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Author Topic:   21' outrage early 90's vintage opinions wanted
george nagy posted 02-24-2009 11:30 AM ET (US)   Profile for george nagy   Send Email to george nagy  
I have recently thought about the next whaler and have run acrross a model that will warrant some research that model is the second/third outrage 21 first introduced in the early to mid 1990's. This model seems to a scaled up version of my 1990 outrage 18. What grabs my attention right off the bat is the overall simplicity in the layout. This hull seemingly has great seakeeping ability due to a large flared bow and stability while at anchor due to a wide beam. The interior has a few added features so desperately needed over my outrage such as a seperate anchor locker at the bow and a bow roller to haul in the rode and anchor. The console appears to be large enough to accomodate a portable head for the younger ladies aboard and there is plenty of lockable electronics storage at the simply layed ot helmstation. The console is also angled in at the bottom ont all sides to allow for a toe space in order not to stub your toes. There is even an angled footrest to rest tired legs while seated or keep them from dangling while perched on a leaning post. The standard seating were two large captains chairs or a variety of leaning posts one including livewell. Like the classics the transom is wide enough for twins of 25" shaft lengle or single 30" or a 25" with a notch it may be possible to mount twins as a retrofit even if the transom is notched but I'm not sure. There are two large fishboxes/storage wells to keep clutter off decks. The gunnels are wide enough and appear to be at a perfect heat to seat compfortably. The bow area has one large raised area to sun/ lounge or to cast safely without worrying abot falling between two rows of seating while fishing. I think the bow locker drain is plumbed high enough not to need a plug while at rest and remain dry inside unlike my 18.

these have been my first impressions of these craft and was hoping to hear some feedback from the crowd here.

Also these seem to be priced anywhere from the low teens with original power to the mid to high twenties with new/er power. which seems to be a good balance of new depreciation and used purchase for both the new and original owners.

tmann45 posted 02-24-2009 12:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for tmann45  Send Email to tmann45     
George, looks like you have gotten it right except for mounting twins on model with transom cutout for a single (unless you modify the transom).
1996 Outrage 21
Single 25" 1998 Mercury 200 Offshore
Tohsgib posted 02-24-2009 01:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
My 19 has a notched transom but is designed for twins.
george nagy posted 02-24-2009 02:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
I wasn't sure if the notch was too big to allow for the spacing of twins. Is the interior gelcoat different color than the outside?
phatwhaler posted 02-24-2009 06:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for phatwhaler  Send Email to phatwhaler     
The interior is probably a different color than the outside. The outside is Whaler white, while the inside is what's called pantone grey. My 1996 20 Outrage has this color combo. I owned the boat for a couple of months before I realized this. I think the 1997 and later hulls are all one color.

Looks like mid to lower teens could land your a nice boat.

jimh posted 02-24-2009 09:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
George--You've found it: my favorite post-classic Whaler. The OUTRAGE 21. It is a great looking boat. I have never been to sea in one, but I have admired them.
tmann45 posted 02-25-2009 07:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for tmann45  Send Email to tmann45     
My 1996 interior gel coat is white, while the exterior is desert tan.
tmann45 posted 02-25-2009 07:18 AM ET (US)     Profile for tmann45  Send Email to tmann45     
I would prefer that they would be the opposite, white exterior and desert tan interior for glare reduction and hiding dirt and stains better on the interior.
rtk posted 02-25-2009 01:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for rtk  Send Email to rtk     
Good description George. And it is a fantastic boat.

Handles most sea conditons very well and is a very dry boat.

You will not be able to utilize a porta-potti mounted inside the console- the fuel tank is under the floor there-not enough depth. You could store it in there but would have to remove it to use it.

I have thought about mounting one in the bow locker for occasional use.

I have owned my 1997 since 2003. Very simple to maintain and work on and the build quality is excellent. The only problem which I think is typical is hatch delamination at the seams.

The only other complaint I would have is the design of the in floor fish boxes- they fill up with rain water and have to be pumped out. Sealed boxes would be nice.


themclos posted 02-25-2009 03:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for themclos  Send Email to themclos     
For boats whose transom was notched for a single engine, does any modification need to be performed to accommodate a switch to twin engines? If a modification is needed, does anybody have any experience with this and have a rough idea of cost?



george nagy posted 02-26-2009 11:25 AM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
anybody got pictures of thier boats?
rtk posted 03-01-2009 07:56 AM ET (US)     Profile for rtk  Send Email to rtk     
Here are the photos I have of mine George:


I love this console arrangement. This is truly a small yacht!--jimh

prj posted 03-01-2009 02:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for prj  Send Email to prj     
That really is a great looking Whaler model.

The transom reminds me of the utilitarian aspects of a classic, gunnels sweeping all the way back and simply terminating, no returns, no rear quarter seating, etc...

While the hull and proud bow bears an uncanny resemblance to the current Outrage - 190, or vice versa as chronology would indicate:

george nagy posted 03-02-2009 09:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
Nice pictures! Thanks! great looking boat.
dnh posted 03-02-2009 08:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for dnh  Send Email to dnh     
I have one as well.

I like the 21 OUTRAGE so much, and this was such a great picture of one,
that I just had to put this image in-line.--jimh

Here are some more pictures:

My friend just picked this one up for peanuts:

Great boats.

I have put 220 hours on mine in 17 months. Love it.

Perry posted 03-03-2009 02:55 AM ET (US)     Profile for Perry  Send Email to Perry     
The 21 Outrage is truley a nice looking boat. I agree with prj that it does have similar lines as the current 190 Outrage.
george nagy posted 03-03-2009 08:40 AM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
I'm sold! Great looking boats. I think what we have here is a new member of the classic family.

dnh do you have any performance data?

dnh posted 03-03-2009 08:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for dnh  Send Email to dnh     
My boat will run 54mph with just me in it and 20 gallons of fuel. I have a Yamaha F250 and a Merc Enertia prop.

The boat can handle the weight of a Verado 300. Would love to run one to see if there is any difference.

george nagy posted 03-04-2009 09:04 AM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
What is a compfortable cruise speed? What is the fuel consumption look like at idle and cruise?
dnh posted 03-04-2009 03:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for dnh  Send Email to dnh     
Comfortable cruise speed is depending on the seas. Recently, I took the boat from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami two days in a row during the Miami boat show via the ocean.

We ran about 25mph the first day and were cruising at 37mph the second day.

The F250 really, really gets great gas mileage when cruising in the 35mph range. Anything under about 4000rpm and its awesome. I don't have any GPH figures b/c I do not have a fuel guage. But I can say it honestly uses substantially less gas than my father's 18 Dauntless with a 130 Yamaha 2 Stroke. The Dauntless is underpowered however and the engine must be run a lot harder.

I can say that it is efficent enough that gas is not a factor.

On the Lauderdale trip, we put 70 gallons of gas in it and went to Miami and back from Ft. Laud 2x and also ran it all around Ft. Laud, 3 days straight. Still have 35 gallons left.

draftsman posted 03-05-2009 08:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for draftsman  Send Email to draftsman     
Glad to see this boat being appreciated. It and its' sister 24' were two of my favorites to work on and help develop. We used both to fish with, alot and often. In fact, Scott Wood, (now of Mastercraft), and I took the first 24' off the line to Green Turtle in the Abaco's as a shakedown cruise and to show off the new model to all the brave souls who made that nasty first run, an 8-10' foot washing machine in the stream. Three 17's made that run too. Big brass ones there folks, big. Huge. Monstrous....
We found our true respect of the Whaler brand and the people who have the love of them on that trip I think. I was sure glad I was on one.... and the fact it was a sweet new 24' that we helped breath life into made it all the better...
Enjoy it and count on it. It will get you there and back...
themclos posted 03-10-2009 02:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for themclos  Send Email to themclos     

On those 21 Outrages where the transom was notched for a single, do you have any insight into what sort of mod would be required (or even if it could be done) to accommodate twins?

george nagy posted 03-10-2009 05:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
maybe the use of jackplates would make the installation of twins possible.
draftsman posted 03-12-2009 06:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for draftsman  Send Email to draftsman     
It has to be filled in to get a single 30" or twin 25" on it, 1-1/2" marine grade ply, glass, gelcoat, etc., oh and a new trim piece across the top.... and maybe an oversize backing plate that spans from side to side on the inside of the transom might be wise.

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