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[Graphic: Ship's stack Emblem]

S/S Cuyahoga

June 1997

While cruising up the St. Clair Flats Cutoff at the northern end of Lake St. Clair, we encountered a handsome downbound laker, the Cuyahoga. She is trimmed out in a very attractive paint scheme: medium grey hull, red cove stripe, and white topsides. She also sports this nautical Indian as her stack emblem.
[Photo: S/S Cuyahoga Bow]

While a 200mm telephoto lens shortens the distance, we did pass rather close abeam as she motored downbound. We kept to the right (eastern) side of the channel, which is generally considered too narrow for two lakers to pass at that point, while she stayed more toward the middle of the deep water. With that big name painted across her bridge deck she is very easy to spot from head-on .

The multi-color paint scheme continues on deck, with the hatch covers turned out in a rich yellow tone, and some mechanical equipment accented in bright blue. The unloading boom returns to the contrasting white shade.

[Photo: S/S Cuyahoga 3/4 view]

As a Canadian vessel, she flies the American Ensign as a courtesy from her starboard mast spreader. The two flags on the port spreader are her red house (company) flag, and a blue, whimsical "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag.

[Photo: S/S Cuyahoga stern view]

Unlike many modern lakers, the Cuyahoga has a nice canoe stern, and she leaves a modest wake. Her home port is Nanticoke, Ontario, located on the northeastern shore of Lake Erie.This is one good-looking laker! For more about the Cuyahoga see Rod Burdick's great information.

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