FS: 1977 Mercury 50-HP Short Shaft $2,500 in Maryland

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FS: 1977 Mercury 50-HP Short Shaft $2,500 in Maryland

Postby BQUICK » Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:04 pm

For-sale: a new 1977 Mercury 50-HP short shaft engine for $2,5000 in Cambridge, Maryland.

This 1977 Mercury 50-HP short shaft engine weighs 150-lb, and the engine runs smoothly. The engine is NEW and in a crate. This engine has new MerControl and paperwork including MerCard warranty card. I got this engine from an Alaskan fisherman who got a deal on two engines but never needed the second before he retired. I paid $2,500. I will sell to a Boston-Whaler-person for the same. I will not take $1500. Still images and motion pictures of the engine are available.

BACKSTORY: I have owned this engine for more than 25-years. In 2020 I started it for the first time--ever. I figured it was better to run it than let it sit longer. The engine was run for about an hour with a gasoline-to-oil break-in mixing ratio of 25:1 and with varying speeds. A new impeller was installed just to be safe. I was going to put this engine on a 1971 SourPuss, but I found a nearly new, freshwater 1971 Mercury 50-HP also short shaft, manual start. So I am going to put on this engine instead of the engine I am selling since the other engine is same year as boat.

UPDATE: The later Mercury 50-HP engines like this one do not have a distributor. They have newer MerCarb carburetors instead of Tillotson carburetors. Each carburetor has own fuel pump; older ones had a single block mounted pump which picks up heat and was prone to vapor lock especially with the motors being black.

Just ran the engine on July 19, 2021. I took a video. Then I fogged the engine and put it back to sleep in its original crate--I hope not for another 40 years.

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