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Author Topic:   235 Conquest Shore Power
eeemmmnnn posted 09-05-2010 12:30 PM ET (US)   Profile for eeemmmnnn   Send Email to eeemmmnnn  
I'm a new 2006 235 Conquest owner. Do I need shore power for my boat? Heck, I haven't even found where I would hook a shore power. The Owner's Manual suggests the bilge pump runs off the batteries, even if the battery switch is in the OFF position. So, if I'm not planning to run an air conditioner or a TV while I'm at the dock, is there any reason for a shore power cord?
SJUAE posted 09-05-2010 03:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for SJUAE  Send Email to SJUAE     
Are you sure the boat has shore power hook-up ?. I did not think it was a standard option on a 235.

The only reason to hook-up would be to top up your batteries

If you don,t have the shore power and charger installed and are on a wet mooring then a cheap gen set could be used


csj posted 09-06-2010 08:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for csj  Send Email to csj     
eemmnn, I have a 1999 23 Conquest and was considering installing [unclear] power. I plan on a carry-on [air conditioner] unit and would like to be able to run the stereo and or a flat screen, if so desired, without killing batteries. I'm looking into the process. Do you plan on running electronics at the dock? If not, don't waste the money.
WisED posted 09-06-2010 01:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for WisED  Send Email to WisED     
You don't need [shore power]. I took as an option, never use it. The batteries are always fully charged. I installed (by recommnedation of some of our posters) an automatic charger that charges both batteries simultaneously when running, works like a charm. The fact is that the 235 is not a yatch. The electrical devices really don't tax the batteries at all. I can run a full feature Raymarine nav system, the radio and cell phone charger all day without making a dent. Furthermore, the Verado always starts like a champ, it is pretty much click, vroom and go.
WisED posted 09-06-2010 01:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for WisED  Send Email to WisED     
Just a question CJ. An [air-conditioner unit]? Where are you going to put it? It is not like the cuddy is anywhere you'd want to stick around for hours on end. A TV? Come on. ;) Save some money in trying to make the 235 what it isn't, (a cabin boat) just take a good book and some fishing rods :)
csj posted 09-06-2010 08:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for csj  Send Email to csj     
WisED, for what it's worth, we were in the process of moving to a cruiser, after having four Boston Whaler boats. The boat we had our sights set on fell thru after having just sold my Revenge 22. Ironically my folks neighbor approached me with a steal so we grabbed it. As for the [air-conditioner] unit, we like to do overnights at various locations, and the temperature can prevent an overnighter. As for the TV, we have two kids who were hoping to watch a movie or two. YES, I know it's a bit much. I'm on the fence with this boat [due to] the twin Optimax motors, anyways. If I may ask, I'm familiar wih an onboard charger using 110-VAC. What were you referring to when you mentioned a charger when running other then whats on the motors ?
WisED posted 09-07-2010 11:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for WisED  Send Email to WisED     
The charger I'm referring to is actually an automatic switch that charges the both batteries at the same time while the engine is running, darned if I remember what its called, however it works. It keeps both batteries topped out without having to switch between one or the other. I'm also a little biased since where I do my boating, Lake Superior, normal radio, not to mention TV is kind of a lost cause since there really aren't many stations. The problem I see with the [air-conditioner unit] is that there really isn't a good place to put the unit. [To run an air condtioner unit] shore power would be a must since there is no alternating current power on the boat nor any place to install a generator. I guess you can alway opt for a little portable generator and tiny portable AC but that would be more stuff to lug around in such a small boat. Why not try a 12-volt fan? I can commiserate on the hot cabin particularly if you are in the tropics. I love my 235 but I always long for a bigger boat and its ammenities too :( A 345 is more my style :) AC nice cabin, real pooper, etc. I was just $300,000 short LOL! However, when I fill the gas tank I don't feel so bad! Maybe the 345 will be posible when I retire and pay one of our houses off! ANd of course there is always the lotto!
David Pendleton posted 09-07-2010 09:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
Here you go, Ed.

I think in the OP's case, shore power is not necessary. If you want to run high-draw AC appliances, it might be a better option than an inverter while you're at the dock.

Most 23/235 CONQUEST models I've ever seen only have two batteries. Running a coffee maker, microwave or hair dryer on an inverter in a setup like this is probably not a good idea.

I have two deep-cycle 105Ah batteries, and like Ed, I can run all my electronics overnight with little adverse affect on the batteries. I have 12v adapters for all my carry-on electronics, so I only use my inverter when I absolutely have to.

csj posted 09-07-2010 09:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for csj  Send Email to csj     
WisED, speaking of poopers I just found out while filling my porta pottie that the lower half has a crack in it. Luckily I did not let anyone use it yet !!. This is a hard plumbed like a regular toilet, with a macerator. Can I repair the toilet? Or, can I buy one locally other then Boston Whaler delership? Chris
WisED posted 09-07-2010 09:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for WisED  Send Email to WisED     
Dave saw the pics of the roundezvous. I'm disappointed I couldn't make it this year :( It looks like it was a great time. Hopefuly next year will be the charm for me.
David Pendleton posted 09-07-2010 10:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
csj--what type of head do you have?

Whaler used at least a couple of different heads in the CONQUEST lines.

All were readily available on the open market.

csj posted 09-08-2010 08:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for csj  Send Email to csj     
Dave, I will verify model today. Any chance you can post your pics of the decals. Chris
David Pendleton posted 09-08-2010 03:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Pendleton  Send Email to David Pendleton     
Chris, you likely have one of the Sanipottie models. I've used these folks for parts in the past. You'll find what you're looking for here:

I haven't forgotten about the pictures. I'll try to get them up tonight.

jimh posted 09-09-2010 08:13 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
The holding tank on a potti is something that I would not want to leak into the cabin floor. Better to get a new tank than try to patch up the leak.
jimh posted 09-09-2010 08:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
You can still use 120-VAC power from shore without having your boat wired for it. I just run an extension cord from the dock power outlet to the boat, and I plug in my battery charger. When we are sitting at the dock we can use all the cabin lights, pumps, instruments, etc., that we want and the little 5-ampere battery charger keeps the boat batteries topped off. To make coffee in the morning I just unplug the charger and plug in the coffee pot. If you use a heavy-gauge extension cord, you could plug in your air-conditioning unit.
WisED posted 09-09-2010 09:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for WisED  Send Email to WisED     
Regarding to porta poti, If its the same now as efore it goes for a couple of brand names and its readily available on the net, Its also dirt cheap. This is what come in the newer 235:

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