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Author Topic:   Swim Platform for Montauk
compounder posted 02-17-2001 09:15 AM ET (US)   Profile for compounder   Send Email to compounder  
As if I haven't spent enough on the Whaler this winter, I am now considering the addition of a re-boarding platform.

I have seen a few around here with a teak platform. Are these original equipment from Whaler? Still available? Anyone know what they cost? Are top-quality after market items available? I want a bolt-on for the Montauk, not some "universal-fit" item.

triblet posted 02-17-2001 08:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
The current BW swimstep for the Montauk is
Starboard or the equivalent with stainless
tubes for support. At least for
current boats, it's a bolt on. Dunno if
yours (which, as I remember isn't new) has
the wood (or whaler wood) behind the
fibreglas. Worst case, a hocky puck of epoxy
could be inserted behind the glas.

It bolts onto the port side. I have one,
and it works well, though BW's one step
ladder is a joke. I replaced it with an
three step telescoping Windline.

If you really had your heart set on to
teak, I'd buy the BW part, install it, then
replace the Starboard with teak.


Chesapeake posted 02-18-2001 09:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for Chesapeake  Send Email to Chesapeake     
Joe: Let me know how it works out if you end up installing one. My fishing boat has become a family boat over the last 3 years (2 kids) and my wife would love the convenience.

One question: can it be mounted starboard? I have a kicker bracket on my port side.


triblet posted 02-19-2001 10:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
You'll have to check the wood chart for
your year. On my '98, the post side has
reinforcing for the swimstep, starboard
side has reinforcing for a kicker, but
MAYBE the kicker reinforcing would work for
the swimstep.

Mmm, and the other consideration is how the
tubing is bent. I'll have to eyeball it at
home tonight. You would certainly have to
swap the tubes left to right (they aren't


chad posted 02-19-2001 02:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for chad  Send Email to chad     
My wood locating diagram (dated 9/24/75) shows a 7" x 7" x 1/14" plywood on both sides of transom. It looks to be high on the transom, where the eyes are located.
Dick posted 02-19-2001 05:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     
I believe you will find that the front edge of the swim platform is formed to match the port side of the transom so it will not fit the starboard side.
Chesapeake posted 02-19-2001 06:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for Chesapeake  Send Email to Chesapeake     
Hi Dick! Is just the Marine Starboard shaped to match the port side or does this phenomenon effect the bracket(s). If the Starboard is the only problem, I guess I could re-machine a piece accordingly or use teak as suggested above. What do you think?

Does anyone have a picture of the mounting for this platform? (cetacea??)



triblet posted 02-19-2001 08:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
On the wood diagram for my '98 (which is
dated 8/5/94), port and starboard transom
wood is different. Starboard side has
a piece of 1 1/4" plywoord, from the top
of the motor cutout up. Port side has that,
and two pieces lower down that are clearly
there for the the swimstep.

The plastic is cut to match the curvature
of the transom, though you could flip it
(less than perfect -- it isn't symetrical
top and bottom), or make your own.

The tubes are bent for the curvature. They
run straight fore and aft, not perpendicular
to where they are bolted. You would have
to fabricate new tubes. This would be doable
with the right tubing bender.

There's a picture, though from the wrong
angle, on my website at
Mmmm, that doesn't show the new personalized
licence plate (BLAK DG), I should reshoot it.


RWM posted 02-20-2001 01:09 PM ET (US)     Profile for RWM  Send Email to RWM     
I've been thinking about adding a swim platform to my '79 Montaulk while redoing it this spring. But..the wood locating diagram shows only a 7"x10" section on the upper part of the transom with wood behind it. So it looks like I won't be able to add the platform since there is no wood lower down to bolt too. By the way, West Marine has a teak platform at a decent price...Bob M.
hauptjm posted 02-20-2001 01:27 PM ET (US)     Profile for hauptjm    
Another alternative to the conventional swim platform where the step swings down from the protruding platform, now comes from Armstrong. A very well made "bracket" mounts to the transom (can be as small as two packs of cigarettes stacked). The ladder swings into position, with a safety lock. If the ladder falls over, it floats. And if you forget in the down position, it has a trigger to let it pop up and out of the water. Great device. Check out the site below for a picture. Scroll down, they have it mounted to one of their brackets, but it can be directly mounted to a transom.

Chesapeake posted 02-20-2001 05:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for Chesapeake  Send Email to Chesapeake     
Chuck and Jim: Thanks for your responses.

Chuck: The web-site is impressive as is your dive whaler. Did you fabricate your tank / fin holders, etc. I am not a diver (yet), but am really impressed by the apparent workmanship and details of the accessories.

Jim: The Armstrong website, in particular, the platforms look very serious. Is there a scaled down version or an ability to just mount the ladder?

Take care gents!


triblet posted 02-20-2001 06:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
If there's no wood, you can put a 2"+
hockey puck of expoxy behind the fibreglas.
I had to do this after a 250 pound diver
went up my ladder WITH tanks and weights

The tank racks are partially bought,
partially fabricated. The black clips that
hold the tanks and the channel they ride in
are bought from East Coast Plastics
The bracketry is just hardware store aluminum
stock cut, drilled, and bolted. The work was
in figuring out what I wanted to do. The
actual fabrication was about four hours is
my garage. I had a radial arm saw (NOT the
safest way to cut aluminum), a drill press,
and a bench mounted belt sander, but the
whole thing could have been done with
a hack saw, electric drill, and a file.
The key item to making it all work is the
three inch band of aluminum that goes the
width of the console inside and out and
functions as a huge washer.

BTW, I HATE the Pelican basket style tank
racks. I make up for it by having five
of their waterproof boxes inside the console.


hauptjm posted 02-21-2001 09:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for hauptjm    

Yes. It's basically the same slotted little bracket you see in the photo, just not mounted on the engine bracket. I saw these first demonstrated on the cable show ShipShape TV. They put a fairly stout person on it to demonstrate the strength. This is a really well engineered piece of equipment.

kelb posted 02-22-2001 10:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for kelb  Send Email to kelb     
A swim platform sounds dangerous if you mean for skiing or tubing. My kids and friend's board at a swim latter which mounts (hooks) to the side of boat between the hand rails of my montauk. The swim latter is, I believe, a BW option, accordian syle fold with a Mill's storage bag. Only bad is storage when the boat is loaded. kelb
triblet posted 02-23-2001 09:59 AM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
What's dangerous about it?

The BW swim platform doesn't have a any
storage bag and doesn't accordion fold.
It's about 18" square, mounted permanently
on the port transom, and comes with a
one-step flip out ladder.

There's a picture at [url][\url], though that shows a three step
telescoping ladder I installed.


Bullbay posted 02-23-2001 10:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bullbay  Send Email to Bullbay     
I use a three step aluminum and plastic ladder which has a rope top with a hook. I simply hook the rope around the rail base and secure with the hook. It is compact enough that I am able to store it out of the way in the transom drain. I am 62 and cannot get up on my son's teak platform with the one step. I have no problem with my three step ladder.
kelb posted 02-23-2001 09:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for kelb  Send Email to kelb     
I just meant that when the kids are in and out of the boat so often, I prefer to have them away from the prop. When entering from the side, the whaler handrail assist them in getting in.
triblet posted 02-23-2001 10:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
So shut the engine down. It should be
whenever possible with a swimmer in the water

Neutral isn't good enough, IMHO.


Bullbay posted 02-26-2001 10:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bullbay  Send Email to Bullbay     
My prior post said I had a three step ladder. I was in the boat yesterday and recounted. It is a two step ladder and an overweight 62 year old can get out of the water with no problem.

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