190 Montauk v. 190 Outrage

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190 Montauk v. 190 Outrage

Postby joc1212 » Mon May 10, 2021 8:21 pm

What are the differences between a 190 MONTAUK and a 190 OUTRAGE?

I can see the Outrage is more pointed than the Montauk.

BACKSTORY We just sold our 25-foot C-Dory. We used to have a Montauk 17 that we loved but that boat was a pounder. We want to buy another Boston Whaler. We live on Whidbey Island (Washington). We will be boating for day trips in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: 190 Montauk v. 190 Outrage

Postby Phil T » Mon May 10, 2021 8:58 pm

The 190 Outrage has a true offshore V hull whereas the Montauk 190 has a rounded keel.

The Montauk 190 is comfortable up to seas of 2-feet, where the Outrage 190 is comfortable seas of 3-feet and higher.

For your area, the Montauk 190 will limit your boating where as the Outrage 190 will handle more than you can.
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Re: 190 Montauk vs 190 Outrage

Postby roundle1979 » Tue May 11, 2021 7:19 am

Both seem like good options.

On paper, they are quite similar in terms of weight, length, width, beam, draft, and persons capacity (and even swamped capacity). Both have self-bailing or draining cockpits. To Phil T's point, the Nantucket 190 or Outrage 190 has a bit more dead rise (18-degrees at transom) compared to the Montauk 190 (16-degrees at transom).

This exact question has been raised a few times over the past 15-years. You may want to check out continuouswave.com's 'Old Forum' (via Google searching).

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Re: 190 Montauk v. 190 Outrage

Postby jimh » Tue May 11, 2021 7:28 am

I don't believe that Boston Whaler is making a 190 OUTRAGE model in 2021. If you want a 190 OUTRAGE you will have to buy a used boat. A used 190 OUTRAGE boat probably will have the in-line four-cylinder supercharged VERADO engine or may have the non-supercharged 150 FOURSTROKE, depending on their age. The non-supercharged 150 FOURSTROKE will be found on the newer boats, probably c.2013 or newer.

As mentioned, there was a model called 190 NANTUCKET. This boat became the 190 OUTRAGE. Some of these older models, say c.2003, had a 115-HP engine as the base option. I believe those 115-HP four-stroke-power-cycle engines were made by Yamaha and were being sold as Mercury engines; at that time Mercury had zero four-stroke-power-cycle engines of their own except some 25-HP models, so they were buying engines from Yamaha and painting them black.

The 190 MONTAUK is a newer model for the MONTAUK line. It has replaced the 190 OUTRAGE, more or less, in the Boston Whaler line. Right now the smallest OUTRAGE model is the 230 OUTRAGE. This really makes more sense because the OUTRAGE boats are considered to be offshore boats. There is really no 19-foot boat that is suitable for use offshore.

At one time the MONTAUK boats all had on-deck fuel tanks, and the OUTRAGE boats all had internal fuel tanks. Boston Whaler upgraded the MONTAUK line in the past few years so the 170 and 190 models have an internal fuel tank.

In terms of a boat for the San Juan Islands, that is not really open water, so I don't think you need an true offshore boat. And no one really heads out for a day of boating in any 19-footer if there are seas of 5-feet. Going upwind in even 3-feet seas is going to be miserable in a 19-footer.

Also with regard to used boats, the initial cost of the 190 OUTRAGE or 190 NANTUCKET model may have been about $10,000 more than 190 MONTAUK, so a used boat seller will probably want to recoup that extra initial cost when selling a 190 OUTRAGE.

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Re: 190 Montauk v. 190 Outrage

Postby Jefecinco » Tue May 11, 2021 10:01 am

For inshore use the Montauk should serve you as well as the Outrage. I believe it offers a bit more space in the cockpit and may save a bit in fuel costs depending upon which engine is mounted and how the boat is operated. The Montauk is a very stable fishing platform due to its modified V-hull.

We owned a 190 Montauk powered by a Mercury 135 HP VERADO engine. That engine is supercharged and is incredibly responsive to throttle changes. It is also a very reliable engine. In the ten years of our ownership it required no repairs. The boat came with electronic shift and throttle control and hydraulic steering. We really liked the controls.