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Leaning Post

Postby Outrage 20 » Sat Mar 20, 2021 1:20 pm

I bought a Stryker Lean leaning post--their warehouse is 5 minutes from my house. The leaning post has four feet with three screw holes each. This made me a little nervous.

I was thinking about beating into a head sea with three big guys leaning or sitting on the leaning post enroute to Catalina, about an hour and a half run. The attachment may not be strong enough.

I brought [the leaning post] to a local fabricator in Costa Mesa CA who cut off the feet. Theo fabricator built a one-piece aluminum [plate] and welded it [to the legs]. [There are now] 10 [mounting] holes, distributed throughout the [new mounting plate].

Fig. 1. Leaning post with new mounting plate.
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The leaning post mounting project was rather easy: drill, dip screws in 5200, drill down.

I used white silicone on the base of the plates to make it easier to remove the new mounting plate

In a run in 20-knot winds and four-feet headseas [the new leaning post] didn't budge [from its mount].

Fig. 2. The sharp outcome of the project.
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