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Author Topic:   that new 20 walkaround :)
Swellmonster posted 01-15-2005 09:02 PM ET (US)   Profile for Swellmonster   Send Email to Swellmonster  
I just checked out that new 20 Eastport! (sp) Great cockpit, but it doesnt have the outrage hull. What do you think?
where2 posted 01-15-2005 11:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for where2  Send Email to where2     
I think I could almost manage to sleep in that cuddy cabin... I'll have to crawl down in there at Miami and see what it's really like.
ryanwhaler posted 01-16-2005 11:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for ryanwhaler  Send Email to ryanwhaler     
I got inside the cabin at the summer boston boat show.

One person my size, about 5'8 130pounds and sleep in there, but I can't see two people doing it.

Backlash posted 01-16-2005 01:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     

Looking at the interior cabin photo in the above link, this boat has a V-berth (without the optional filler) that shows sleeping accomodations port and starboard. I don't understand your statement that you can't see 2 people sleeping in there. Granted, the cabin is not as spacious as a 30 footer, but I'm sure 2 people can comfortably sleep in there.

FYI, in a V-berth you sleep with your feet towards the bow and your head towards the stern.


pmberman posted 01-22-2005 06:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for pmberman  Send Email to pmberman     
I agree - it is typical for a sleeps-2 v-berth. For the price and features, you get a lot of boat with the 205. I just bought a 150 sport, but if Whaler still makes the 205 in a few years, I might consider picking one up.
BOB KEMMLER JR posted 01-22-2005 07:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for BOB KEMMLER JR    
Ryan-i'm sure if i can do it in a 13,it can be done in that 205 ;o)
Yiddil posted 01-22-2005 11:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for Yiddil  Send Email to Yiddil     
I was on that Boat at the Annapolis Boat show and heres what I thought....Not a bad boat by any stretch ...but....

It Dosn't seem to have the spit and polish and finishing of some other Whalers. I am partial to my Nantucket but most of the other Whalers come off looking finished better. That was my first look and climb aboard.

Maybe if I took her out Id see a differnt look...anyone been on one out there in 2-3 foot chop???

pmberman posted 01-23-2005 12:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for pmberman  Send Email to pmberman     
One thing I learned the hard way....if you are not sure about the size and/or features of a boat, buy the next step up. I bought a 130 sport, then sold it after 2 months to buy the 150 sport. I think the same is true with the 205. If you really plan to use the cuddy and you want a solid Whaler, I would consider the 235 Conquest (new this year). A bit more $$, but you wouldn't have regrets.
Marlin posted 01-23-2005 12:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for Marlin  Send Email to Marlin     
I agree with pmberman that when you're unsure, bigger is better. Sometimes I think I should have gotten the 180 Dauntless instead of the 160, but practical matters like money can't be ignored.

For the 205 Eastport vs the 235 Conquest, consider that the Conquest has a dry weight 700 pounds heavier. Add to that more weight from a larger engine, and a fuel capacity that's double the Eastport, and you could be well over 1000 pounds heavier with the Conquest. For folks who want to tow their 20-ish foot cuddy cabin, that's a big difference.

lakeman posted 02-02-2005 10:38 AM ET (US)     Profile for lakeman  Send Email to lakeman     
If I had the money, and I lived closer to the coast and was able to fished more I would buy the Eastport or the Grady 20 WA. I owned a Grady 206-g WA for years and It was the best all round boat I have ever owned bar none.
The Eastport should be easy trailering, with the right trailer, I do mean right trailer, one made for boat not a generic fit all and with just a 1500 truck or SUV. The cabin and windshield will extend your fishing/boating season. Even here in Central Florida this is true, I can hardly get the wife in the Dauntless from about November through Feburary amd some years trough march. That winter wind whistling around the CC in not confortable for many people.
I do miss my WA
linust posted 02-03-2005 06:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for linust  Send Email to linust     
I looked at this boat at the Seattle Boat Show.

Cuddy is short--I'm only 5'9" but you can't stretch out in the v-berth. A far cry from the v-berth in my 22' Revenge. The cabin overhead has no headliner--just bare fiberglass, and it sounds quite thin when you knock on it--how strong is that cabin deck if someone wants to walk or sit on it?

In the FWIW department, one of the Lake Union Searay salespersons said they were disappointed in the way it turned out.

dauntlass 18 posted 02-04-2005 07:19 AM ET (US)     Profile for dauntlass 18  Send Email to dauntlass 18     
I have not seen the new 20 ft. walkaround yet but I am suprized to hear Whaler does not finish the cabin with a headliner.What is the cabin roof finished with?In my opinion
Whaler did an excellent job on upholstery on the 21 Conquest.
I have droped down a portion of the headliner on my Conquest to access wiper motor it is padded with foam.Without a headliner the noise and heat in the cabin would very high.
BMR posted 02-04-2005 06:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for BMR    
I think linust is mistaken about the cieling. The boat I was in had a nice molded cieling with padding around the perimeter. It definatly is not a raw deck.
Backlash posted 02-05-2005 09:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     
I find it unbelievable that Boston Whaler would (after an 11 year absense) finally come out with a Walkaround cabin model with an inadequate V-berth. The Revenge models claimed to have a 7' berth and the '91-'93 Walkarounds had a 6'6" berth. What were they thinking?
BMR posted 02-05-2005 11:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for BMR    
I am 5'9" and could lay down in the berth without a problem. Remember it is a 20' boat with a large cockpit.
Moe posted 02-05-2005 11:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for Moe  Send Email to Moe     
Steve, I believe Whaler is responding to demand from fishing guys who only want a cabin large enough for someone to sit in to get out of the rain or sun, and for privacy when using the head. I was very surprised at this, but many on TheHullTruth said they specifically DIDN'T want a cabin large enough to sleep in, because it would subtract from fishing room in the cockpit. Looking at the overhead line drawing, I don't think the Eastport could afford to lose any more cockpit space.

When I first saw the pictures of the Eastport, I was afraid berth length was going to be a problem for those who were interested in it as an overnighter. Seems my concerns have been verified.


Backlash posted 02-05-2005 02:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     
Moe, I think you're right, it is aimed at the hard core angler. How big does the cockpit have to be on this size boat? My 21' Walkaround probably has a slightly smaller cockpit than the Eastport, but four people can fish very comfortably - two at the bow and two at the stern. They have obviously shoved the cabin forward (ala Grady White) to increase the cockpit size resulting in a stubby looking boat.


Moe posted 02-05-2005 07:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for Moe  Send Email to Moe     
Steve, I think your 21 Walkaround is the best lookin' Whaler ever produced... and your radar arch REALLY set it off nicely. I was hoping the once rumored 205 would be a reissue of the same boat.


Backlash posted 02-05-2005 08:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     
Thanks, Moe - yes the radar arch really does improve the looks of the boat. I too was hoping the Eastport would really be innovative - not like every other 20' walkaround. I think it does have some nice features, like the removable rear port seat, and nobody does the latches, etc. like Whaler. I still don't understand the reduced HP ratings on the new models which are also heavier. The Eastport weighs 200# more than my boat yet is rated for 50 less HP.


caddis posted 02-05-2005 11:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for caddis  Send Email to caddis     
I saw the Eastport at the NorCal show last weekend, and I really did not think it was worth the money. The price here was $49k and change. That seems like a lot of money for that size boat. It was very spartan. I had high hopes for it as I pictured it to be a replacement for the Revenge ( I did love the straight transom, but the cuddy was small and the finish just didn't feel right. Just across the floor was a Scout 222 Abaco that had a lot more going for it for the same price. Better seating, washdown sink, tackle locker and fishboxes in the cockpit, etc. Not to mention more power on the transom.

I really wanted to see the new 235 Conquest. I was told dealers won't be getting them until April. Anyone heard otherwise?

Yiddil posted 02-12-2005 10:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for Yiddil  Send Email to Yiddil     
RE: I had a chance to get on this boat again today at the Washington Boat Show and re-evaluate...Here are my thoughts...

1-Its bigger out of the water than in the water

2- Couldn't sit straight up in her cabin (i'm 5'10")

3- Could lay down comfortably though, but then again, there was no stored items in the cabin:)

4- Finish is better then I originally thought, but not really as nice as my Nantucket, and at $20,000 more, with a price tag of 45-50 Big Ones, I'd Pass every time and get the Nantucket

5- You loose a lot of space in the bow with the cabin there

6- There is lots of room in the stern though, layed out a bit like the Nantucket

7- Found the seat behind the steering wheel a no brainer that can't be used in the sitting position while under way. My leaning post on the Nantucket is perfect for that.

All and all, I gave it a second turnand again wouldn't trade in my Nantucket for one, had a 150 on her but 800 lbs heavier!
Its always a matter of personnal preference:)

bw12 posted 02-14-2005 10:47 AM ET (US)     Profile for bw12    
I found the bunk to be too short also. The 20 ft. Grady WA bunk is longer, and there is no issue with cockpit space (I only mention the Grady to illustrate that the overall boat length is not a design limitation). I would not routinely sleep in a cabin in this size boat, but it's nice to be able to if I need to or want to. For this reason I'm sad to say I can't consider this new model.

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