1998 17 OUTRAGE II: Water coming out of rigging tunnel

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1998 17 OUTRAGE II: Water coming out of rigging tunnel

Postby otter » Sun Sep 26, 2021 10:01 am

On my 1998 17 Outrage II there is water accumulation in the cockpit sump area. I always have the sump area below and behind the helm seat plugged. This is where I have an electric pump located to expel any excessive water out to sea. My concern is the drain located in this same sump, which appears to be identified as a rigging tunnel opening. When boat is out of water on trailer I can rock the boat back and forth whereby water continues to seep out of this rigging tunnel and appears to be unending. I removed the deck cap covering to the gas tank which is located right below your feet position when you are at the helm. It was very damp which I wiped out trying to dry this area as much as possible. Again, I'm concern when boat is put into cold storage.

What is going on with any frozen water that might be trapped in this rigging tunnel?

It seems to be impossible to completely remove all water from this area.

Any ideas would be appreciated.