EV-Diagnostics Software

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EV-Diagnostics Software

Postby jimh » Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:19 am

To use EV Diagnostics software you need nine components:

  1. the software, a product of Evinrude and available through Evinrude dealers;
  2. a host terminal to run the software, which must be run under the Windows operating system;the host terminal should preferably be able to run from its own internal battery, without connection to a 120-VAC mains line; the terminal should be kept isolated from the boat's battery and any connection to the boat other than via the interface cable; I strongly recommend this isolation from 120-VAC be maintained; if the terminal has a metal case, keep the case isolated from contact with conductors on the boat;
  3. a serial port on the host terminal that supports RS-232 serial communication using a DB9M connector;
  4. if the host has no serial port (and most do not these days) then an adapter, usually in the form of a USB-to-RS232 bidirectional converter with a DB9M connector;
  5. if using a USB-to-RS232 adapter then you MUST have the appropriate driver software for the adapter that will work with the version of Windows operating system running on the host terminal
  6. a special cable to connect the EMM diagnostic port to the RS232 port;
  7. some skill in use of the EV-DIAGNOSTICS software; you must learn this yourself;
  8. some skill in use of the Windows OS; you must learn this yourself;
  9. some skill in making connections between mating electrical connectors; you must learn this yourself.

The only item in the list above that is proprietary and must be obtained from an Evinrude dealer is the software. Prices vary.

Most owners of an E-TEC will own a Windows OS host terminal; you can buy a laptop for about $300 if you don’t have one already.

A USB adapter costs no more than $40, and probably as little as $15. In my experience the Keyspan USA-19 HS adapter works well. This device is used in many professional applications and has excellent driver support. See:

https://www.tripplite.com/keyspan-high- ... r~USA19HS/

The cable can be made easily; many years ago I published clear and illustrated instructions. Or you can buy a cable for $40 to $50. See:


Now you are ready to use the software. The application HELP menu provides information on how to use the application. Additional instruction may not be necessary if one carefully reads all the HELP menu entries. Some users may need training and will have to be taught how to use the application. The software was not intended for every E-TEC owner to have and use casually and without any training. The proficiency at using the software cannot be predicted on an individual basis. The software can alter many settings in the engine, and it should be used with caution.

A typical E-TEC engine owner will use only a few functions in the software, such as:

  • creating an Engine History Report
  • setting the oil use rate
  • calibrating the NMEA 2000 TRIM values
  • enabling the water pressure sensor
  • setting the INSTANCE of the EMM of the E-TEC if used with other E-TEC engines in a twin, triple, or quadruple rig.

Certain advanced operations to be performed with EV-Diagnostics require an additional specialize cable that will be connected to the engine wiring harness. I do not have any details or information about this cable.

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Re: EV-Diagnostics Software

Postby jimh » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:35 am

Regarding using EV-Diagnostics software with a MacOS device, I cannot offer any up-to-date advice for emulation of Windows OS on the current versions of MacOS. About ten years ago I did have success running an emulator with older MacOS versions (MacOS 10.6), but I have not tried this with any current MacOS versions (MacOS 10.12).