1977 13 Whaler Super Sport Seating

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1977 13 Whaler Super Sport Seating

Postby Marlinmate » Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:12 am

Getting down to the final stages.

Ended up ordering a 14Gallon Moeller gas tank to place under the front bench seat. Did this based on the 40hp 4 stroke going on the stern and all the comments about weight placement

Now comes the seat installation. Some say to move the seats forward. Others say there is no need to if the gas tank is under the front bench seat.

What is the stock placement (with measurements) for the Super Sport Seating? And where does one measure from? Inside the transom? Hang the tape over the transom edge? Inside the splashwell?

Seeking guidance.

Thanks in advance
Seat Measurement??
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Super Sport Seating
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