USCG Reserve

Photo Reserve Officer Stackpoole
CWO4 Stackpoole
Chief Warrent Officer
USCGC Bristol Bay

Chief Warrant Officer Robert Stackpoole has been a reservist in the Coast Guard for 20 years. During that time he has served with several local Coast Guard ships assigned to Group Detroit, and, by a combination of time-in-grade and qualification testing, has been promoted through the ranks, ultimately becoming a commisioned officer in the Coast Guard. Among the many skills acquired over the years, he has learned to operate and "drive" Coast Guard ships from 20-foot Inflatables to the 260 foot tug/barge Bristol Bay. Reserve officers and crew like Bob provide the Coast Guard with a ready reserve of qualified personnel, available for active duty when required.

Reserve personnel are routinely scheduled to join Coast Guard ships for underway duty during two to three week cruises. While on board, they supplement the regular crew of the ship, learning new skills and qualifying for new duties. On shore, they contribute year-round, serving on weekends and evenings. Reservist are paid for their participation, and are subject to being called to active duty, as some were during the Gulf War.

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