Schematic Diagrams for c.1977 REVENGE 19 Sterndrive.

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Schematic Diagrams for c.1977 REVENGE 19 Sterndrive.

Postby mckinney » Sat May 14, 2022 9:02 am

Where can schematic diagrams be obtained for a c.1977 REVENGE 19 sterndrive boat?

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Re: Schematic Diagrams for c.1977 REVENGE 19 Sterndrive.

Postby jimh » Sat May 14, 2022 1:30 pm

I do not understand the meaning of your term "schematic diagrams" with regard to a c.1977 REVENGE 19 boat.

The term "schematic diagram" in my ken refers to electrical circuits.

Please clarify and elaborate about the exact diagrams you are seeking.

If you are asking about a wiring diagram for the boat's wiring, I have never seen any wiring diagrams that were specific to any particular Boston Whaler boat from c.1977. About all that was provided was a general pictorial sketch of a secondary power distribution panel feeding a few loads like navigation lighting. See below for a link to a resource where you can obtain that diagram.

Further, a c.1977 Boston Whaler boat in 2022 would be 45-years-old. There is almost no possibility that the original wiring as existed when the boat left the factory would still be in place. Electrical wiring on old boats is usually something subject to significant owner modification.

All of the older Boston Whaler diagrams that are hosted on this website are listed in the REFERENCE section at

Drawings of Boston Whaler Components Available Online ... wings.html

Again, you can find the generic power distribution pictorial diagram listed in that catalogue of available drawings.