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Author Topic:   Mounting Rod Racks on Cockpit Bulwarks, Fuel Flow Direction Arrows, and Avocado Sandwiches
montaukman posted 03-16-2005 03:50 PM ET (US)   Profile for montaukman   Send Email to montaukman  
Hi..Can anyone tell me how they mounted horizontal mounted rod holders on their 170 montauk. These are the star board material holders that are basicaly two thin racks that have a bungee cord integrated into them and are spaced about 3 feet or so apart to hold rods, brushes, nets, etc.

I know there is a light holder with a rubber/plastic bracket that is mounted to the side of the boat but that is just one screw and doesn't need to hold much weight.

I don't know how to install mine since there is no wood and I also don't know how thick the side is....don't want to screw out the side of the boat.

Any help?



bigjohn1 posted 03-16-2005 04:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     
Alan, I may not know exactly what you are asking (horizontal?) but I have CE Smith adjustable rail-mounted rod holders on my 170 and they are VERY stout. I ocean troll with them even running heavy Marlin lures and have no issues with them not being up to the task. They adjust in 20 degeee intervals and can go anywhere from completely vertical to completely horizontal. I added a few drops of red LOCKTITE to the angle adjustment screw and blue LOCKTITE to the mounting screws and all the vibrations of rough water operation do not loosen any of the screws. If you decide to go this route, experiment on a few outings with various mounting locations and angles before adding the red LOCKTITE as its fairly permanent - matter of fact, in retrospect, I probably should have used blue LOCKTITE on all screws so just make sure you know where you want them (angle-wise).
montaukman posted 03-16-2005 05:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for montaukman  Send Email to montaukman     
Hi Bigjohn1,

You must have spent a pretty penny. C.E.'s are big bucks. At least $70 and I need four.

What I was describing was a cut out piece of star board that has "U" shaped cutouts into it to hold the rod or whatever you want. There are two of these and they are spaced a few feet apart so that one piece holds the tip of the rod and the other, the butt.

They mount vertically to the side of the boat and hold the rods horizntally. The rods stay put via a small bungee cord covering the cutouts.

I have seen these at a few boating stores and I think a few of us whaler guys have installed them. I just don't what they used to make sure the screw had enough bite.

Where did you get your C.E.'s and what did you pay, if you don't mind me asking.


Alan Camhi

bigjohn1 posted 03-17-2005 07:43 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigjohn1  Send Email to bigjohn1     
Alan, I ordered my CE Smiths through Cabela's for $70 a peice so I definitely felt that one in the wallet. I now realize what you are talking about with the horizontal holders. While I can't remember any recent discussions on them, I do recall perhaps 4-5 months ago a thread where Forum Whaler member "Divefan" talked about mounting his spearguns in his 170. He went with a system like you are talking about I think. If you do a search, try the words "speargun" or "spearguns" and "170". The thread should come up and you can hit the link next to his name and send an e-mail directly to him. I think they make those things - the rubber jobs that hold the bow light in the 170 - in many different sizes. If Divefan got them to work for spearguns, I know they will work for fishing rods as spearguns tend to weigh a bit more. Hope this helps.
nydealer posted 03-17-2005 11:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for nydealer  Send Email to nydealer     
Sounds like you are talking about the rod holders on the 16' Dauntless. These are integrated in the side. I have not seen anything mounted on a montauk though.
Beaner posted 03-18-2005 01:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for Beaner  Send Email to Beaner     

I got these last year for my 170 Montauk. I use 2 sets. These worked out great since I didn't want to drill into the boat. The suction cups do not move. Used them for boat hook, net, and heavy rods with no movement,

If the link does not work, they are called Sportsbuckle Rod Racks. They come in White and Black.

Whalen posted 03-18-2005 03:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for Whalen    
I have tried all sorts of holders. What I do now is I cut four pieces of Taco board into 3 inch wide by 16 inch long strips. I used silicon sealer to glue them at the four corners of the boat. Now I can keep screwwing new holders into the sides of the boat into the taco board until I find the combo that works for me. I am carrying four spinners and four fly rods most times. I keep looking for just the perfect setup. Have not found it yet!!
montaukman posted 03-18-2005 04:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for montaukman  Send Email to montaukman     
Hi Beaner,

These those look interesting. They trae up alot of room but hey, no drilling. Might try'em. Thanks.

Whalen, all you did was use the silicon to mount the star board? Does it hold? I was going to try that but didn't think it would hold well enough.

What silicon material did you use?



dcritch posted 03-18-2005 06:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for dcritch  Send Email to dcritch     
I also like the idea of no drilling and think I will try these racks. I assume a set would be two of what I see at the Bass Pro link you provided? Also, I fish in salt water and was wondering if the metal I see in the buckle is stainless?
Beaner posted 03-19-2005 09:03 AM ET (US)     Profile for Beaner  Send Email to Beaner     

The buckles are actually black plastic. The only metal is on the screws used to attach the suction cups. After one season, I have had no rust on the screws. One thing to mention, on the side with the light pole holder, you cannot use both. I normally don't carry the light so its a non-issue for me. Also, because of the black rubber holders, you have to position the racks just right so the rubber things don't get in the way. I left mine on all season and just took them off in the winter. For the $60 I spent, it was one of the best upgrades I made for the boat. Again, super strong suction and no holes. Montaukman, they really don't take up much room. That room is needed any way for reel clearance. Also, I usually put a rag between a big reel and the gunwale so they don't bang up the boat during trailering. These things really come in handy when the Bimini goes up and the console rod holders become unusable. I don't mean to sound like a salesman, but I spent my entire first season looking for a way to install horizontal rod holders. Even my dealer refused to install since there is no backing. These things workered out great last year. By the way if anyone has access to 90 hp 2-stroke, do you happen to know which way the arrow goes on the inline fuel filter? Is it towards the pump or away from the pump? Thanks.
montaukman posted 03-19-2005 11:43 AM ET (US)     Profile for montaukman  Send Email to montaukman     
Hi Beaner,

Thanks for your help....I will check them out.

Can't help you with the fule filter orientation.

I noticed in your profile that yoiu are from Sayville. Where did you buy your whaler? I am getting miine from Surfside3 in lindenhurst.

Just curious if that where you bought yours.

Thanks again...just one more week and my 170 is delivered.


Beaner posted 03-21-2005 10:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for Beaner  Send Email to Beaner     

Got my Whaler in Hampton Bays. A bit of a hike, but I felt more comfortable with the people at the dealership. I checked out Surfside also, but just didn't get that warm and fuzzy feeling if you know what I mean.
mikeyairtime posted 03-21-2005 08:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for mikeyairtime    
I've got the StarBoard "cactus racks" montaukman is talking about screwed into the sides of my 170. Just drill the propper size hole and carefully tap it with one of the screws. Then mount the racks loosly and mask around the bases on the boat and on the rack. Then butter up the bases of the racks with 5200 with 5 thousandths glass beads mixed in it so all the bond doesn't squeeze out, then install them. I've got one under each gunnel, one side for my gaff and flying gaff, the other for my brush and net. I've also got 6 rod vertical holders mounted the same way, one on the front of the outboard well in the stern, and one on the aft verticle face of the anchor locker in the bow. Then I've also got 6 clamp ons that I use while I'm fishing / trolling. I don't like to carry rods in the above gunnel clamp ons when I'm in the marina or docking because when angled out properly for fishing they are very vunerable. I destroyed a nice rod that way so my clamp ons are strictly for drifting or trolling.
jimh posted 03-21-2005 10:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Are we talking about rod racks that are mounted vertically (and hold the rods in a horizontal poistion) or are we talking about rod holders that are mounted horizontally and hold the rods vertically? I'm confused.
montaukman posted 03-22-2005 09:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for montaukman  Send Email to montaukman     
Hi Jim,

I was initially talking about rod racks that hold the rods in a horizontal position. But i am open to all ideas.



bsmotril posted 03-23-2005 10:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for bsmotril  Send Email to bsmotril     
Make them in two pieces, a flat piece of starboard that mounts to the hull, then a 90 degree piece that is cut with notches to hold the rods. Route dovetail grooves in the backing piece, and a corresponding dove tail on the 90 degree piece so it can slide into the mounting plate and be removed if needed. There is a detailed post I made about how to bond Starboard to gelcoat with Marine Sealant in a thread about mounting transducers to the outside of the hull without drilling screwholes in the transom.


colowhale posted 03-23-2005 11:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for colowhale  Send Email to colowhale     
I've been looking at mounting some kind of rod rack to the vertical rails in my '85 17' Montauk, not wanting to screw into anything. Saw a picture somewhere where a guy had those standard black plastic/foam rod racks attached to his gunwale rails. So just this morning I went looking on the net, and found the RodLoft Pro product, which is mainly intended for storage in your vehicle. But I noticed that the actual rod holders were separate, and attached to a rail-mount similar in diameter to the Mountauk's rails. The link to the "Grip Holder" accessory is:

I also found them at:

$25. Not sure how they exactly mount to the rails, but figure they have to have something well thought-out. I'm thinking of giving them a try.

Let me know if anyone has any experience with these.

Chuck Tribolet posted 03-23-2005 11:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for Chuck Tribolet  Send Email to Chuck Tribolet     
The arrow points in the direction of fuel flow, towards the


jimh posted 03-24-2005 09:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
[Changed TOPIC]

Chuck, I thought you had slipped a cog with that reply about fuel flow direction indicators. Then I found that questioned buried in the thread. In the spirit of asking questions on totally different topics and burying them in other threads, I'd like to know where I can get a fresh avocado sandwich while moored at the courtesy dock in Point Loma?

Sheila posted 03-26-2005 02:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for Sheila  Send Email to Sheila     
That's simple, Jim:

(I'm much closer to Point Loma than Chuck is, so pardon me for "eavesdropping")

You give me 24 hours notice, I motor down in Tohora Iti and bring you that fresh avocado sandwich. On your choice of bread, no less! ;)

hbrigiii posted 03-29-2005 02:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for hbrigiii  Send Email to hbrigiii     
Hi, Beaner. The arrow on the fuel filtr points the direction of fuel travel. ie, towards the carburetor.

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