MONTAUK 17 Stick Pins for Control When Angling

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MONTAUK 17 Stick Pins for Control When Angling

Postby BassettBW » Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:31 am

Will manual stick pins control a MONTAUK 17 when angling?

I'm getting my [1987 MONTAUK 17 boat] refurbished. I plan to use the 1987 MONTAUK 17 on the Atlantic Intracoastal Water Way, and fish close to shore on the coast of North Carolina. I was planning on using stick pins or a power pole to control the boat when angling. I do not want to install trolling motor on my 1987 MONTAUK 17 boat

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Re: MONTAUK 17 Stick Pins for Control When Angling

Postby Jefecinco » Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:09 am

Stick pins are an unknown to me. A power pole will keep a boat in the same location if bottom conditions are favorable. Like any anchoring system sea, wind and tidal conditions will determine effectiveness. If a stick pin is a long pole for sinking into the bottom it will be effective with the same caveats. I've seen wood poles inserted into a stainless steel guide attached to the transom of small boats to hold the boat in place.

Modern trolling motors are available with a GPS receiver installed that can keep a boat on station very effectively. I've fished from a boat equipped with such a trolling motor, and I was impressed with its performance. A potential problem with fishing near an operating trolling motor is getting a fishing line tangled around the propeller. In my experience the captain may get highly annoyed if this happens.

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Re: MONTAUK 17 Stick Pins for Control When Angling

Postby jimh » Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:55 am

I don't see anything particularly unusual with the hull design or weight of a MONTAUK 17 boat compared to any other 17-feet boat, so if a device called a "manual stick pin" is effectively used by anglers on 17-foot boats, I would expect it would similarly be effective on a 1986 MONTAUK 17 boat.

To discover how effective "manual stick pins" are for controlling a 17-foot boat while angling, I suggest you look at websites that specialize in advice on angling. If you find endorsements for use on 17-foot boats of "manual stick pins" on websites devoted to angling, I think you can safely conclude that you could use a "manual stick pin" device for angling on a 1986 MONTAUK 17 boat, too.