,700 for every option you can get along with the extra cost of the 115EFI. Mind you, about $5K of that price was purely for shipping over here.

LHG, thanks for the reminder on the different gear ratio, I had forgotten that totally in my excitement over the new boat. Hmmmm, the 18P may well be spot-on with that recommendation as I am hitting right at 5300 rpm at WOT with a standard aluminum 19P. That 18 should have it hitting around 5500-5600 give or take. Since the manual puts the rpm "range" at 5-6K rpms's, there is some wiggle room in there for me to play with.

I have two teens that I will take tubing and skiing on ocasion and in another month, the Wahoo and Mahi will be running out here. I will be taking some off-shore trips out to pinacles and FAD's with 3-4 hefty freedivers for some blue water spearfishing. For these ocasions, I am seriously considering perhaps a 15 or maybe even a 14P since I will need the pulling power with speed not being a concern. I do hear you though on preferring an ss prop over aluminum but since I run extensively around shallow coral reefs, I'd rather trash a $125 aluminum prop that I can easily and cheaply have re-ground. I would love an ss prop but I am worried that, considering my locale and intended use, an ss prop may end up damaging my lower unit by not "giving" when I ocasionally drift over a shallow rock/reef formation.
Big John

Rich M posted 10-16-2004 09:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for Rich M  Send Email to Rich M     
If you like to play in windy / rough conditions (like I do)you'll quickly find that the high freeboard and shallow draft of the Montauk 170 will act like a sail to the wind during docking and other idle speed manuvers. I learned to be a bit more assertive with the throttle both in forward and reverse as the boat is relatively light and doesn't carry much momentum. Practice some downwind approaches when the ramp / dock is quiet and the wind is above 10 knots and you'll see what I mean. It's quite nimble and responsive once you get the hang of it. Congrats on your new boat, you're going to love it.
WT posted 10-17-2004 12:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for WT  Send Email to WT     

Was it very difficult to have your Boston Whaler dealer install a 115 HP outboard when the maximum HP is only 90?


bigjohn1 posted 10-17-2004 08:41 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     
WT, see my post above on the engine...I had no issue at all with getting a 115 on my boat but my dealer is not in the 50 states and I think that does make a difference.
Big John
WT posted 10-17-2004 01:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for WT  Send Email to WT     

I'm envious. I wish my dealer gave me the option to install a 115 EFI. I asked how much money and also said that I would sign a liability waiver and they still would not install a 115 on my Montauk.

You are going to love your Montauk.

I wish you the best.


bigjohn1 posted 10-18-2004 01:23 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     
WT, If I were in your shoes and dead-set on getting the 115, I might try trading my existing 90 for a new 115 from your dealer. There is reference to this being done by a few 170 owners about two years ago - Tobasco was one of them who did it. Do a search and it'll come up - good luck.
Big John
WT posted 10-18-2004 01:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for WT  Send Email to WT     
I'm in the sue happy state of California. I asked 3 outboard motor shops if they would install a 115 HP outboard for my Montauk which has a max rating of 90 HP and all said they would not install it.

They also said my insurance company would not insure me.

I will not take the risk of self-insurance.


bigjohn1 posted 10-18-2004 08:46 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     

In that case, I'd seriously consider going with the 90 OPTIMAX option now OR waiting till Merc makes the 4-stroke 90EFI. I have heard unconfirmed word that Merc will stop making the 90 4-stroke with carbs beginning with the '05 model year but you'll have to check and confirm this. Truth be told, if I were living back in the states, I probably would have gone the 90 OPTIMAX route. The reason I did not was due to its extensive computer system. My worry was this hot, humid, and ultra-salty environment I live in (Guam) would have made eventual problems for that system. The local Merc/Whaler dealer is certified on them but nobody else here owns an OPTIMAX and I didn't want to be the first.
Big John

Rich M posted 10-18-2004 09:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for Rich M  Send Email to Rich M     
P.S. - Your steerage and throttle controls will loosen up a bit with time. You won't need a brody knob and neutral will be easier to find after 50 or so hours.
LHG posted 10-18-2004 01:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for LHG    
WT - Sell the 90 outright, yourself. I'm sure there's a big market for one of those out there. Order in a new 115 from an out of state dealership, and avoid sales tax, paying only about 200 shipping. Rent an engine hoist for $25 and install the the 115 4-stroke or 135 Optimax yourself. Mercurys come with complete installation and hook up instructions. Very simple exhange for you to do.

Call a Safeco Insurance agent for coverage. They will insure you. If you're still concerned, buy a set of 90HP decals for the new engine and nobody except you, your insurance co or your mechanic will know you've got a 115 under the hood. Same cowling and everything

AQUANUT posted 10-19-2004 09:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for AQUANUT  Send Email to AQUANUT     
WT: Senior, write me, we are just over the border..we have no state sales tax...and tacos are really cheap in

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