Invitation To "kick off" user Blackduck

Introduction to the forum software and its feature. You can use this for test postings. This is not a boating forum
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Invitation To "kick off" user Blackduck

Postby Blackduck » Thu Apr 11, 2024 4:30 pm

[Moderator's note: in a thread in a BOATING topic forum in which a suitable engine choice for repowering a particular Boston Whaler boat was being discussed, user BLACKDUCK decided to change the topic and to begin to discuss how the forum is administered. Because as a general rule the forum does not discuss itself, and particularly never in a boating topic forum, this new topic was separated and removed from the boating discussion and moved to the INTRODUCTION TO THE FORUM SOFTWARE forum, as perhaps the only forum which actually discusses the forum itself.]

Hey Jim, why don't you just kick me off your site, the way you have done in the past with others who disagree with your crap-

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Re: Invitation To "kick off" user Blackduck

Postby jimh » Fri Apr 12, 2024 6:49 am

Blackduck wrote:Hey Jim, why don't you just kick me off your site, the way you have done in the past with others who disagree with your crap-
You have made two errors in your question to me.

FIrst, in the 30-years that I have been providing this website, I have only "kicked off" perhaps one or two people who where either maliciously attacking the website or who were defrauding people of money by using the website to purchase items offered for sale. At the moment, however, I will declare that I have been deleting a lot of nonsense contributed by what appears to be users who revive ten-year-old posts with short replies of repetitious generic information that was probably generated by an AI chat bot.

Second, your allusion to my mention of the presence of a formal indication of a power rating of 138-HP on a mandatory identification plate affixed to the DF140 engine is not what I would put in the category of "crap", and sorry to further disappoint you, but I am not responsible for that mandatory identification plate being there, so it is not "my" crap. You can blame the European Union for that.

If you expect that I must never voice a contrary opinion to any opinion you hold, then you are not familiar with the purpose of a forum for having a rational and open discussion.

Further, I don't intend to take up your invitation to "kick" you "off" the forum, for two reasons. First, to successfully kick off someone from the website often creates a lot of work and bother, which I prefer not to obligate myself to perform. Second, since you won't be kicked off the website, you won't be able to go around telling others that you were "kicked off the website" as part of an ongoing campaign to attract attention to yourself and possible sympathy for you and enmity for me for having kicked you off.