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Author Topic:   Vacu Flush Head and Macerator Pump
thebobber posted 08-05-2007 10:39 AM ET (US)   Profile for thebobber   Send Email to thebobber  
Have a head on my 23 Conquest. When I am offshore and want to discharge, what exactly do I do? There is a key. There is a discharge on the underside of the hull. There is no gauge to tell me if the holding tank is full.

When I turn the key I hear what I think is a macerator pump. I assume it is pumping out my holding tank.

For how long do you hold the key? How do you know when you have pumped everything out?

BlueMoon posted 08-05-2007 05:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMoon    
Why not just have your tanks pumped when you are at the marina. People like you amaze me. Here where I live the sewage district is always dumping sewage in Lake Michigan when it rains. To know we have boaters that also dump doesn't surprise me but makes me wonder. Why don't you give me your home address and I will bring my motorhome over to your house and empty the holding tanks in your front yard.
28 Reborn posted 08-05-2007 07:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for 28 Reborn  Send Email to 28 Reborn     
Hello "thebobber",

To empty your holding tank with a Vacu-Flush head system and that key in the head proceed as follows...

1: TURN OFF the "Head" breaker so that your Vacu-Flush is not powered.

2: TURN OFF your fresh water system so it does not run all of your fresh water into the bowl wile you are pumping-out.

3: CONFIRM that your Macerator Pump Thru-Hull is OPEN. (Lever should be IN-LINE with flow NOT ACROSS IT.

4: Confirm Macerator Braker is ON READ DETAILS BELOW and begin to Pump-Out per instructions.

IMPORTANT...partially OPEN THE BALL INSIDE THE BOTTOM OF THE TOILET BOWL BY STEPPING ON THE "FLUSH-PEDAL" SO THAT THE TANK WILL ALLOW IT'S CONTENTS TO BE REMOVED BY MACERATOR! If you do not step on flush pedal to open ball and releive the vacuum nothing will be pumped from tank.

Keep this ball partially open the ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE RUNNING MACERATOR.

As to How long you should run the macerator...this is kind of important. All macerator pumps will overheat and seize if they are running dry and not moving any fluid after a minute (they all SUCK!). The real trick to running the macerator is HEARING THE PITCH OF THE ELECTRIC MOTOR CHANGE. Sounds stupid (no pun intended),I know, but this is how you will get a few years of use rather than a couple of months of service life out of these damned things.

When you start pumping-out the Macerator will run at High Pitch and RPM's. After 10-15 SECONDS (if there is black-water in the tank and you followed instructions above) you will hear a distinct DOWN-SHIFT in Pitch / RPM's of Macerator Pump. THIS IS GOOD as it is now discharging the waste overboard. WHEN THAT PITCH GOES UP AGAIAN TO HIGH-RPM'S YOU ARE EMPTY!!! STOP Running the Macerator!

As you stand over the toilet bowl with the "Ball" cracked open you should be able to hear the progress of your pump-out. You may also want to educate a second person on the boat to listen to the pump where it is located and give you a signal when it first "grabs" and then when it souds like it is empty and sucking air again.

Good luck and don't forget to think about what you are puting into the sea. Always do so in areas of good tidal "Flushing" (oops, I did it again) of well offshore.

jimh posted 08-06-2007 12:51 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Discharge of holding tanks is prohibited in the Great Lakes, however is may be legal in some ocean waters at certain distances offshore.
thebobber posted 08-06-2007 08:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for thebobber  Send Email to thebobber     
People like BlueMoon amaze me as their old minds get clouded. If you would like to bring your motor home down to SC, please feel free, could use some fertilization (and I am sure the creek down the street could use it as well)
The law tells me three miles out (I live at the ocean and use my craft to fish offshore.) I however will not discharge when there are any east winds and do so 20-30+ miles offshore. Yes, it sounds as though I am polluting but take a closer look. I can go back to the marina, pump out into a holding tank, have a truck burn up polluting gas to take it to be treated, have our precious fresh water wasted in the process, get it to the government standard of "clean" with a treatment system that is also less then green practice. or I can discharge my gallon of waste into the expanse of salt water ( 71% of the earth is covered in water and less then 1 % is fresh.) BTW, if you want to treat a gallon of salt water, back up your polluting motor home, burn your 10 miles to the gallon, take it to the treatment center and pollute some more, then pour it over your head to wake yourself up.

Sorry everyone, I just get a little ticked at guys who would blame me for problems they do not understand.

Thank you 28reborn for the well stated help on the subject. I am printing it out.

jimh-thank you, it is good to remind people of our laws.

diveorfish posted 08-06-2007 01:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for diveorfish  Send Email to diveorfish     
thebobber: Bluemoon is probably a troll. There wasn’t any need to justify dumping your miniscule holding tank in the ocean.

Like you said, the law is 3 miles offshore, even in California the greenest of States. Heck every vessel: cruise ships, merchant ships, Navy ships and pleasure craft all dump their waste offshore.

thebobber posted 08-06-2007 09:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for thebobber  Send Email to thebobber     
You are right (troll with 2 posts) but who wants that type of remark sitting there? The foolishness gave me a good laugh anyway.

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