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J. W. Westcott Company

America's Floating ZIP Code 48222

Photographs, text, and HTML by Jim Hebert

Photo: Front View of Westcott building The J. W. Westcott company is located just south of the Ambassador Bridge along the western shore of the Detroit River. From their headquarters, they sell nautical charts, serve as the pilot boat station, and operate the J.W. Westcott II mailboat. The company was founded in 1874 by Great Lakes Captain J. W. Westcott. Captain Westcott used a rowboat to deliver ship's orders to passing vessels. In 1895 he began delivering mail as well. This year (1995) marks the 100th Anniversary of this unique mail delivery service.

To send mail to a vessel on the Great Lakes that passes through Detroit, you address it to:

(Vessel name)
Marine Post Office
Detroit, Michigan

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