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Author Topic:   150 Sport
lakesidelou posted 06-06-2002 09:27 PM ET (US)   Profile for lakesidelou   Send Email to lakesidelou  
Well- after much thought I finally went ahead and ordered the new 15' Boston Whaler sport. It will be equipped with all the options available. A 60 ELPT 4-stroke Mercury Bigfoot engine, Bow rail, Sun top with boot and stainless steel fittings, Bow cushion, 3 Bench seat cushions and 2 Backrest cushions. This new model boat will comes with the following as standard equipment:
Bow locker with fiberglass cover and overboard drain, Bow and stern lifting eyes, Welded 316 stainless steel side rails, Heavy duty rub rail, Red graphics,Cockpit drain plug, 6" stainless steel bow cleat with line chocks, Transom boarding steps, Rod racks (4), Teleflex no-feedback steering system, Navagation lights, Battery box with hold down strap, 60 h.p. ELPTO mercury marine 2 stroke engine, 6.6 gallon portable fuel tank with hold down strap, Fiberglass side console with storage, Sport steering wheel, Tachometer, Safety switch, Side mount mercury controls, Drink holders(3), 316 stainless steel grab bar adjacent to forward bench seat, Full width fiberglass helm seat with two built in backrests and rear storage conpartments, Removable forward bench seat which is approx. half the boats width and sits adjacent to a newley designed side console, Galvanized trailer includes a trailer jack, Tie downs and a winch complete with nylon strap. Boat Specifications: LOA 15'5", Beam 6'6", Draft 7", Weight 900lbs. (no engine), Swamped capacity 2900 lbs. Persons capacity 5, Max h.p. 70, Fuel capacity 6.6 gal.
Those are the specs. I would suggest that if any of you are interested go see your dealer right away as I believe this boat is going to be in short supply. At least thru the end of this year. As soon as I take delivery I'll post some photos unless of course someone else beats me to it. I chose this boat because I felt the 13 Sport was just a bit on the small side and the Montauk equipped with a four stroke was more than I had allowed myself to spend. So the 150 Sport became in my opinion the logical choice. Is there any one else out there that has ordered this boat yet? If so I'd sure like to hear your comments. Best regards to everyone! All of your comments have been extremely helpful.

GAwhale posted 06-06-2002 09:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for GAwhale  Send Email to GAwhale     
Sounds like a great boat, LOU!

Can you get a bigger fuel tank as an option?

You will not be happy with a 6.6 gallon fuel tank. I put a 28 gallon tank in my Montauk with the Merc 2s 90 (great engine).

Dick posted 06-06-2002 09:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     

The 60 Merc 4 stroke should be a great engine on that boat but the Big Foot will not give you the performance that the standard lower unit will. If the boat were a heavy slug, a pontoon boat or such then go for the Big Foot but not on a light weight boat that you expect some speed from.


Highwater posted 06-06-2002 10:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for Highwater    
Initially you said you ordered the 4-stroke engine, then you subsequently said you ordered a 2-stroke. What engine did you order? Can you reach the steering wheel while standing up? What is the manufacturer's suggested retail price (if you don't mind telling us).
lhg posted 06-06-2002 10:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
On all of these new 13-17' Whalers, the Mercury 2-strokes are standard, to keep the pricing atractive, and the 4-strokes are an upcharge.

Is the Big Foot 4 1/4" gearcase an option, for either 2 or 4 stroke, or does BW only offer the Big Foot models?

lakesidelou posted 06-06-2002 10:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     
Yes I did order the boat with the 4 stroke 60h.p. Merc. Bigfoot engine. This is the only 4 stroke which is available at this time. I talked to a factory Rep about it and was told that "because the boat weighs in at 900 lbs. the "Bigfoot" was the best choice when it came to all out power". The standard 60 h.p. 4 stroke is not listed as an option on this boat. The boat comes standard with a 2 stroke 60 h.p. Merc. with the Bigfoot listed as the only other engine option available. You should be able to purchase the 15 with most of the available options including a 4 stroke for under $16,000 plus tax etc. Sorry for the confusion.
jimh posted 06-07-2002 12:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Hey Lou!
Click REPLY instead of NEW TOPIC next time around. Thanks--jimh.
george nagy posted 06-07-2002 09:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
I want to see pictures! I wasn't aware they had come out with a new 150 sport.
jameso posted 06-07-2002 10:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for jameso  Send Email to jameso     
Is 900 lbs the hull weight? Or complete rig?
Bigshot posted 06-07-2002 10:40 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Dick he needs a bigfoot if that it really weighs 900 w/o engine. Holy Cow.....literally.

At least they include a drain plug as standard equipment:)

lakesidelou posted 06-07-2002 12:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     
According to the factory rep as well as the literature sent to my dealer the boat des weigh 900 lbs.
Bigshot posted 06-07-2002 12:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Thank god it is unsinkable:)

My Montauk weighs 900lbs......that is puzzling.

jimh posted 06-07-2002 01:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
For the benefit of lou, who is new to the forum, I want to mention that bigshot is considered (by some) to be the resident humorist around here.
Bigshot posted 06-07-2002 02:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Who me??????

Hey Jim, I noticed you did not contribute to the "username" thread! Hiding something?

I would like to see more info and some pics on that 15. The 15 was ALWAYS my favorite Whaler but this does not seem to be a replacement, seems more like a Dauntless. 900lbs.....they bury Dougherty inside the hull?

Dick posted 06-07-2002 09:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     
here are some figures from the Boston Whaler performance tests that I have.

Dauntless 15 weight 850#
50 Merc 4 stk 36.3 mph @5900 rpm 340# load

60 Merc 2 stk 39.2 mph @5250 rpm 340# load

75 Merc 2 stk 44.7 mph @5175 rpm 340# load

70 Yam 2 stk 41 mph @6100 rpm 340# load

70 John 2 stk 39.75 mph @6000 rpm 385# load

36 Yan Diesel 27.5 mph @4700 rpm ?# load

All of these motors were standard lower units, no Big Feet.
If the weight of the new 150 is 900# then the performance figures, I think, would be close. If this is the case the Big Foot on the new 150 will not come close in performance to the standard lower unit.

Point of fact: When running, my Montauk weighs in around 1,600# and tops out at about 33 mph with the 50 Merc 4 stk and the small gear case. Hate to think how much that speed would drop draging the Big Foot gear case.

lakesidelou posted 06-08-2002 11:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     
Wow! I'm becoming concerned. I never thought there would be so much controversy over BW's choice of an engine option for this boat. I would assume that the folks at BW would have throughly checked these things out before recommending power for one of their boats. Or am I just being naive? Would the fact that the new 15 sport hull is longer and wider than the 15 dauntless hull enable the boat to perform better than you are expecting it to? To be sure I'll be on the horn first thing Monday morning to try and get some answers regarding the boats perfomance with this engine option. Thanks for all your input. I really appreciate it!
clanton posted 06-11-2002 08:15 AM ET (US)     Profile for clanton    
What dealer did you order from, and when do you expect boat?
tabasco posted 06-11-2002 08:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for tabasco  Send Email to tabasco     
Whaler has also miscalculated on the new Montauk 170 .....They only offer a 90 HP two or 4 stroke and the right motor for the boat is the 115HP EFI.(The 115 HP is in short supply) They should correct this problem as the boat is under powered with the 90 HP.
Salmon Tub posted 06-11-2002 12:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Salmon Tub  Send Email to Salmon Tub     
Hey Lou, I think you will do just fine with the Bigfoot. Now I don't know much about the technical specs., and since you have no choice than a Mercury, I prefer to have a big beefy gearcase because more likely than not, the internals are larger, tougher. You are buying a Whaler, if you wanted speed, you could have picked up any I/O runabout that would give you 50+ mph. A Whaler to boats is like a ORV to automobiles. Guys who go 4-wheeling like big beefy differentials and axles that can handle the stress of rocks, hills, bumps, and large variations in torque that is applied from traveling along uneven terrain. I like having a big lower unit because large waves on the water are much like jeep trails and put much more stress on lower units than flat water. I would imagine that if you are going to use this boat for the kind of water it is designed for, you will end up satisfied with your purchase anyway. If you are going to use it strictly for skiing, well then you should buy a ski boat like a Nautique, or Master Craft or so on.
Dick posted 06-11-2002 10:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     

I just did a scan of the two pages on the Big Foot models from the 2001 Merc brochure and will e-mail them to you.

If you have questions talk to your dealer and/or e-mail me.


SunnySouthFloridaWhaler posted 06-12-2002 09:38 AM ET (US)     Profile for SunnySouthFloridaWhaler  Send Email to SunnySouthFloridaWhaler     
The new 150 Sport sounds perfect! I too liked the 130 Sport but thought it just a tad too small. The 16 Dauntless is just too expensive and the 170 Montauk won't fit in my garage. Going to the South Florida Boatshow this weekend at the Miami Convention Center. Will definitely be asking about the new model. I notice there is nothing about it on

How does the Mercury 4 Stroke compare with the Yamaha or Honda? I never see it in any comparison articles.


thunderbay posted 06-12-2002 12:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for thunderbay  Send Email to thunderbay     
No offense, but 16k sounds like alot for two extra feet! Wish it was closer to 12k. Just my 2 cents, hope you enjoy it.
SunnySouthFloridaWhaler posted 06-17-2002 10:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for SunnySouthFloridaWhaler  Send Email to SunnySouthFloridaWhaler     
South Florida Boat Show, Miami Convention Center on Saturday, 15 JUN 2002 ... The sales people from the "Fishermans Boat Group", a Miami dealer, are giving absolutely no information out on the new 150 Sport. They are saying the boat is still in a planning stage.

Will be checking at the Palm Beach Boat show on Friday the 21st ... Hopefully, a better dealer will be there.


crashq posted 06-18-2002 10:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for crashq  Send Email to crashq     
Tabasco, why do you say the new Montauk 170 is underpowered? Do you own one? I thought they topped out at 43mph with that engine and a couple of guys?

SunnySouthFloridaWhaler, How big is your garage? Couldn't you just get a trailer with a removable tongue so the Montauk would fit or is it too tall?

ThunderBay, I think the $16k is with all the extra options he ordered. Knowing Whaler prices, that probably adds about $3k.

and finally what is differnt about the Boigfoot motor. Does it just have a wider, beefier gearcase in the lower unit makingmore drag.

where2 posted 06-19-2002 12:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for where2  Send Email to where2     
If you're going to the WPB show, then expect Marine_Max to be the only BW dealer in attendance. They're the only BW dealer between Stuart and Boca since they grabbed the BW line from Eastern Yacht Sales a few years back. Prior to that Marine Max was only carrying the SeaRay line out of their North Palm Beach location, although they carried both BW & SeaRay in Stuart. I would expect Marine_Max to be clueless, unless you want to talk SeaRay's.
Taylor posted 06-19-2002 12:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for Taylor  Send Email to Taylor     
Crashq - why, yes, as a matter of record, Tabasco does own a 170. See Cetacea page 58 .
skookum point posted 06-19-2002 12:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for skookum point  Send Email to skookum point     
Are there pictures of the new 15 available anywhere? I wonder if it will have the same aesthetic problems as the new 13 and the new 17.
SunnySouthFloridaWhaler posted 06-24-2002 09:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for SunnySouthFloridaWhaler  Send Email to SunnySouthFloridaWhaler     
Went to the WPB boat show at the fairgrounds on Friday ...

lakesidelou, skookum point ... Nobody has any pictures to show of the new 15. You can order it. Marine_Max says it looks like the 13, just a little longer.

where2 ... Is there a better word than clueless? Clueless just doesn't seem harsh enough. Marine_Max came to the boat show with three boats but could not give me a price on a new boat or any of the option packages! The salesman said "I guess this looks pretty stupid". He then tried to talk me out of the things I wanted ... four stroke and swing tongue trailer.

crashq ... Good idea on the trailer tongue.

Saturday, still upset with Marine_Max, went to Lauderdale Marina. Great dealer, only carries BW, sales people know boats, trailers, motors, options, and prices!

Ordered a new 170 Montauk, 60hp 4 stroke, bimini, fishing package, bow cushion, nice 28 gallon gas tank, and swivel tongue trailer. Pull one pin and the tongue swivels to the side, breaks under the bow, great for the 19' 6" of space in the garage.

20,585.00 total including options for 2003 170 Montauk.

Delivery expected in three weeks, they already had an order placed and were able to change one of the boats for me.

Very excited to join all you "real" whalers out there!!!


lakesidelou posted 07-04-2002 09:51 AM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     
Happy Fourth of July everyone!
My 150 sport has arrived and I'm in love! The boat looks huge next to the 13' sport and appears just slightly smaller than the Montauk. Yes the hull is similar to both the 13 and 17. It has a very deep reverse chine and it appears that it will ride very well. I hope to find that out soon. The helm seat has two backrests built in. One contains a small storage pocket suitable for items such as sun glasses, keys and tanning products. The other has four rod holders mounted to its back. These will come in very handy as I plan on doing some fishing before summer ends. There is an open space between the backrests which allows easy step over access to the stern. Another nice feature is the removable passenger seat. Attached to the console with a finger operated latch and hinged on the port side, it can easily be lifted to allow uncumbered pass thru access to the bow or removed all together. When removed the boats spaciousness really becomes apparent. The 150's console is a totally new design. somewhat similar to the one on BW's impact model. It has a rounded top meaning little possibility for mounting toys here. On the other hand the consoles right side Has a nice large flat area leaving ample room for mounting electronics a compass etc. I purchased a Garmin GPS and a small Hummingbird fishfinder both of which are to be installed on this area. The left side of the console sports 3 built-in cup holders as well as a small stainless steel grab rail. Centered on the console face is a tachometer which is standard. There is also room for two smaller gauges one on either side of the tach. I chose a voltmeter to be located here. Another nice feature is that below the console BW has provided a nice storage area. Totally enclosed on three sides it also houses the battery. The dealer is also installing an hour meter. It will be installed inside of the engine cowling and is attached to the engines spark plug wire. This way you are assured of recording actual engine running time only. The only downside I have to report is that I am not happy on how the bimini top is mounted. The engine throttle lever is mounted on a surface which is rounded and slightly higher than the top of the gunnel. This configuration does not allow the bimini to lie flat on the starboard gunnel as it does on the port side. This needs to be corrected! There is no reason one should spend this much money for a boat and have to put up with something so petty. I think a redesign of the bimini mounting brackets raising them to compensate for the discrepancy would be an easy fix. Other than this the fit and finish of the entire boat is of the quality we have all come to expect of Boston Whaler. I look forward to giving you a full running report and photos soon.
Highwater posted 07-04-2002 10:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for Highwater    
Thanks for the report! Pictures would be much appreciated!
jimh posted 07-04-2002 11:42 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
A midwest correspondent sent these:

Port Bow Quarter View


jimh posted 07-04-2002 11:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
By the way, if you go to the Whaler dealership and the salesman has mousse in his hair, you are at the Sea Ray dealer who now sells Whaler. Get back in the car and look for the real Whaler dealer.
JFM posted 07-04-2002 12:56 PM ET (US)     Profile for JFM  Send Email to JFM     
Jim, you did a nice job rubbing out the trailer. Regards, Jay
cyclops posted 07-04-2002 08:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for cyclops  Send Email to cyclops     
I'm looking to buy a 15-17' and looked at Edgewater and Whaler. Edgewater's 155 center console weighs in at 1200lbs hull only. So from a weight standpoint Whaler did a pretty good job with the new 150. Edgewater's 175 CC is comparable to the "new" Montauk except it is rated to 115 hp. This just shows me the "classic" 15 and 17 whaler hulls still can't be beat.
lakesidelou posted 07-04-2002 08:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     
Just for your info the new 150 is rated up to a 70 h.p. outboard.
rb posted 07-05-2002 10:42 AM ET (US)     Profile for rb  Send Email to rb     
I,ve only dealt with Marine_Max one time and I'll never go back, even though they are the only Whaler dealer in north Texas for 200 miles. I was wearing my Boston Whaler logo hat in our local Bass Pro Shop last month and someone actually asked me how the Whaler hockey team did this year???-you guys on the east coast don't know how good you have it when it comes to Whaler dealerships.
whalernut posted 07-05-2002 05:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
There is a Marine Max in Cleveland ,OH. and they don`t know a Whaler to save their life. I will drive the extra miles to Port Clinton,OH. to Portage Entry Marine, where they know Whalers and leave the Mousse at home!! I wouldn`t go to the Whaler/Sea Ray dealer in Erie,PA. either, even they are not a Marine Max dealer they still don`t know Whalers and are just to cocky for me. Bottom line go the extra mile to a real Whaler dealer, I am not in the market for a new Whaler, but even for parts or what have you, I would still go the extra mile, or have them deliver it for me. Jack.
whalernut posted 07-05-2002 06:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
The hull actually doesn`t look all that bad and the full rail is a nice touch, needs a bow light/chock. The console is very cheap and cheesy looking, you tell me they couldn`t put a GLS type console or something in it??? It seams like they cut corners hear, I acctually like this model, with a few modifications, they hit this one right I believe, I would like to see more pictures and preferably up close, hey even I call it like I see it, and first impressions are good so far, it does remind me of a GLS/Supersport hybrid, with a cheap console, come on B/W change that thing, and the bimini which the proud new owner has explained, congrats dude!! Jack.
whalernut posted 07-05-2002 06:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
I have to say, thge steering wheel looks cheap and cheesy to, those shortcuts are killing me!!! I wonder if they would sell a bare hull with the full rail??? It looks like a nice hull to put a mahoany interior in! Jack.
george nagy posted 07-08-2002 12:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
First off let me thank the correspondent for the pics.

Second I would like to congratulate the new owner/s of this promissing new model.

Jack-the console is what it is but I agree a $39 stainless wheel should be standard.

I would like to point out that 70 hp max is very unusual. It has been mentioned that this boat only comes with merc power. Merc doesn't make a 70 hp! It has been suggested that the new montauk is rated at 90hp so they could move merc 90's if that is truly the line of thought what is the 70 hp rating doing on the 15'?

It doesn't matter that the max is 70 hp if you can only get up to a 60hp MERCURY!

This is very puzzling to me!

tabasco posted 07-08-2002 01:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for tabasco  Send Email to tabasco     
The answer is probably Merc will come out with a 70 HP model in their 2003 line up
jimh posted 07-08-2002 08:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
If you get to the Whaler dealer, they'll probably hand you this spec sheet:

(This image is sized for printing at 300 dpi, which will make a nice 8.5 x 11 sheet. On your monitor (72-100 dpi) it is too big.)

More "correspondents" at work.

george nagy posted 07-08-2002 10:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
It kind of looks like the console is molded in, sure hope not! I sure hope to see some more detailed pics.
wildeone posted 07-09-2002 10:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for wildeone  Send Email to wildeone     
Was at Nauset Marine on Cape Cod this weekend. They had a 150 sport in the showroom with a 60 hp Merc, salesman said 60 was the best power for it, and they only come with Mercs. As does the rest of the Whaler line now, they had a 16 Dauntless with a Yamaha 90 and I was told that was the last Whaler they would recieve w/o Merc.

By the way, I stopped for the 170 Montauk, none around, Nauset sold their alloted 24 models long ago. But I was told if I left a deposit they would have one for me by end of August. Guess I'll keep my 18 Outrage!

That 150 sure looked good though!

whalernut posted 07-09-2002 02:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
I can`t wait to see the New 150 up close, Erie,PA. isn`t that far and when they get one in at Surf-N-Turf Marine I`ll go take a look. If the interior is molded in, then all bets are off for me, if not, I may think about that one and sell the interior. I haven`t been this excited about a New whaler in many years!! As a side the full Bow Rail is an option, the base is side rails, I would like to see it both ways. Jack.
lakesidelou posted 07-09-2002 05:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     

I do not beleive the console on the 150 is molded to the hull. However, there is a rolled edge which is molded into the floor of the boat to which the console is attached. The molded edge runs along the outside bottom of the console. As I recall it runs on two sides only. Starboard to port and bow to stern. By removing the console you will also remove the attachment point for the removable passengers seat. This would have to be built in to the new console or you could remove the seat all together.

DaveH posted 07-09-2002 05:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for DaveH  Send Email to DaveH     

Just saw the 150 sport today. It's a nice boat. About $13.5K with trailer and more versatile than the 13 sport.

The console you asked about is a one piece 1/4" molded shell which is attached with screws at the base from the inside to a raised rounded exterior edge (approximately 1" radius) in the floor. The console base nestles against this radius and the gap (3/8" or so) is filled with silicone. You could remove this console and both the thwarts if you wish. I also think wood in this boat would look fabulous

I had a problem with the rigging and the cheap tiny plastic cable ties that hold all of the control cables and steering. One season of sun and vibration and the cable bundle is going to be flopping around like a fish. I would replace with more substantial material.

The dealer in Orlando also decided to add their "value" to the boat by installing one of the cheapest tops (really cheap alumininum bows, plastic fittings, and crimped connections). I don't think the aftermarket canvas shop they used should be allowed to install double-wide bubba awnings. As always, you may do better to find your own canvas installer.

My other beefs with the 150 Sport are the amount of unfinished fiberglass edges and the 6 gallon cup they call a tank. These issues can all be upgraded by the owner to their own standard. Overall, I like it OK the way it is--but I like it better with the changes I listed.

lakesidelou posted 07-17-2002 09:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for lakesidelou  Send Email to lakesidelou     
I took delivery of my new 150 Sport Monday afternoon. The staff at Portage Entry were great about making sure that everything was as it should be. A top notch dealer in my book I would highly recommend them to anyone in Northwest Ohio who is looking to purchase a Whaler. After verbally going over the boat and the motors operating procedures we took a 45 minute shakedown ride to insure all was operating well. After that my wife and I were on our own. I can't get over how spacious and dry riding this boat is. I'm still in the process of breaking in the engine so I'm not sure at this point just what the top end will be. As soon as I have a figure I'll post it here. One new bit of information from the owners manual. The manual states that the max engine rating for this model is 75 H.P. not 70 as previously stated in a BW brochure. Makes me wonder if something is in store from Merc. for this model. Time will tell.
Buckda posted 03-14-2003 08:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for Buckda  Send Email to Buckda     
Hate to drag such an old topic to the top...but I find it interesting that the handouts that dealers were distributing last summer said 70 HP max rating, and the Web site still says 60 HP is the max.

I still would love to match this baby up against my 89 to see how they compare. I agree it is a sharp looking boat, but the weight and low HP rating seem like they should be a real issue. Lakesidelou - if you're still lurking on this site, can you give us your recollections from the end of the season last year? Did you have a chance to square off with an older 15 with the classic "Smirk"?

Man..what am I still doing at work - supposed to be 66 this weekend - I'm pulling my baby out and prepping her for the season!



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