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Author Topic:   New 345 Conquest!!
CLK posted 07-11-2008 11:32 PM ET (US)   Profile for CLK  
Just bought a new 345 Conquest this afternoon. She goes in for bottom paint, first thing Monday morning. I should take delivery either next Friday or Saturday.

Very excited. Been kicking the idea around for awhile, & I want to thank everyone here, who shared their experience, knowledge & thoughts about the boat - it was helpful - thanks!

I really loved my 305 - it's a great boat & I'd recommend that model to anyone interested in a boat that size. Part of my feels a tinge of guilt - it's kind of weird - but I'm sure some here can relate.

Thanks again everyone for help!

Tom W Clark posted 07-11-2008 11:56 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom W Clark  Send Email to Tom W Clark     
Congratulations, that is really something. A boat like that and you could really get some places.

I'm leaving for Neah Bay on Wednesday in my Revenge 25 for a few days of Chinook fishing around Cape Flattery. It's a fun ride to NB from Seattle but it helps if the water is smooth. In a 345 It wouldn't matter much.

Do you salmon fish?

jimh posted 07-12-2008 12:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Normally I edit out exclamation points in the TOPIC, but a new 345 CONQUEST deserves one (or two).

I am certain everyone will be very interested in hearing more about the new boat and how it performs for you. Congratulations.

Sal A posted 07-12-2008 06:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for Sal A  Send Email to Sal A     
Best of luck to you!

Share pictures when you splash her; we'd love to see her.

Whalerdog posted 07-12-2008 04:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for Whalerdog  Send Email to Whalerdog     
Good Luck great boat as all Whalers are. Many happy waves to ya!
Clyde posted 07-13-2008 01:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for Clyde  Send Email to Clyde     
Just wondering what power your 345 is running. I saw one tied to the dock at the dealer the other day with 3 X 300 Mercs on the back. It looked like it would pass anything but a fuel dock.
CLK posted 07-13-2008 01:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Thanks everyone! Spent the whole day, yesterday, at the dealership hanging out on the boat & checking stuff out. Now that I've bought the boat, I'm able to let my guard down a bit more & get more excited,..... lounge a bit longer & look starry eye at eveything, without the fear of such enthusiasm coming back to haunt me.

Tom: Yes, I do salmon fish - in the past, much more than in recent times, but that's about to change. The Neah Bay trip sounds great - I have some friends who got back last week, from a trip up to Sekiu - lights out salmon fishing, plus they caught some halibut, sea-bass & cod. Going on these types of longer trips, was one of the main reasons for me looking into the 345. I've always enjoyed your posts, & because we're both up here in the PNW, I hope to meet sometime. I'd love to go out on your Revenge, & have you on my boat. At some point, I'd like to put my boat through some performace tests. Since this is a project I've never done, perhaps you could join me. Would aprecaite your thoughts on the boat & how it performs.

Clyde: The 345 I bought has triple Merc Verado 250s. From my understanding, the power options for the 345 are either the triple 250s or dual 300s. Per the BW site, the max horsepower the 345 is rated for is 750hp. However, including yourself, I've heard others mention it having triple 300s on it.

Thanks again everyone! I'll post some pics upon delievery - hopefully by Saturday.


Whalerdog posted 07-13-2008 06:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for Whalerdog  Send Email to Whalerdog     
Good you got the triples I was speaking to a dealer and he said the dual 300 is sluggish.
20dauntless posted 07-15-2008 01:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for 20dauntless  Send Email to 20dauntless     
Do you have a heater/defroster for the cabin? It will be awfully nice to be enclosed by glass on three sides in the winter rather than relying on canvas...
CLK posted 07-16-2008 01:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hey 20dauntless,

Yes - there's actually seperate heating/cooling systems for both the cabin & the helm station. However, in the helm area, there aren't any vents to defog/defrost the windsheild - so, I'm going to have some put in. It's actaully a pretty easy install - I had it done on my 305 (but in that case, since there wasn't a ventilation system in the helm area, we tapped into the vents in the cabin - they were the vents to the mid-berth). Anyways, on the 345CQ, we'll tap into the ventilation system in the helm area & add vents (identical to the others in the helm area) beneath the windsheild, essentially putting in a defrost.

Up in the pacific northwest, we really do have 4 seperate seasons - with different weather. I really think that the 345 is setup wonderfully, to make fishing year round very comfortable. We do get rain (maybe you've heard), so I think the defrost will be very useful, for clearing up a foggy windshield, caused from getting wet (from reeling in all those fish), then sitting in a heated area.

The installer who's doing it for me, has done the same install on another 345. Before starting that project, he called Whaler just to speak with them about it. They were very interested in the idea & stayed in touch with him. They asked him to send pics & diagrams of his work - they were very impressed. Don't be surprised to see this as a standard feature on the boat, going forward. Anyways - it looks great & works great, too.


Sal A posted 07-16-2008 07:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for Sal A  Send Email to Sal A     
This thread is worthless without pictures :)
CLK posted 07-16-2008 01:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hi Sal,

>>>This thread is worthless without pictures :)

Well, I don't take delivery until Fri/Sat, then I don't expect to have the name/graphics on until the following Wednesday. But until then, below's a link to a great slideshow on the 345CQ:


20dauntless posted 07-16-2008 02:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for 20dauntless  Send Email to 20dauntless     

What electronics did you choose for your boat? Did you trade in the 305 with LUSR?

CLK posted 07-16-2008 02:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hey 20dauntless,

>>> What electronics did you choose for your boat?

The boat I bought came with the complete Nothstar package. Below's the specs:

* 12" Deluxe Electronics / Navigation Package
Northstar 8000i, 12" screen (GPS / chart plotter / fishfinder)
600-watt transducer
Northstar 721 VHF radio
Northstar 6 kw open array radar antenna

* Additional Display Electronics
Northstar 8000i, 12" screen (GPS / chart plotter / fishfinder)

* Autopilot
(Triple Verado L6 only) (must select Navigation Package)
Northstar NS3300 autopilot

>>>Did you trade in the 305 with LUSR?

Yes I did. It's a great boat. If anyone's looking for a 305 - check it out. I take great care of my stuff - this boat included. It's located in Seattle, WA. A few things I added to the 305:

* 2 extra rod holders, aft port & aft starboard
* 2 extra downrigger electrical pugs
* 10" Lowrance LCX-113C HD Sonar/Gps
* 10" GlobalMap 9200C Gps
* Radar
* Black box trolliing electronics
* KVH TracVision M3 Satellite TV System
* 12 volt fold down flat screen TV/DVD in helm
* Helm area ventilation for AC/heat & defrost.
* TR-1 Gladiator, with wirelss remote.
* Wireless remote spotlight, mounted atop hardtop.

I cleaned out the boat yesterday. Lake Union Sea Ray picks it up tomorrow.


blkmtrfan posted 07-16-2008 04:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for blkmtrfan  Send Email to blkmtrfan     
Where in the PNW will you do most of your boating, I would love to see your boat some day.

And did you get the free 130 sport: pid=20&zid=25&default=false&position=0&random=23225730& timestamp=20080716162408&test=false&referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.whaler. com%2FRec%2Fdefault.asp

CLK posted 07-17-2008 01:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hi blkmtrfan,

I live in Seattle, WA & will probably do most of my boating in lake Washington & the Puget Sound - specifically around Elliot Bay, & just north & south of there. Also plan to do longer excursions out to Neah Bay, & perhaps, Vancouver Island.

I did not get the 130 Sport - instead opted to appy the encentive to the final purchase price - figured if I wanted a 130 Sport, there're plenty of niced used ones out there I could find at a better price.


CLK posted 07-17-2008 07:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Things are moving faster than exepected.

Was at the delaersip today. The 345 came in from getting bottom painted, & my 305 was there as well. Took some pics of it all. Below are pics of the 345 & 305 side-by-side, as well as a few other pics. The service people were swapping some things out from the 305, & putting them on the 345 (lock latches & AGM baterries). Also, the grahics came in today & got put on - I kept the same name - 'The Gatsby'. I will take official delivery tomorrow.

Finally, not sure if the links below will work - if not, I'd appreciate any help. I copied & pasted the links from the 'Direct Link' box under each pic, in photobucket.

Last 2 pics show the helm area of the 305 w/ the TV up & dwon.

Finally, a picture of me on the 305CQ, back in May, trolling for cutts in lake Washington.


kglinz posted 07-17-2008 07:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for kglinz  Send Email to kglinz     
just do this as a slideshow...
20dauntless posted 07-17-2008 08:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for 20dauntless  Send Email to 20dauntless     
The pictures look great!
CLK posted 07-18-2008 01:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

kglinz: Thanks for posting the link. If there's a place on CW that describes how to post pics (specifically from Photobucket), please let me know. Or just tell me what link to post (I've been posting the 'Direct Link' from under each pic, at photobucket - obviously that's not it, or else I'm doing something else wrong)

20dauntless: Thanks! I take delivery today & the boat should be nice & clean.

If there's anything specific on he boat, which someone would like to see - let me know & I'll take a pic. Hopefully, we can keep this thread from being 'worthless' :-)


bluewaterpirate posted 07-18-2008 03:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for bluewaterpirate  Send Email to bluewaterpirate     
CLK ...

When things slow down for you I'd like to see under the deck area in the cockpit when the genset and plumbung is located. Also the battery compartment. Great boat your going to love the Northstar 8000.


gorji posted 07-18-2008 06:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for gorji  Send Email to gorji     
REALLY Nice pictures.
gorji posted 07-18-2008 06:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for gorji  Send Email to gorji     
I'd love to see the galley please.
gorji posted 07-18-2008 07:14 PM ET (US)     Profile for gorji  Send Email to gorji     
Another question please:

How do you compare docking the 345 compared to 305? And how does the galley compare with the 305 with respect to comforts of life.

You are probably pro at docking so its not an issue. For myself, even after 10 years of boating, I still get nervous when it come to docking even though I end up doing a good job.

Thank you

CLK posted 07-19-2008 02:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hi Tom - Thanks for reassuring words about the Northstar stuff - as you've probably read by now, I don't know much about it - but your word are encouraging.

I was able to take some pics for you, including some beneath the cockpit of my old 305CQ as well. As you'll see - the setup it different, with the 305 being more open, plus that's where the batteries are stored - pretty easy access to everything. Both the 305 & 345 have Panda gensets, & both gensets are encased in a sound & vibration box. Obviously, you can't say it's a sound proof box, but it REALY knocks the sound & vibration down - at times, you need to go into the cockpit, to notice whether the generator's on or not. As you'll see from the pics - the lazarette on the 345 is less accessible.

Below's (hopefully) a slideshow of the lazarattes on both the 305 & 345. I did forget to get a picture of the battery storage on the 345 - I'll do that tomorrow. If the link doesn't work - just view my album - I've titled each pic accordingly.


Also, a few new pics of my boat on the water:

Hi Gorji - Thanks! I'll get you pics of the galley - no problem. I just got the boat, so I can't say from experience, but I do imagine that the galley in the 345 will be more spacious, comfortable & accomodating than the 305. As far as docking goes - that was a concern for me too - I'm no expert. It's a bigger boat than the 305 - no doubt about - & you do notice it when handling, but today, I took 5 practice shots at docking, and all went well. The bow thruster (for me so far) is really helpful. Combine that with a wider spread between the 2 outside engines - and it really wasn't that difficult. I think for me, just getting use to the bigger size is where the learning curve is. After that, I think the 345 is probably easier to dock then the 305 - simply for the reasons mentioned above.

ps - if the links don't come thru - could someone help me out. Also, I'm trying different stuff to try & make them work. If there's directions somewhere - please let me know.

Sal A posted 07-19-2008 06:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for Sal A  Send Email to Sal A ?action=view¤t=a2cd2511.pbw

Also, a few new pics of my boat on the water:

I hope I fixed these correctly for you.

Here at Continuouswave, just add:


before the link, and:


after your link to make it a live, clickable link.

You will need your pictures to be in the form of a link, and not an inline image (ie [img][/img].

Sal A posted 07-19-2008 06:49 AM ET (US)     Profile for Sal A  Send Email to Sal A     
As for the slideshow.... current=100_0129.jpg current=100_0131.jpg current=100_0133.jpg

jimh posted 07-19-2008 07:47 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Those side-by-side pictures are very interesting. That 345 is a lot of boat.

I found the views below deck also interesting. These larger boats certainly have many complex systems installed on them.

CLK posted 07-19-2008 01:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Thanks Sal! Been trying to figure that out for awhile!

Gonna give it a try.

Below's a link to a slide show - of lazarettes to both the 305 & 345: current=a2cd2511.pbw

If the link above doesn't work - I still have some learning to do :0

Going out to the boat - will have some more pics later.


WT posted 07-19-2008 01:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for WT  Send Email to WT     

Congratulations on your new 345 Conquest. Wow, what a boat!


erik selis posted 07-20-2008 03:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for erik selis  Send Email to erik selis     
CLK, that is one heck of a boat. Congrats! Enjoy her and safe sailing.


CLK posted 07-20-2008 08:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Thanks Warren & Erik - Appreciate the congrats!

Tom: Took some pics of the battery compartment on the 345 Conquest. The storage is located on the starboard side, inside the helm area. Got 3 pics below: One of the compartment closed, & two with the doors open. Access is extremely easy.


Gorji: I haven't taken any pics of the galley yet , but I did post a link before, to a slideshow, which has some great pics of the cabin, including the galley. Below's a link to it. It takes a second to load, but has great pics of the 345CQ: BOSTON_WHALER_345_CONQUEST_PHOTO_SLIDESHOW_051808_VX

If there's anything else on the boat, which anyone is interested in seeing - just let me know - if I can get a pic of it, I will.


CLK posted 07-20-2008 08:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Here's the one with the battery compartment closed.


bluewaterpirate posted 07-20-2008 08:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for bluewaterpirate  Send Email to bluewaterpirate     
CL thanks for the pictures just what I wanted!


paddyt111 posted 07-20-2008 09:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for paddyt111  Send Email to paddyt111     
Dear CLK....I have been following this terrific thread for the past week while on vacation at the cottage here in Newfoundland. As I headed out into Bonavista Bay today in my 210 Ventura I reflected how how nice it would be to have the 345 Conquest here in these waters. I am very happy for sounds like you are a kid again and you've found a whole lot of buddies to share it with. It has been nice to be one of the kids you've shared it with. Keep the sea trial photos coming. Pat
CLK posted 07-21-2008 12:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hi Pat,

Accurate observation - Prior to purchasing my boat(s), I'd spend hours on this website, doing searches, looking at pics, etc. My girlfriend couldn't really understand how I could spend so much time, or why, or get excited about all this 'info' about boats, particularly Whalers. Anyways, yes, I have found some friends, who share this 'gentle madness' that I can relate to & vicarriously enjoy experiences with. Thanks for the kind words.

I read your post last night, just prior to leaving for the boat. As I headed for the marina, I reflected on how nice it would be, to be on vacation, at a cottage in Newfoundland, perhaps motoring out on a Whaler, into Bonavista Bay,.......... :-)


gorji posted 07-21-2008 04:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for gorji  Send Email to gorji     
CLK: Please do not forget the galley pics.
CLK posted 07-22-2008 06:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hi Gorgi,

Below are some pics I took of the galley. A few details - The sink is deep & good size. The fridge is nice size as well. The microwave has a 6 cup built-in coffee maker (brews good coffeE - used it many times already). A reasonable amount of cupboard space, for a boat. Stove top has 2 burners.


gorji posted 07-22-2008 09:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for gorji  Send Email to gorji     
I appreciate the pictures. Thank you
SJUAE posted 07-23-2008 06:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    

Sorry for the late response (been on hols in Spain for 3 weeks) but congrats.

The side by side photo says it all.

Only 2 comments:

1) The Helm seat should have been something special from BW IMO

2) I want one.


swist posted 07-23-2008 07:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for swist  Send Email to swist     
Not to throw anything negative into this very positive thread - it is obviously a great boat, but....

the pictures of the cabling/wiring in the battery compartment did not impress me. Whaler's standards for clean and neat wiring have not been good in recent years, IMHO. The wiring in my 170 Montauk is not great, and looking at the pictures from that 345 lead me to believe the problem spans the whole product line.

CLK posted 07-23-2008 11:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hey Steve,

Thanks for the Congrats! I hope you had a great time in Spain, and left some wine for the locals, after you left :)

As far as the helm seat goes - I'm not famialr with other 'top end' helm seats, so I don't have much to compare it to. It is nicer & more sturdy than the one on the 305CQ. It has a swivel feature, so it can easily rotate & lock, in any 360 degree direction, or simply swivel like a bar stool. It can be adjusted up/down & forward/back. It does have the 'thigh rise' flip up feature, so it can be used as a leaning post, too. There's also a molded step/footrest beneath the seat & attached to the console. So far, I don't have any complaints. I'll try & get some pics of the helm area, not just the console, but also the port lounge & starboard seat.

Hope you're having fun with you 210 Outrage. If after awhile, I come to find these bigger boats, with all their bells & whistles & other features, actually just mean more problems & things breaking - I'll probably go to a 210 Outrage. Always been one of my favorites! Plus Warren, in his Montauk, goes where most CQs owner would fear to tread :-)


CLK posted 07-24-2008 12:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hey swist,

>>>......the pictures of the cabling/wiring in the battery compartment did not impress me.

Thanks for the observation. I don't much about wiring, but from a layman's perspective - there's alot going on there.

One thing that did surprise me was - there was no difference in the number of batteries onboard, from the 305 & the 345 (aside from the additional 2, dedicated to the bow thruster on the 345). But the 345 has many more electrical features than the 305, yet it pull off the same amount of battery power.

You & Tom obviously have a better idea of how these things are usually wired, or at least what constitutes 'clean & neat wiring', from that which isn't. Thanks again for your take on it.

FWIW - Below are a couple of pics, somewhat related to this topic. The first is a pic of the breaker panel, & the 2nd is of the battery switches.

ps - once again, if there's anything in particular, someone would like a pic of - just let me know.

swist posted 07-24-2008 08:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for swist  Send Email to swist     
The breaker panel and battery switch panel are pretty classy looking. Of course what interests me is what it looks like behind them....
TRAFFICLAWYER posted 07-24-2008 09:17 AM ET (US)     Profile for TRAFFICLAWYER    
Very nice looking boat,BUT that battery wiring looks like a rat nest, Whaler should take some wiring lessons from Wiley over at Yellowfin. For a 300K+ boat thats dissapointing.
CLK posted 07-24-2008 11:55 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Regarding the battering wiring - I did forget to mention, that as part of the purchase agreement of the 345, the dealership was to remove the original batteries from the 345 & replace them with the AGM batteries that I had on my 305. Also, the people who did the replacing was my salesman & some of his sales associates (appearantly at my dealership, the service department is a seperate profit center, & would have charged the sales dept a fee to do this). So, in all fairness to BW, perhaps the battery wiring was cleaner looking & better done, prior to the sales guys swapping the batteries - only a thought.

Thanks for the input.


bluewaterpirate posted 07-24-2008 01:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for bluewaterpirate  Send Email to bluewaterpirate     
Thanks for all the pictures they've been spot on. If you ever have a need to open the helm console up please some pictures of what's underneath in particular the MFD's mounts and wiring but only if you need to open it up.

You need to get the dealer to work on the battery wires secure then etc.

Terrific looking Whaler, when can I take her for a spim Dad! Smile.

Tightlines and enjoy the boat.


Treypescatorie posted 07-24-2008 02:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for Treypescatorie  Send Email to Treypescatorie     
It would not suprise me if that wiring job was done at the factory. It seems like this has been a problem with whalers in the past see:
I think Boston Whaler Should be shamed into doing a better job with this. This is not a Bayliner, it is a very expensive Boston Whaler!
SJUAE posted 07-24-2008 05:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    

My comment on the helm seat was only that you expected a nice hydraulic dampened one now your wallet is a bit thinner you may be of need of the extra cushioning.

The Mrs drained the vino where I managed to make a dent in the local rum in Spain.

Warren is either a fine boats man or mad or both :) he goes where angels fear to tread.

Had some minor teething problems with my ETEC and propping on the 210 hopefully the dealer has sorted them over the last 3 weeks, else at +46C I wish I had problems with the AC LOL.

See your radar is seriously upgraded and the rails on the roof must make it easier to get to the bow.

The stern cleats look proportional to the boat now, over the 305 and the white curtains are more in keeping with the aesthetics IMO. Shame the engines are not white also, then you could have had a 400k washing machine LOL.

Glad to hear that the docking is easier with the wider spread of the 2 most outboards, coupled with the bow thruster, as I imagined.

I did manage to find a Gardiner coiled hose for my raw water wash down in Spain. I hope I can connect to the imperial thread on the BW. FW mod later.

Finally got some decent rods and a few reels so will let you know what I managed to snag something, it’s a bit too hot for most things at the moment in the ME Gulf.

Else, it’s really nice to read about larger whalers as most threads are on 18’ footers or less.

Like you, I would trust BW have done the electrics to a good standard so don’t be too disheartened by honest comments from the pro's.

Let me know when you want to swap give or take 10 bucks, I’ll pay the shipping ROFL


CLK posted 07-25-2008 12:07 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Ha! Steve - you're a funny guy. I'll need to drink some of that spanish rum, before considering the trade. However, in the meantime, make sure you post pics of whatever you manage to catch over there.

Below is a slideshow of some pics I took of the helm area. current=f902afb2.pbw

Also, below are better & more legible pics of the breaker box & battery switches. I didn't realize the other pics were unreadable, until after I posted them.

Finally, a pic dockside.

ps - Tom, I will be opening the helm console - going to put in a satelight TV, which can be connected to, & viewed from either monitor on the console. Will get some pics for you.

bluewaterpirate posted 07-25-2008 09:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for bluewaterpirate  Send Email to bluewaterpirate     
Thanks CK ...... great pictures.
themclos posted 07-25-2008 01:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for themclos  Send Email to themclos     

Congratulations on your beautiful new boat. The photographs are great.


CLK posted 07-25-2008 10:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Thanks Dan!

Everyone have a great weekend.


CLK posted 07-28-2008 08:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hey Tom,

>>>>If you ever have a need to open the helm console up please some pictures of what's underneath in particular the MFD's mounts and wiring,......

Had the helm console opened up today & took a few pics. Not sure what 'MFD' mounts are - hopefully they're included.

If there's anything else you, or anyone else would like to see - just let me know.


glen e posted 07-28-2008 10:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
Have you had a chance to look at the cav plates at cuise? If they are buried, it could be costing you 3 gph.....
bluewaterpirate posted 07-28-2008 11:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for bluewaterpirate  Send Email to bluewaterpirate     
Thanks CL ....... great looking rig!


CLK posted 07-29-2008 09:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hi Glen,

>>> Have you had a chance to look at the cav plates at cuise? If they are buried, it could be costing you 3 gph.....

Since I took delivery, I haven't put much thought into engine placement/props. Prior to delivery (when I was waiting impatienly) I did look into the possibilty of changing props. I called Ken from Prop Gods, but he didn't really have any experience w/ the 345CQ. Since then, I've pretty much tabled the issue(s).

Unlike on the BW 305CQ, where there was actual, realife data, to show that the rev 4 props were more effecient than the factory installed props - to my knowledge, no such data exists for the 345CQ.

Also, I think moving 3 engines would be an expensive operation. I'd like to see/hear from 345CQ owners, that such a move justified the cost, & wouldn't affect handling/operating the boat, in various sea conditions.

I guess what I'm looking for is any specifics regarding engine placement or props, specifically for the 345 CQ? Has anyone heard anything about these issues, specifically in regards to the 345CQ, not just other boats?


glen e posted 07-29-2008 09:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
so if the 305 was improperly rigged, what's makes you think they got it right on the 34? shoot me a pic of the lower ends at money, knowing whaler and verados, is they are buried..costing you $12 an hour....
CLK posted 07-29-2008 11:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hi Glen,

>>> so if the 305 was improperly rigged, what's makes you think they got it right on the 34?

As far as props go - yes, based on actual tests, a more effecient choice (the rev 4s), for the 305CQ, existed, & I did change props. However, I did not drop the engine placement on my 305. I don't remember if there is/was any performace data, specically about the engine placement on the 305s - there might be.

Do you know of any performace tests or data, specically done on the 345CQ, having to do with different props? Or about the engine placement?

I appreciate you taking the time & making recomendations - I've enacted several that you've brought to my attention (i.e. the rev 4 props & the AMG batteries). I think your intentions are good & genuine. However, just because there exists a more effecient prop for the 305, doesn't make me automatically assume that the 345 is improperly propped - it may be - but I'd like to see some info to back that up before making any changes. Also, I'm guessing that moving the engine placement on 3 seperate engines is going to be expensive. Before doing something like that - I'd like to see/hear some facts or testimony, specifically on the 345CQ, which could support & justify such a move. Plus, I'd like to know the pros & con's, that such an adjustment would have on the handling of the boat,in different seas.

Thanks again for your take & experience with these things - I do appreciate what you have to say. Perhaps I'm being a bit cautious, but I don't think unreasonable.


glen e posted 07-30-2008 07:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
I understand.....a simple pic of the lower ends at cruise will tell you...
CLK posted 07-30-2008 01:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hey Glen,

>>>I understand.....a simple pic of the lower ends at cruise will tell you...

I agree. And I've seen similar pics on your website, which demonstrate what you're refering to. Having had a few whalers, & read the opinions of others like yourself - I beleive you're right about the engines being mounted low. I'll try & get a pic & send to you, for your reference/records.

Having said that - What still concerns me, & perhaps I haven't stated it more emphatically, is how will moving the 3 engines up, effect how the boat handles/rides/operates in various seas? Will it cause the bow to ride lower? Will it ride differently in rough water? Does it grip as well? Etc.

What I would like to hear, is someone who has done this on a 345CQ (not just another boat, i.e. different hull) & what differences, if any, they've notived about how the boat rides & handles. Basically, any pros & cons. Perhaps, there are none.

I just don't want to spend the money, to lower the engines, in hopes of getting an extra 3gph, only to find out that in doing so, I've materially effected on how the boat handles.

Thanks again Glen.


CLK posted 07-30-2008 01:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    


>>>...just don't want to spend the money, to lower the engines....

I mean raise the engines.


glen e posted 07-30-2008 01:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
boat that are dragging anti- cavplates around are like towing parachutes behind the boat....the boat handles like it was designed when the cav plate is above the water...and think about the drag preussure on the we all know V's are heavy!) so you spend 350K and it's not worth anohter $1500 to get it right?.....not sure I follow...
SJUAE posted 07-30-2008 05:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    

I would hope hat BW has done enough production testing to set the engine height at the best position for normal operating conditions on the 345.

This does not mean there are better setups or performance gains by re-propping based on an individuals requirements, but you can’t expect BW to cover all possibilities. As you have found out by re-propping the 305, this suited you.

Of course it does no harm to check that the cav plates are not causing excessive drag on your particular set up/loading.

Especially if you want to constantly load to the max as you do have the potential to fully load the boat with fluids etc equaling the total weight of an 18 footer :)

Given the size/mass/displacement of your 345 you should not be so sensitive to change compared to small whalers and it’s not like you are-powering when most are reconfiguring their set-ups or adding modifications that are a large factor of the hull displacement or have an effect on performance.

I would have hoped that your dealer would have understood your requirements and set the engines up accordingly if any extras are specified over normal loading/operation.

I would be most surprised if your setup needs adjusting and if so you would have reasonable cause to request the dealer to do this free of charge as part of his delivery/commissioning.

Moving the engines up or down should be relatively quick even on your triples I would of thought the cost is getting her out of the water for a few hours to do it would be more.

I note V’s are not necessarily heavier they just generally need more HP to get them up. You are correct and we have no idea what is the optimum design position of the engine under certain conditions is. All we know is less drag = less fuel.

Have a look and satisfy you are happy then forget about it till you next check the hull or anti fouling as there may be some more test figures available by then and your own judgment based on your experience after a seasons use would be more valuable.


glen e posted 07-30-2008 05:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
A well thought out post steve, and they surely could be right, but only a pic will tell...whaler is VERY conservative in how they mount Verados on their bigger rigs as we have found...strictly the cause of my writings here...we have now re-"heightened" at least 7 305's here and looking at a 345 at the local dealer, (who stil has one in stock), it looks low to me and another verado rigger...

I'll drop this now....good luck!

SJUAE posted 07-30-2008 06:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    
Thanks Glen

Mind you I would not want to be hanging that far out taking a picture at WOT on a 345 unless it's flat calm :)

CLK take care and wear a PFD and a harness else we may have a nice shot from the water


shipskip posted 07-30-2008 07:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for shipskip  Send Email to shipskip     
I likewise agree with SJUAE's post. This is a BIG Whaler. Doesn't respond like a classic 15' SS (duh!). Or a 305! LOTS more weight and power. We have different water conditions here in the Pacific northwest. Inland, Strait and Pacific Ocean. I'm happy to let CLK take his time to feel out and learn the nuances of this BW masterpiece on the water and report back to us. One year (season) won't make that big of a difference in performance and operating costs over the long haul.


bluewaterpirate posted 07-30-2008 08:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for bluewaterpirate  Send Email to bluewaterpirate     
Just to clarify what Glen said ... there is no need to get in the water or do any gymnastics taking this picture. Just walk back to the stern a take the picture looking down at the lower units on plane. That picture will tell the tale.

CK has a good benchmark having moved up from the 305.

That's a great boat.

CLK posted 07-30-2008 11:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Thanks Glen, Steve, Craig & Tom - I'll get some pics & we can check'em out.

Personally, I'm not adverse to making changes, but as in medicine, my first motto is - do no harm.

Consensus seem to be - based on the weight & size of the boat - adjusting the engine height, shouldn't effect handling.

FWIW: If you happen to see on your 5 o'clock news, a story of a Boston Whaler 345CQ, running wot, & the owner found bobbing in the water miles behind with a camera in his hand - that's me - Hi Mom!!


CLK posted 07-31-2008 03:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

When out on the water this morning & took some pics - Some of the cav plates,.....some of Bill Gate's house,.....& some of the Blue Angles. Caught a coulpe fish, too.

Apologies for the pics - I'm no JMARTIN.

Cav plate pics: The plates were riding beneath the water - particularly on the center engine. On the outside engines, I could barely make them out - but could see them under the whitewash. They were more visible in the person, then they seem to be in the pics. Finally, I was out by myself, so I wasn't able to take my time & get the best angles/shots.

Bill's house: Was trolling by Bill's place, as I usually do, & figured I'd snap some pics. I've caught alot of fish right there. Good place for Sockeye salmon when they're running. Anyways, it was in the morning, & the sun was just coming up from behind his house - hence the glare. 75% of the house is actually built underground & into the hill. Finally, you'll see a Sea-Ray at his dock. The boat's a mess. I see it at the local resturaunts by my house - he lets his guests take it out - most don't know how to drive a boat. Anyways - beat up - dings & gouges in the sides (If you see it at a dock - don't park next to it).

Blue Angles: They're fast, loud & I wouldn't want them after me (I think I get better mpg than them). They were buzzing around today, about 5 of them. Didn't get a pic of them in formation - just a couple of solo shots. Anyways, after they showed up - the bite die, so I headed in.

ps - If you need better pics of the cav plates, let me know. Same thing with Bill's place.

SJUAE posted 07-31-2008 08:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    

I would say when you get a chance take a friend and get a shot of the outer engine through the transom door. You could lie down to get a better/safer shot.

Don’t forget to trim out then back in, too where the rev’s start to pick up (may take a few runs to get this right) and take a shot at your cruising speed too.

You can then ask your dealers opinion, as you have to get him on your side if you want to adjust the height.

How many bolt holes have you got left below the current setting, 1 or 2 ??

It could be the picture angle but you look well trimmed in especially the middle engine looks more and will always get splashed by the outer two.

BTW I would rather a shot of Bill’s mate boat, Octopussy I think it’s called, a mega yacht, even your 345 is too small as a tender for that :)


Whalerdog posted 08-01-2008 03:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for Whalerdog  Send Email to Whalerdog     
Great boat, glad someone is helping keep Whaler door open.
CLK posted 08-02-2008 12:49 AM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    
Hey Steve,

Thanks for the info. Not sure about the bolt hole settings - I'll check & get back to you.

>>>BTW I would rather a shot of Bill’s mate boat, Octopussy I think it’s called, a mega yacht, even your 345 is too small as a tender for that :)

I agree. The 345 would be a nice unibond fender, though.

Whalerdog: Thanks.

Have a great weekend everyone!


glen e posted 08-03-2008 07:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
Oh're buried big time as usual for the big whalers with verados...

The plates should be out of the water - getting splashed is really what you want...but out of the flow when you are trimmmed correctly for cruising. But if they are in the flow or can't be made out, they are too low costing you perf and's all on my site in the library called "propping correctly"

glen e posted 08-03-2008 09:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for glen e  Send Email to glen e     
this is perfect engine height done by merc racing:

SJUAE posted 08-07-2008 09:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    

I think we all forgot to mention especially when raising the engine(s) is to check that the water pressure remains high.

Glen did the racing team fit extra performance intake screens to assist?


CLK posted 08-07-2008 09:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for CLK    

Hey Steve,

>>>I think we all forgot to mention especially when raising the engine(s) is to check that the water pressure remains high.

Aside from that, or perhaps in conjunctuction (I really don't know) I've wondered - if I was to raise my engines as high as those shown in Glen's pic & have them trimmed out - how susceptible would my outside engines be, to having the props come out of the water, when making hard port & starbaord turns.

Glen's pic:

When testing driving the 345CQ, prior to doing some hard turning & figure 8's, the driver trimmed the outside engines in, so they wouldn't come up too high when making the turns.

I don't know if that's necessary or not - it seemed to make sense to me.


SJUAE posted 08-08-2008 03:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE    

I don't know if that's necessary or not - it seemed to make sense to me.

and to me :)

BTW Had to write something here so I could stop looking at the 220 pics


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