1989 Whaler 27'

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1989 Whaler 27'

Postby Samson » Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:39 am

Hi everybody,

I am looking at making a purchase of a vintage Whaler 27'. I use a wheelchair and the flat and open cockpit is appealing for me to be able to roll around unimpeded by the modern obstacles that all fiberglass boats seem to feature.

The boat will be used for cruising, fishing, surfing and general exploring of the PNW in Canada. Mostly in good weather with the occasional boys trip in the shoulder seasons.

I took a 1983 27' Full Cabin for a test drive recently but I found the step from the stern to the helm to be a problem as well as the general sight lines to be limiting. The dash was too high for me to see over while in my wheelchair.

I have seen that there is a "Whaler 27" model from the 1980's years. In photos it looks like there is no step from stern to helm and the sight lines may be better because the dash isn't as high/ cabin isn't as tall. Can any of you experienced Whaler 27' owners confirm this for me? I'm also trying to find info on the size of the bed in the cabin of the Whaler 27', and cabin dimensions in general.

I have never seen one of these Whaler 27's in person, only the Whaler 27' Full Cabin so I am hoping somebody can outline for me all the major differences.

Thanks all!

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Re: 1989 Whaler 27'

Postby MarkCz » Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:36 am

Can you provide more information on what kind of mobility you have? That would be useful for people to know.

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Re: 1989 Whaler 27'

Postby Samson » Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:44 pm

I have just about as good a mobility somebody who uses a wheelchair can have. To get into the cabin I leave the wheelchair behind and skoot my way in.

Respectfully my post isn't really about that, more about the differences between the two models of Whalers and specifically if the inside dimensions of the 27' Full Cabin model are different from the Whaler 27' model other than the total height.

Is the bed the same size?

Is the ratio of cockpit/ helm space / cabin space the same on each model?

Thank you all!

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Re: 1989 Whaler 27'

Postby GGF » Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:05 pm

Hi Samson,
Perhaps a review of the catalogues covering that era would be helpful to you. I have a set on disc and would be happy to lend them to you. I'm in Victoria. Send me a private message and we'll set that up.