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A six-day cruise in a Boston Whaler across the islands and harbors of northern Lake Michigan.

July Cruise, 2001

July 3, 2001 to July 8, 2001


In July of 2001 Chris and I took our 20-foot cuddy cabin boat on our first overnight cruise in this particular boat. We hauled our rugged Boston Whaler to Northport, on northern Lake Michigan, where we met with our fellow Boston Whaler boaters, the Goltz's and Farnsworths, for several days of what we hoped would be relaxed cruising.

I have often thought that if the boating press were located in this area of the Great Lakes, as opposed to in their more eastern and New England home, they would write of nothing else. That is how great the boating opportunities are here. The water is uncomparably fresh and clean, although a bit cold. The shoreline is endless miles of sand beach and dune, and offshore a string of isolated islands and harbors provide ample destinations.

Jim Hebert
Beverly Hills, Michigan
June 7, 2002

[Map: Course lines, Lake Michigan.]
July 2001 Cruise
Each day's course line is shown in a different color. A larger image is available for more detailed tracking.
Base Map from University of Montana Graphical Locator