E-TEC ICON Electronic Shift and Throttle Remote Controls: Engine Instance Setting

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E-TEC ICON Electronic Shift and Throttle Remote Controls: Engine Instance Setting

Postby jimh » Tue Apr 18, 2023 8:51 am

In the Evinrude E-TEC legacy ICON electronic shift and throttle (EST) remote controls, the engine INSTANCE number is configured by a plug-in Identity Plug that is inserted into the ESM module under the engine cowling. The actual electronic method used to permit this plug to change the engine INSTANCE is a voltage divider network in the ESM module, and the plug just provides an external resistor that changes the voltage divider network. The values of resistance in the Identity Plug are as follows:

764915 0 Open circuit
764916 1 390K Ohm
764917 2 150K Ohm
764918 3 56K Ohm
764919 4 15K Ohm

Whether these individual Identity Plugs are still available from Evinrude and could be ordered is not well-known. These plugs could be made-up as needed by using the appropriate connector and resistor. Another possible source is from a dealer who installed several multi-engine-rigged ICON EST control systems with legacy E-TEC engines.

When Evinrude shipped an E-TEC engine from the factory with the ICON EST option already installed, those engines were always sent with the ID Plug configured for INSTANCE 0. If any engine were to be rigged by an installing dealer in a multi-engine set-up, the dealer would have removed the INSTANCE 0 plug and replaced it with the appropriate plug for a higher INSTANCE number, according to how many engines would be rigged. This suggests that a dealer who had installed a few multi-engine legacy ICON EST rigged E-TEC engines might have extra ID plugs hanging around in a drawer in the workshop. Presumably, an INSTANCE 0 plug could be modified in the field by adding the appropriate resistor between pins 1 and 4 of the connector.

[Information from former product manager for E-TEC rigging and from former E-TEC electrical engineer.]