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Author Topic:   swim ladders and swim platforms for classic hulls
B Bear posted 08-22-2001 09:12 AM ET (US)   Profile for B Bear   Send Email to B Bear  
I thought I would use this as an example of what could be found in the archives and how important topic titles are, I am sure I missed more information that was hidden in other threads or not looked at due to vauge topic titles.
I also wanted to see if these theads could be consolidated.

Author Topic: Swim Platform
djmerrill posted 07-09-2000 10:12 PM ET (US)
I'm considering installing a small swim platform/ladder on the transom of my '91 Outrage 17. I use it for skiing quite a bit, and hauling my body over the gunnel is tiring, and for some friends we bring, almost impossible (I know, we should all get in shape!). But seriously, a small platform on the back with a 1 or 2 rung swinging ladder makes boarding much easier, without the hassle of storing and deploying a portable ladder every time someone wants to get out of the water.
I was considering an off the shelf model, but the transom on my model is not flat, it has a step of about 3/4" running along the motorwell lines. Last weekend I saw another Outrage 17 with a platform, closer inspection revealed a step built right into it- a factory option! I called Twin City Marine, and they do not have any, and found out that the factory doesn't have any, and wont get any more (no surprise there).

Does anyone 1.) have one that they would part with? 2.) know a dealer or person who has one? 3.) know who whaler sourced them from? 4.) know of another solution?

Thanks in advance for any help!


triblet posted 07-10-2000 02:41 AM ET (US)
West Marine has small swimsteps in teak and in
poly. You should be able to trim it to
fit your transom. Be sure to mount it in
the right places -- (the same as that other
Outrage 17 -- take measurements.).
Get a telescoping three-step ladder for your
swimstep. My Montauk came with a one-step
which was next to useless. Two-step would
be better, but with the three-step you just
walk up.

Chuck Tribolet

sport15er posted 07-10-2000 10:45 AM ET (US)
I recently bought a folding ladder from West Marine for my super-sport15. It's constructed of polycarbonate, connected by nylon rope(line), and is tied to any cleat or railing. It's got a 300 lb rating, and stores quite nicely. To see it, paste this:
Bruce Boehle posted 07-10-2000 10:57 AM ET (US)
Do you find that ladder swings under the boat making it difficult to pull yourself up into the boat? That ladder seems to be what I need for my Nauset but the wife seems to think it would be too hard to use? Let me know. Thanks, Bruce

lhg posted 07-10-2000 01:22 PM ET (US)
For years we got into our Nauset by turning off the engine, using the anti-cavitation plate as a step for one leg, then standing up, and stepping right into the stern of the boat!
sport15er posted 07-10-2000 03:17 PM ET (US)
Bruce, I just got the ladder, hasn't been in water yet; but will report bk after I try it.

Bruce Boehle posted 07-10-2000 10:07 PM ET (US)
I use the anticavitation plate all the time when I am out alone. Trouble is the wife and my younger son don't like that solution. I showed her the rope type ladder. That did not meet with her approval. So I guess we will keep using the over the side type until we find the perfect solution. Might just be a bigger whaler! Thanks, Bruce
sport15er posted 07-23-2000 06:56 PM ET (US)
Bruce, >>>Ladder Report<<<
Well, after it swinging under the bow, and going through a few different techniques, we found the best way to climb it, was to stradle it, putting one foot on each side instead of the 'typical'up the front way. Once your waist is up to the top of the gunwale, lean forward and the ladder straightened itself. Although not the best ladder available, it'll do for a while.
I'd sure like to hear from others with ladder cures for their 15's...........
Bruce Boehle posted 07-23-2000 09:30 PM ET (US)
I looked at that ladder at my local marine dealer and decided against it(or my wife did). For now we are going to stick with the over the gunwale type even though it is impossible to store it out of the way in the Nauset. Thanks for the "Ladder Report".

sport15er posted 07-24-2000 09:53 PM ET (US)
Storage on my SS is minimal also, the reason for trying the rope type. I'm now looking at the foldable over the gunwale ladder.
fyi: Checking Boatus, West Marine, Overton's and Cabela's; Boatus came in the lowest for the same model.
to be continued...... (unfortunately)
BD posted 07-24-2000 10:05 PM ET (US)
Don't want to beat a dead horse... but I have tried all ladders on our 15, including home-made (and a dandy it was too). The transom is just too short, and big ones to drop in the water enough just too big to store.
My best suggestion is to "hump" it over the stern quarter... my wife, grumpily, agrees.
Good luck in your search.
I have several in the garage if you want to try them...
Alioop posted 07-25-2000 09:46 PM ET (US)
I posted this on another page also, try this web site These ladders look ideal for a whaler,come in many sizes,bracket is small and they float if dropped overboard. Mike
Ed Stone posted 07-25-2000 10:05 PM ET (US)
On my 17 Outrage there is a fiberglass platform with a handle and a two step ladder.It is solid as a rock.It takes up very little space and may adapt to your transom.
Good luck

Author Topic: Swim platfoem/ladder - Montauk
slriver posted 07-09-2000 10:16 PM ET (US)
Does anyone have suggestions for this problem on a Montauk? My local dealer says it's not possible to mount one on the transom. I'm currently using a hook-over- the-gunwale type just aft of the bow rail. It is less than satisfactory!

triblet posted 07-10-2000 02:44 AM ET (US)
Find another dealer. It's a factory option,
though the one-step ladder they sell with it
is useless. I've got one and replaced the
ladder part with a three-step telescoping
Windline ladder from West Marine. Admiral
Linda thinks it's the best single thing I've
done to the boat.
Chuck Tribolet

slriver posted 07-10-2000 04:41 PM ET (US)
Thanks Chuck! Does the age of my Montauk ('85) have anything to do with possible mounting problems? Any suggested dealers for the platform part?
Admiral Carolyn will be forever grateful if we can get this sorted out.


Barry posted 07-28-2000 09:08 PM ET (US)
I just purchased a 74 Montauk a week ago. Since all I seem to be using it for so far is pulling the kids around the lake (already been out 4 times) I've decided to add a swim platform and ladder.
Which side should I mount it on? I noticed that Chuck's is on the port side. I've typically seen kicker motors on the starboard and this boat had one in that location at one time.

This boat currently has a teak platform across the back so no matter which side you come in you'll step on that. If that platform wasn't there you'd be stepping over the battery on the port side.

Also, any thoughts on whether to go with a BW platform vs third party like a Garelick? The Garelick can be purchased with a two-step Windline but I've already ordered and received the Windline three-step ladder.

In terms of mounting it to the transom I assume I just use large ss screws and 5200?


triblet posted 07-30-2000 08:19 AM ET (US)
To slriver: I missed your post first time
around. Ans: get the wood chart for your
boat from BW.
To Barry: BW just used big screws into the
WhalerWood behind the glass. I've had
trouble with these loosening (dive buddies
keep climbing up with all their gear on and
it just isn't made for that), and so have
hogged out a small hockey puck of material
behind the glass and filled that with epoxy.
Then drill into that and big screws again.

Chuck Tribolet

tarbaby posted 07-30-2000 11:47 AM ET (US)
How about using a bolt with a fender washer and fill the hole with 5200?
triblet posted 07-31-2000 10:55 AM ET (US)
One was below deck level, so no access to
the back. The other has the motor well in
the way. The hockey puck plug is the
standard way to fix this. See the West
System book. The last one took me about
an hour and half of work. Not a big deal
in then cosmic scale of things.
My problem is that divers keep climbing up
the ladder with all their gear on. It was
made for water skiers, not 300 pounds
(with gear) divers.

Chuck Tribolet

bigz posted 08-22-2001 10:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Bear, you hit the nail on the head, the recent topic under "general" on "ladder/s" when I searched revealed just a few post topics.

This is exactly the point for about a year and a half I and a few others requested a search function ---

I have the feeling JimH will incorporate one this late Fall or in the Winter --- he has a few things up his sleeve for a general over haul --- when it happens it happens ---for now it's boating season and in Michigan it is shortening by the day ----- Tom

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