c.2005 270 OUTRAGE with Twin VERADO 225-HP engines

Optimizing the performance of Boston Whaler boats
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c.2005 270 OUTRAGE with Twin VERADO 225-HP engines

Postby JPursuit » Sat Jan 21, 2023 1:49 pm

Where on-line the Boston Whaler factory performance reports for a c.2005 270 OUTRAGE with twin VERADO 225-HP engine?

I may buy a c.2005 270 OUTRAGE with with twin VERADO 225-HP engine, I would like to see the boat speed, engine speed, and fuel economy data.

Data from an individual owner of a c.2005 270 OUTRAGE would also be useful.

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Re: c.2005 270 OUTRAGE with Twin VERADO 225-HP engines

Postby Phil T » Sat Jan 21, 2023 2:52 pm

There are no factory performance reports for this era of Boston Whaler boats.

I found is this prior discussion on a similar topic:

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Re: c.2005 270 OUTRAGE with Twin VERADO 225-HP engines

Postby jimh » Sun Jan 22, 2023 6:17 am

VERADO engines from c.2005 are probably the first generation engines. Those engines were known for very high fuel consumption at their upper engine speed ranges. Mercury re-did the VERADO engine for a second generation and improved the fuel economy in c.2007. This topic was discussed in an interesting thread that is still available in the archives of continuousWave. Read more at

Mercury Verado News

The second generation VERADO engine was explicitly reported by Mercury to have improved fuel economy.

Another good source of information on older c.2005 VERADO engine can be found at

Reliability of 2004, 2005 Verado Motors

Another anecdotal data point: Glen E, who created the most popular VERADO website (VERADO CLUB), and who became the most prominent influencer and booster for the VERADO engines on the world wide web, had a very nice big center console boat powered with first generation VERADO twin engines. When the second generation VERADO engines appeared in c.2007, he immediately sold the original engines and re-powered with the second generation VERADO engines.