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Author Topic:   1999 18' Dauntless info needed...
masbama posted 09-04-2007 11:30 AM ET (US)   Profile for masbama   Send Email to masbama  
I just bought this boat. It has 1 150 Evinrude 2 stroke on a jackplate.

I am looking for more information on this boat; the good, bad and ugly. Does anyone have this set up?


Lars Simonsen posted 09-04-2007 10:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for Lars Simonsen  Send Email to Lars Simonsen     
I have a 1998 18' Dauntless with a 135 Optimax. I think it's a great boat. The 150 Evinrude should provide plenty of power. It's a very versatile boat that does a lot of things well.

It's very beamy, and very stable. The hull provides a very dry ride. Also, it can also be a very fast hull with the right power (i.e. a 150 2 stroke).

Mine has a "transom notch" which is a cut out in the bottom of the hull at the transom (the drain plug is offset about 1 foot in from the transom). I think this design was phased out sometime around 1999, so yours may or may not have it. This transom notch exacerbated the tendency of this boat to be a bit stern heavy. However, even without the notch, I understand that the boats are a bit stern heavy. Trim tabs are a very valuable addition to these boats.

The "bad" of these hulls is that (due partly to their stern heavy nature), they have a tendency to "pound" in choppy conditions. With trim tabs, you can get the bow down lower to cut more into the chop, which reduces the pounding. Also, how you operate the boat in choppy conditions can make a big difference in the quality of the ride. Having the jack plate gives you another way to adjust the ride by raising or lowering the motor to suit conditions. So that's a good thing. However, the jack plate sets the motor a little further back, and also adds weight to the stern.

One "design flaw" that these boats have is that the fuel tanks are not well vented, and can be difficult to fill. If you try to fill the tank, you can get a lot of "burping" back out of the tank, which can be a mess and a real nuisance. I use a paper towel or rag and wrap it around the fuel nozzle to plug the gap between the nozzle and the fuel fill. This forces the air out of the tank through the inadequate vent, and makes it possible to fill the tank without the back flow problems.

Even with the minor "flaws" I really like my boat, and after about 5 years of ownership, I have grown to like it even more. I still dream about owning a bigger boat, but one of the disincentives of buying a bigger boat is that I would probably have to sell my dauntless.

masbama posted 09-05-2007 12:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
Thanks so much Lars. I am moving up from a 1977 Montauk that I love. The bigger boat is a bit intimidating. I will give it a test run and let you know how it works. It does have the transom notch.
SeattleDauntless posted 09-05-2007 02:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for SeattleDauntless  Send Email to SeattleDauntless     
I have a 2000 18' Dauntless w/the same stern notch, so I guess this was still around a while. The boat is also set with the Opti 135.

Like Lars, I would say the boat is a little stern heavy. I don;t have trim tabs on it, but have contemplated a Doel Fin as a cheaper fix to get it up on plane faster.

You'll find when loading it really helps to make sure your weight is balanced, as the stern will really dig in until you get it under power on plane. So get those extra passengers up front whenever possible. That said, if you and a buddy go fishing, you won't even notice the stern dig.

My biggest complaint is probably the drain plug. I HATE that little sucker cause I don;t want to let the boat sit on the trailer filling with water from rain. So I pull the plug all the time, but it is a nuisance. On my first old whaler, I never even bothered eith having the thru floor drain plugs in. Needless to say, I am not a big fan of the whole bilge area design.

OTOH, the boat is lots of fun, and will do "hole shots" real well when I whip the kids around tubing on the lake.
Lots of storage for an 18' (I have the added locker in the rear), and I especially love the 8' beam (main selling point in my book). The boat will take a much bigger beating than you ever will.

Dauntless18 posted 09-05-2007 01:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dauntless18    
Just added Bennett M-80 trimtabs to my 1998 18 Dauntless (135 Optimax). Performs great, even in the snotty chop on LI Sound, with the addition of the trimtabs. Have always wondered if I would notice any difference with a 190 Nantucket?

Tabs also allow me to go much lower speeds - tractor gear, as another member wrote - when I am pulling the kids in for tubing. The seating and deck-size are great for having family and friends on the boat.

Great boat. Had a few unsolicited offers at good prices, but not sure what I would replace it with??

cban posted 09-05-2007 04:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for cban  Send Email to cban     
I bought my 1999 18' Dauntless last February. The boat came with a 2003 Suzuki 140 4-stroke. I am still new to boating, but after extensive research decided on a Whaler due to safety and re-sale considerations. Plying the waters of the Georgia and North Carolina coasts, I wanted to insure I had the safest boat for my family. I couldn't be more pleased than my choice.

The Dauntless is great for pulling kids on a tube and for fishing, I have the fishing package. I have noticed the stern is heavy, but I can get on plane quickly with no problem. The engine has a Stingray hydrofoil attached which I think helps. The only other negative comment I have is the console windshield is too small. When trying to avoid the wind or rain it really is useless. But overall, a great boat!

masbama posted 09-06-2007 09:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
I hope the jackplate helps with the stern drag. It has a 4 blade stainless prop which should help with hole shot. I have the back seat/storage area. I do smell a fuel type smell when I peak under the console. According to numerous posts and talking with Chuck Bennett @ Whaler this is normal. I hope to take it out tommorrow and I'll let you know. It is a beautiful looking boat.
SeattleDauntless posted 09-07-2007 01:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for SeattleDauntless  Send Email to SeattleDauntless     
I get a little gas smell as well, but no leaking so I
don't give it much concern.
Jefecinco posted 09-08-2007 10:00 AM ET (US)     Profile for Jefecinco  Send Email to Jefecinco     

Reference the fuel vent issue.

I have a 99 16 Dauntless. When new the boat had the integrated fuel fill/vent arrangement. Filling was a bit of a PITA but the main problem for me was that after filling the vent would "burp" for weeks thus spilling fuel onto the small horizontal surace where the fill is located. The fuel would then flow down into the motor well where it would puddle and eventually evaporate.

This was not acceptable and it went back to the dealer where some attempts to correct the issue "the easy way" failed. I gave the dealer two failed attempts before telling him to FIX the problem. This resulted in the installation of a new non-integeated fuel fill and a distant vent on the side of the hull. Result: no more fuel fill or burping problems. I believe the fix was a Whaler approved modification.


masbama posted 09-09-2007 09:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
Posted my test run on the review board. Just a scupper issue. No stern drag
or high bow issues.
masbama posted 09-11-2007 08:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
Caulked the scuppers both inside and out. Hope this stops the leakage.
Anyone have any issues with the scuppers on the back of this boat?
lakeman posted 09-15-2007 09:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakeman  Send Email to lakeman     
Yes, but just from age, they apparently do not make that style any more, as of Friday I called my dealer and ask if they can get them and they took my hull number and said they would call back, not heard from them in 2 days. I just sent Lars, on this forum and e-mail of my adventures with the scuppers, if you wish I can send you a copy, it's kinda sarcastically humorous, well maybe.

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