1980 REVENGE V-22 Fuel Tank Replacement

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1980 REVENGE V-22 Fuel Tank Replacement

Postby rcapriola » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:54 pm

[I] just replaced [the fuel] tank on a 1980 REVENGE V-22. Neoprene strips were glued with 3M5200 to the bottom every 18-inches port-to-starboard, with the very 12-inch bottom of the tank open. Strips were glued across the top underneath the aluminum brackets, then blocks of plastic 2 x 6 decking cut to fit fore-and-aft between the tank and the hull space, secured with more 3M5200 but no screws. I am sure [the fuel tank] is not going anyplace. My 1980 OUTRAGE V-22 boat is equipped with a sterndrive. There is no outlet from the fuel tank cavity, so I installed a brass through hull fitting between the cavities that will allow [the fuel tank cavity] to drain when [the fuel tank cavity] needs to.
1980 Revenge V-22 Sterndrive

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Re: 1980 REVENGE V-22 Fuel Tank Replacement

Postby jimh » Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:40 am

The original fuel tank on your 1980 REVENGE was 39-years old. If the new fuel tank has a similar service life, it should be good until 2058.