1976 Montauk 17 rotten wood problems

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1976 Montauk 17 rotten wood problems

Postby JackC » Sun May 16, 2021 6:30 pm

Link for images!!! - https://imgur.com/a/6hwqMeN
Hi all, need to do some work on this boat and looking for advice, links, videos, etc to replace the rotten wood on this boat. (+ materials like epoxies paint etc)

Not that there is much information, but I found the hull = 900-950 lbs and the outboard = 256 lbs. So It should be about 1156-1206 lbs
Weighed the thing and it is ~1272 lbs without fuel, anchor, etc but with the console. So I am calling that 70lbs within reason but I guess there is still could be 8 gallons- who knows...

So the thing is not full of water I think, but there is lots of rotten wood on the sides and below the deck.
I couldn't find much information on possibly cutting this all up and remove the wood besides a comment from a decade ago saying it "is an easy job".
Looking for advice, old forum threads which I couldn't find. Heck, I don't even know what the proper name for this part of the boat on the side (gunwell, gunnel??).

I picked at the cracking and the wood coming out is just like mud. Especially below the seat I think I can hit the foam, and right above it it is just fiber mush. Floor moves at that area when you step on it.

I think it is just wood to mount the railings, and not super structural. But I will always subconsciously think to myself that there is soggy wood all over this boat. That won't be fun. Thanks for any advice