APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

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APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby acg123 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:16 am

Give me an appraisal for 2001 210 Ventura 210 with Mercury 225 Optimax on a tandem-axle bunk trailer with hydraulic brakes, located in southern Maine. The boat has primarily been used in freshwater, with occasional Saco River (brackish) trips, followed by a fresh water flush. Professionally maintained by Port Harbor Marine.

Notable items: Enclosed head , Lowrance chart plotter-sonar, bimini, mooring covers, ski tow pylon, 92gallon fuel tank, bow filler cushion to make a sun pad, fold up stern bench, raw water wash down, euro transom.

This boat can do fishing, cruising, rough water--everything.

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Re: APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby Phil T » Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:20 am

How many hours on the engine?

Used boat prices are in stupid territory due to high demand. Generally double of what they were pre-covid.

Comps -
2004 model in MD for $30K. Sitting for weeks.
2004 model, 345 hrs in SC $34.9
2007 model in NJ $29 K

Here are the listings -,2010/condition-used/sort-length:desc/

For quick sale $25K
To buy - Not more than $30K

In the end it is about what the boat is worth to YOU. Not me.
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Re: APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby acg123 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:35 pm

The Mercury OptiMax 225 engine has about 500 hours.

I agree with Phil's assessment of prices. I wanted to get confirmation before moving forward.

The comparable boats listed above all have engines using four-stroke-power-cycle design.

I think the OptiMax engine will probably reduce the asking price for my boat.

I'm leaning towards asking $32,000, and seeing what interest occurs.


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Re: APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby roadpupp » Fri Sep 17, 2021 11:10 am

I watch prices on the 21 foot Venturas. With a trailer and the older Optimax, I would say you can probably get [$25,000 to $29,000]

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Re: APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby Bigwylie » Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:42 pm

[This poster seems to have not correctly interpreted the post originator's position. He is SELLING a boat, not BUYING a boat.--Moderator]

Hello. That looks like a really nice Ventura. I am a seasoned Boston Whaler boat. owner and I know this Ventura. 2001 is a Ventura 21 not 210. I chose to buy a VENTURA 21 or 210.

Since December, I have been following the 210 Ventura boats for sale. Unless an APPRAISER and a MECHANIC gives a stellar review and the entire outboard maintenance records are complete, I would not offer over $20,000.

[The boat under discussion] is a 2001. [The engine] is likely a Mercury 200XL two-stroke-power-cycle engine with analog gauges, and a really old trailer.

There have been over 20 Ventura 21 or 210 boats sold since January. Average asking price was $22,900. I have worked with four brokers. Prices are bit higher prices in freshwater.All ACTUAL SALES reported under $22,000.

In JULY 2021, I found my 2001 Ventura 200-HP two-stroke-power-cycle engine. The appraiser offered a really good report,with extremely dry core. The moisture was 5 out of 100. The engine came with five years of management records. Full Cushions and sunbed, bow Cover, Bimini, Lowrance Elite 5, cockpit lamps, transom lamps, and raw water washdown. The only missing accessory was a freshwater shower. The deal included a 2014 LoadRite tandem-axle trailer with hydraulic [perhaps means brakes].

I actually was looking for up to a 2008. As a seasoned boater, I wanted analog gauges and simplicity.
ASKED: $ 22,900
SOLD: $ 19,000

If the deal is made through a broker, make sure they know you are watching many recent sales. It is now the end of the season and they also want it gone before storage.

I suggest
2001-2002: $ 19,000 to $22,000 -with records and maintenance records.
2003-2005: $ 20,000 to $24,900
2006-2008: $ $22,000 to $28,000

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Re: APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby acg123 » Mon Sep 27, 2021 1:08 pm


Yes, moderator is correct, I am SELLING this boat. I call it a 210 Ventura since the nameplate from Boston Whaler states "210 Ventura", while the decals on the do say "Ventura 21". I don't know if there is a difference. Did BW make changes between these models?

The motor is a 225hp Mercury two-stroke-power-cycle engine, with analog/digital gauges. I say digital/analog since there is an analog needle for mph and rmps, but a digital screen from Smartcraft which you can scroll through many displays. (I had the gauges reconditioned a few years ago so they are clear.) The trailer is much newer, and in terrific shape, as I've had every component upgraded or replaced. The bunks, brakes, tires, winch, lights are all new. I trailer a lot and don't ever want to miss a day of boating due to trailer mechanical failure.

I started with a higher asking price ($32k) to test the market, but quickly dropped it to $29k and then $26,900 when I did not see a lot of interest. I've had many inquiries, 4 visits, and 3 sea trials. All have gone well, but each buyer has had a unique roadblock; missing a decision-maker, geographically not available right away, lack of finances, or needs to "think about it." While I like showing the boat, and I do have a public ramp 15 minutes from my home, it takes 2-3 hours of my time to meet a buyer and do a sea-trial, all for them to "think about it". And I worry that I object to a sea-trial, it will appear that I hiding something.

I'm starting to question if I should just take it off the market and repost in the Spring. The cost to winterize and store is ~$1500. I'm guessing I'll have 5-10x the amount of interested buyers in the Spring, given my geography (Southern Maine) where summer is Memorial Day to Labor Day only.

Any thoughts from the group?

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Re: APPRAISAL: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby NorthShoreWhaler » Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:39 pm

I’m in New England as well, I would say winterize and start posting it again in the spring.

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SOLD: 2001 Ventura 210

Postby acg123 » Sun Oct 03, 2021 3:02 pm

Sold. Thanks to the group for your supportive feedback.