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Author Topic:   170 MONTAUK: Boat Cover
pmooney posted 06-15-2008 06:07 PM ET (US)   Profile for pmooney   Send Email to pmooney  
[This article was originally posted to another discussion area, but it has been moved to the POST-CLASSIC discussion area because its topic is specific to a Boston Whaler boat which was first designed after c.1990--jimh]

I am looking for advice on what cover I should buy [for a 170 MONTAUK with bow rails]. I have my boat at a dock that has a lot of trees and birds and am looking for a cover that will keep it clean. Thanks

HuronBob posted 06-15-2008 07:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for HuronBob    
I'll say it because someone else will anyway.

you get what you pay for...

BlueMax posted 06-15-2008 09:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
Carver Industries of South Carolina - I paid $355 for a custom fit Sunbrella cover for my 2007 170 Montauk with bow rails. Came with a matching engine cover, storage bag and 12 tie down straps for trailering.

I can't promise that you get same deal or price but -

Karen Parris
Carver Industries
PO Box 399
Landrum, SC 29356
tele: (864) 457.5820
fax: (864) 457.5821

Tell her Andy from Swansboro NC recommended (she knows me well - we worked together on mine and I also ordered a custom console/icebox cover and RPS cover afterward through her because their prices and customer service are excellent!

"Captain Navy" is the name of the Carver color for the Sunbrella fabric that matches the Boston Whaler blue fabric and logos perfectly.

They also have other less expensive fabrics to choose from if you are only looking to keep debris out.


OIA posted 06-16-2008 01:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for OIA  Send Email to OIA     
Boaters World has a great stock cover that costs about $250 and lasts about 5 years. My Montauk doesn't have front railings however. I just purchased my second cover. It fits snug and has seen it's fair share of winter storms and wind while moored in a slip.

Good luck,

John Mirassou
Redondo Beach, CA

jimh posted 06-16-2008 07:19 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
I am not at all clear on how a cover that has straps for holding it down when the boat is on a trailer will be useful when the boat is at a dock. An explanation would be appreciated.
BlueMax posted 06-16-2008 10:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
Versatility - if you are going to invest in a cover and possibly spend a bunch of money on a quality cover - you might want to get the most use out of it as possible. What is the intent for the boat at the conclusion of the season, or might you want to take it to another body of water or even just out of the water sometime over the next several years - or possibly even sell it? These things were not stated in the post but are quite viable possibilities for a boat owner.

Additionally I was just pointing out what kind of deal can be found (i.e. information for others that may be seeking to purchase a cover for their 170 Montauk based upon the title of this post) over the traditional over-priced answer of 'Mills' for everything Whaler fabric related.
True it was only stated that he wanted to cover the boat at the dock, so why not just recommend getting a big plastic tarp from Wal-Mart or a drop cloth from Lowe's? Because that is nonsense.

Again - the purpose of the reply was not only to answer the individual static use as posed in the post - but to provide information to the poster and others on viable options that are available for a

170 MONTAUK: Boat Cover


Casco Bay Outrage posted 06-16-2008 10:30 AM ET (US)     Profile for Casco Bay Outrage  Send Email to Casco Bay Outrage     
Andy -

For member's visual education, would you have a photo of yours to view?

BlueMax posted 06-17-2008 01:04 AM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
CBO - took these with my phone (just doesn't sound right does it?). I'll see if I have time to put the console and seat cover on and snap pics of those tomorrow. Cover has a draw string cord and I use 'Rope Ratchet' devices for easy snug and quick release. The "Transducer 2" photo gives a better view of the rope ratchet as well as fit of cover across back. I only have (4) straps on in the driveway and I had cinched them down pretty tight due to some recent severe weather (several tornadoes touched down near us). The cover worked like a champ and water jut runs right off even in the heaviest of torrential rains like we just experienced.

I hope these came out Okay.
Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4

Transducer 2


PS - I still have the OEM console cover that I bought with the boat last July - it covers only the console itself and I got tired of always having to remove the cooler (prior to getting the full cover). I saw a photo from (I think)Jeffs22 that had a cover that encased the RPS, console and cooler that I thought was a great idea, however Carver offered me the console and cooler version so I went with that and got a separate RPS cover. Hopefully I can get time to take photos and post them tomorrow.

jimh posted 06-17-2008 09:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
After seeing the pictures of the recommended cover, I still do not understand how the cover is held in place when the boat is in the water. Loose fitting covers tend to sag and collect pooled water.
BlueMax posted 06-17-2008 10:00 AM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
I thought it was a better choice (for me) than over spending about 2-3 times the price for a cover at Mills. I was not thrilled with the fit but have recently gone to Wal-Mart and bought a cover support pole for $10 to prop it up a bit which I thought might make it a viable option.

I'm thinking - and soliciting thought - that they may have used a pattern for a 2008 Montauk which has a reported 2"-4" taller console. Does this seem to be a fair guess/assumption to anyone else?

I do appreciate your thoughts and feedback -


CaptD posted 06-17-2008 11:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for CaptD  Send Email to CaptD     
My boat lives on it's trailer under way too many trees. Leaf stains are such a pain I'm thinking I may need to sell the boat. But before I do that I will keep her for at least a year and get 90 days on the water so I can get my license back. In the meanwhile, I've had to come up with an inexpensive solution for these leaves.

The answer, a 10x20 green tarp. Color may vary, but for a 170 Montauk this size fit's nearly perfect. I took about 50' of nylon line and strung it through all the grommets. The line fits snuggly just below the gunnel rail and cinches down nice and tight by using the lifting eyes in the stern as final tie downs. For me, a truckers hitch at the port lifting eye keeps the entire package tight.

Granted, mine is on a trailer, but I have removed and covered the boat while on board. If you have a bimini keep it forward as laying it down to the stern will create a pocket that will hold water on top of the tarp. When I have the tarp on properly water drains off and out of the stern no problem. The bow area drains too but can collect water as the plastic begins to sag. A simple solution for this is to make a simple 2x4 T which can be placed upside down by the cooler to hold the canvas up.

This solution is cheap and it works. For less than $40 you can have a working tarp. And it's really easy. It just so happens that this size tarp works really well on the 170 Montauk with no cutting or adding extra grommets. I for one would rather put the $850, or $350 for that matter, toward something really useful like a forward shelter or fish finder.

My tarp has been working perfectly. It cost $15 at an expensive hardware store and I will gladly replace it next year. Also, I don't need to worry about anyone stealing my $850 Mills canvas.

I can take some pictures and post them if you are interested.


CaptD posted 06-17-2008 12:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for CaptD  Send Email to CaptD     
Here's my tarp after 10 days of rain and weather with no adjustments. Not looking to pretty, but this is the reality of a cheap cover. At around $40 total cost, it works for me.

Pulling on the tarp at the bow will drain the water right out. Reaching a broomstick in from the edge makes short work of the water collection too.

erik selis posted 06-17-2008 01:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for erik selis  Send Email to erik selis     
Each will have his own opinion on this subject but I would like to share my own experience with the the boat cover of my 170 Montauk.

When my boat was new I had a custom made cover installed on my boat. You could call it an inexpensive solution compared to the "Top of the bill" Mills canvas. It cost me approximately 300 USD to have it made and fitted with quick connectors. 170%20Montauk%20Erik%20features/DSC00016.jpg

It lasted exactly 1.5 years and it was ruined. Filthy, torn and messing the boat up more than I could mess it up after a days fishing. Honestly, it was waste of money. The quick connectors was a nice features but the clumsy installer drilled the holes too small and cracked at least 10 spots in the gel coat where these connectors were placed. At the time I could have shot him on the spot. Meanwhile I repaired these spots myself and you can't see where they were.

After this crappy canvas I decided to buy the Mills canvas without bow rails. I paid >1000 USD for this canvas (including overseas shipping and taxes) and it's worth every Euro I paid. The way it looks now it will last at least 20 years or more and it's easy to install when in the water. For driving the boat around you have extra straps you can use to tie down. The cover fits like a glove and rain runs right off with no sagging at all. It's the best 1000 dollar investment I have ever made. 170%20Montauk%20Erik%20features/DSC00951.jpg 170%20Montauk%20Erik%20features/DSC00950Medium.jpg 170%20Montauk%20Erik%20features/DSC00953Medium.jpg


DLee posted 06-17-2008 02:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for DLee  Send Email to DLee     
Boy, that really does look good Erik.

I called Mills the other day and I'm not sure they still make this version. I think they may only make the 'rails' version. I should call again. Makes my green tarp a little sad looking.

What I really like about this idea is that I could cover my boat before I even got it home to the land of leaves. Believe me, one leaf = 15 minutes of cleaning if it gets wet.

BlueMax posted 06-17-2008 03:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
Damn Eric - that looks good!. Bravo!

But I'm still never going to spend that much on a cover for my boat - my Sunbrella should last several years and then I'll go with a generic solution.

Aside to Capt D - don't be too surprised if you catch flak from a persnickety editor over the original request being for a cover to use at the dock ... :-)

gbcbu posted 06-17-2008 04:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for gbcbu  Send Email to gbcbu     
Here's my Mills cover just wanted to add in hopes it helpful:[url]¤t=Whaler1.jpg[/url
gbcbu posted 06-17-2008 04:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for gbcbu  Send Email to gbcbu     
I'll try once more current=Whaler1.jpg

Casco Bay Outrage posted 06-17-2008 08:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for Casco Bay Outrage  Send Email to Casco Bay Outrage     
While I don't have a 170, this thread has been educational.

For the record, my Outrage 17 has a taller console than the 170 and high bow rails. With these features, I found a cover is problematic for ponding, inboard of the bow rails.

I am in Maine and in the winter use very tall sawhorses (4) with a center beam and a 25x20 tarp. Tarp lasts 2-3 seasons. photo#5152532098921679170

In the summer I have used a 20x12 tarp without the frame. By draping it over the engine cowl and to to winch post, I can get a decent angle and no ponding. It is works well, lasts about 3-4 seasons but not quick to remove/install.

This season I have been lazy so far and just used a rps/console+cushion cover I bought off a CW member a few years ago.

gbcbu posted 06-18-2008 05:56 AM ET (US)     Profile for gbcbu  Send Email to gbcbu     

Just the other day I took off the mooring cover and put on the RPS and CC covers. I keep my 170 MT at a slip and this is so much easier than the mooring cover. I'm looking now for a wax that has a ton of UV protection.

For the winter I use the canvas storage garage. If you have the room I highly recommend it. The one I got for the 170 was less than 2 shrink wraps. They come up on Craig's list often.

Good luck

wbullwin posted 06-18-2008 02:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for wbullwin  Send Email to wbullwin     

I just purchased (April 2008) a cover (covers) from Carver through for my 2003 Montauk. The first cover had a defect in it so they very nicely sent me a second one and paid for the return shipping. I put the replacement cover on the boat and it fit like a size 12 shoe on a size 8 foot. I called and expressed my complaint. They looked into it and found that they had just switch how they cut their patterns and found that there was an error. They made me a 3rd cover with the corrections made and sent that with a return label for cover #2. It did in fact fit fine. Looking at your picture, I think the only thing you need is support across the bow area, and a pole 2/3 back. There should be snaps in the cover to receive the pole. I found that a bow between the rails works better than the pole. I used a fiberglass cover bow with the plastic pieces that snap onto the rails. I also noticed from your picture that your cover covers the motor well a lot more than mine.

I know this doesn't answer the original question posted, but I hope it answers yours. As far as the original question, I don't think any of these after market covers intended for covering the boat on a trailer will work for a boat in the water. I witnessed a neighbor of mine trying to use one of these on a bowrider and it was humorous to watch him trying to get strings from one side of the boat to the other while in the water. It just didn't work.

BlueMax posted 06-18-2008 10:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
Bull - appreciate the feedback and recommendation - I have a long piece of small PVC piping I am thinking I could do something of that nature with but I am definitely looking into the cover bow.

Thanks again - very helpful.


wbullwin posted 06-20-2008 09:59 AM ET (US)     Profile for wbullwin  Send Email to wbullwin     
Andy - I thought of one other thing after I sent the other reply. Looking at your picture, I noticed that the cover sags across the opening between the side hand rails. I resolved this by getting a piece of PVC Sch 40 pipe that has a 7/8" inside diameter (maybe 1"), cut the pipe about 8" longer than the opening, and then machining away the bottom of the pipe just enough that it creates an opening that lets it snap onto the rails. I did this first for my winter cover (tarp and A-frame) and now I just use it for the new cover.

For everyone else out there, this would be a good fix for any Whaler that has an opening in the side handrails.

BlueMax posted 06-20-2008 10:02 AM ET (US)     Profile for BlueMax  Send Email to BlueMax     
Excellent idea!!


Tohsgib posted 06-20-2008 11:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Just FYI and this has NOTHING to do with fit or finish. Any "real" Sunbrella fabric is good for at least 10 years, more like 20 if maintained. Make sure it is Sunbrella brand not looks or feels like sunbrella. Also if having a cover made(by Mills or anyone else) make sure they use Gortek thread or equiv as it will not deteriorate after a few years and have to be restiched. If you use real sunbrella fabric and quality thread and don't let water pocket and destort the cover, it will be around for the 2nd or 3rd owner to appreciate.

I had a custom cover made for my 19 and it was over a grand. A grand for a nice cover is not all that crazy if you want quality.

wbullwin posted 06-20-2008 03:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for wbullwin  Send Email to wbullwin     
I had my cover made by Carver and they use a fabric called "Outdura" which to them is Sunbrella. If you look at their website, which I did since I questioned them on it, you'll see that the Outdura is warranted even longer than Sunbrella. I also have a 26 foot SeaRay that does have a "Sunbrella" cover on it and I replaced it after 9 seasons. It is exposed to the weather for about 6 months each year and then put under a tarp for the Winter. 9 or 10 yes, I doubt 20 years if exposed to the waether.

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