Purchased a 1975 Montauk

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Purchased a 1975 Montauk

Postby HeyBuddy » Tue Nov 29, 2022 8:39 pm

I just purchased a [1975 MONTAUK 17--when you mention the boat give the year, the model designator, and the length]. The boat is in great shape, but it may have been sitting for a couple years.

The boat engines are a Yamaha four-stroke-power-cycle engines [of unspecified horsepower and model--always give the engine horsepower and full model name, such as Yamaha a 2022 F90] which have just been serviced--I am good to go with the engines.

I plan to accomplish the following tasks and need advice on all of these topics
  • wash the boat
  • wax the boat
  • remove marks
  • fill screw holes and nicks with epoxy and gel coat to match the hull color
  • remount the fuel tank or get a new fuel tank
  • refinish the teak wood components
  • replace the rub rail
  • fabricate a new bow locker cover
  • refurbish the trailer for use in saltwater
  • get new electronics
  • update the navigation lamps with LED bulbs
  • rig the boat for angling for salmon
  • buy a new cooler
  • get weather canvas

In the future I will post a picture of the boat.


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Re: Purchased a 1975 Montauk

Postby jimh » Wed Nov 30, 2022 11:38 am

Hi Dale--your list of projects is quite comprehensive. It is so comprehensive that it contains too many topics. So many topics in one post results in very unwieldy responses that jumble all the advice together. Such cluttered organization of so many topics is not encouraged. Let me offer some general advice:

If you are new to Boston Whaler boats, you should read the FAQ. The FAQ is in the REFERENCE section of the website. Note that the FORUM is only a portion of the resources here. Go to


Go to the REFERENCE section




For advice on rigging a boat for angling for salmon, go to a website that focuses on angling and specifically on the salmon species. CONTINUOUSWAVE is not a good resource for advice on angling, rods, reels, rigging, downriggers, bait, tackle, and other topics related to recreational angling for freshwater or saltwater species. We are focused on the boat, the trailer, the engine, and the basic electrical, electrionic, and radio devices.

The REFERENCE section contains advice on several of your projects: rub rail installation, hull repair, wood care. You should read those articles; you can find them in the top page of REFERENCE listed under the subheading of repairs and modifications.

For advice on trailers see the TRAILERING section in REFERENCE.

You can also search the forum archives for more posts on the topics you are interested in.

If you cannot find informative resources, you are welcome to start a new thread in REPAIRS and MODIFICATIONS, but limit each thread to a specific topic.

Regarding advice on boat canvas, I have already moved a post you made to an old thread into a new discussion on its own. Reviving dormant posts to solicit advice from a participant in the discussion is not always a good method. Someone who was active in a thread from a year or more ago may not ever see the questions directed to them.