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Author Topic:   2001 75hp Evinrude [Ficht]
dist6b posted 06-15-2002 07:52 PM ET (US)   Profile for dist6b   Send Email to dist6b  
Could I please get some information and feedback on the 2001 75 hp [Ficht] Evinrude. Excuse my ignorance. What is the [Ficht] engine? Is this a good motor?
pamlico posted 06-16-2002 10:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for pamlico  Send Email to pamlico     
[This post has been edited for clarity--jimh.]

[Ficht] is named after its creator, Wolfgang [incorrectly attributed to wrong person]. He designed DFI (direct fuel injection).

DFI is different than EFI. DFI has [solenoids] that pump the fuel [into the] top of the cylinder. The [solenoids] use about 40-watts of power and pump on average 250 lbs. PSI. This process is more fuel effceiant.

I know a gentleman who has a Evinrude 250-DFI and is getiing 2-1/2 MPG, compared to the 225 Mercury Optimax EFI he had last year he was only getting around 1 MPG. There is no wasted fuel in these [DFI] engines. [Mercury] and Yamaha offer them as well.

The fuel is sprayed on top of the cylinder. In the older...EFI and [cabureted] versions, fuel came through on a fuel intake port inside the cylinder chamber. When the piston came up and ignited with the flash of the spark plug, some [fuel] didn't burn and escaped, making this a waste of fuel.

EVINRUDE/JOHNSON [Ficht]s had some major problems in the the late 90's. With a lack of funding and OMC going [bankrupt], a lot of owners were very unhappy. [I]t [?] had many design flaws. Spark plugs were being knocked out every 20-hrs. and at 18-bucks a [piece], it [?] made HAVOC. With Bombardier now its new owner everthing is now corrected.

They actually started first by redesigning the lower unit. OMC carried a history of weak lower units; they broke very easily.

[N]ow with Bombardier all flaws are corrected. [You're] gonna pay a few more $$$ for a [Ficht], but you will have more MPG. Hope any of this helps,


JBCornwell posted 06-16-2002 12:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for JBCornwell  Send Email to JBCornwell     
Just a little addition.

Wolfgang's name is Ficht, not [as previously cited with misspelling].

An important part of all direct injection systems is computer control. Because the computer can determine the exact amount of fuel to be injected and when, the fuel is almost completely burned.

In EFI and carbureted engines a fuel/air/oil mix is circulated through the crankcase. When it scavenges the exhaust from the previous combustion, part of it goes out the exhaust port and the rest is more or less uniformly distributed in the cylinder. Some will still be unburned when the exhaust port opens and will exit without making power.

Hope that helps Pamlico's good description.

Red sky at night. . .
JB :)

dist6b posted 06-16-2002 02:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for dist6b  Send Email to dist6b     
Thanks for ya'lls input...When did Bombardier take over, what year? Were the problems solved before the 2001 models came out?
pamlico posted 06-16-2002 03:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for pamlico  Send Email to pamlico     
Indeed it is Ficht,...Should of known better:(.....I beleive Bombardier took over in 99-00 era,....(I THINK?) Now if your staring at a 2001 model on the showroom floor she's gonna be A-OKAY!!
PMUCCIOLO posted 06-16-2002 03:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for PMUCCIOLO  Send Email to PMUCCIOLO     

In light of the article in Southern Boating in January or February of this year regarding FICHT engines (a partial quotation is listed in an old post called "FICHT--fatal or curable") I would not purchase one of these engines until they have passed the only test that matters--the test of time.

If you were situated similarly to dist6b, would you incur the cost of repowering with an engine which has not been proven? What objective data do you have to substantiate the statement "everything is now corrected"?
None, I'll bet. Everyone loves positive anectodes until things go wrong.

The FICHT was touted as the wonder engine when it was released. The unsuspecting boating public went along with the press hype--then the truth came out. Who paid for that? OMC did by going bankrupt. More importantly, however, the boating public paid for that with their hard-earned money.

The new FICHT engines, under the umbrella of Bombardier, may be quite good. The key operative is "MAY." I'll wait, and I suggest that others do so as well.


pamlico posted 06-16-2002 07:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for pamlico  Send Email to pamlico     
A pissing contest on a preety Sunday afternoon,....something I had not asked for. But I will answer your questions fairly and honestly. Now I wouldnt own a ficht,....not because there new to the indusrty but because of the bottom line.....$18000 for a 250 DFI or 13,000 for a 225efi. You ask me were I got my data from,....My info comes from a MR.DAVID EASTWOOD he is a MARINE PROPULSION insructor and a member of AM-TECH. Master Mechanic on Mercury engines,....he was also a NC STATE Marine engine repairman for the NC wildlife commission were he repaired EVINRUDE/JOHNSONS and YAMAHA's. Just 3 weeks ago he took a test for Bombardier in Atlanta, GA. and ACED IT, me ACED IT! Mr. Eastwood has showed many of us the mistakes OMC made, for example was the placemnt of the selonoid in the head. When the selonoid sprayed fuel into the cylinder it was actually saturating the spark plug causing it to foul out in approx.20 hrs. This has been corrected by bombardier,...Now Bombardier walked into a hornets nest with the purchase of OMC,...FAULTY DFI ENGINES,...for goodness sakes Bombardier did'nt even know who was selling there engines. Im sure Bombardier spent more money in the purchase for OMC than we will probally make in a lifetime,...Im sure they didnt just throw there name on the cowling and say BUY US, because were the might BOMBARDIER!,...NO NO NO,...they had to fix all of OMC mistakes and try to get the public looking back in there direction,...this took a huge set of GO-NADS. Now is this arguement against DFI or Evinrude/Johnson or FICHT itself. We can both agree DFI gets better fuel economy and we can only thank the people from the EPA who sets the standards and want all 2-stroke engines to get double fuel econmey. And im sure you have noticed alot of 4-strokes the last couple years,...thank the EPA,...better fuel economy,....quiter,...less pollutants,..which is what a DFI brings as well only in a 2stroke version. Ive seen plenty of dfi engines here on the NC coast,...mainly MERCURY and they all brag about how much they love them. Many products come into are lives such as ....BETA for an examle,....then here came VHS,....GOOD BYE BETA,....same thing here,...right now there isnt anything else that has outperformed a DFI system. Im no expert but you can email one, can contact MR.DAVID EASTWOOD at he is a very nice gentleman and is very educated on all outboard engines. Hope we can still be friends, me this isnt a arguement just two boaters who didnt see eye2eye,....and if this is the only disagreement we have then I guess we will be alright,...
JBCornwell posted 06-16-2002 10:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for JBCornwell  Send Email to JBCornwell     
Hi, Pamlico.

I don't dispute Mr. Eastwoods OPINIONS, but ask you to:

1. Learn the difference between fact and opinion.

2. Learn to use the ENTER key to make paragraphs. [I added some to his posts--jimh] Solid 300 word blocks of print are very hard to read.

dist6b posted 06-16-2002 10:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for dist6b  Send Email to dist6b     
Hey guys,
I didn't mean to cause trouble...just looking for info. I found a dealer offering floor model 2001 75hp Evinrude [Ficht] engines for $3700. Thought this might be a good deal. Any comments? This would go on a 1968 16 7 Whaler.
jimh posted 06-16-2002 11:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
If you had posted a question about Classic Boston Whalers, you would have received much expert advice, most of it based on many years of first hand experience.

In as much as you question was about a rather particular ouboard motor, a 2001 75 HP Evinrude Ficht, I don't think you will find quite the depth and breath of first hand experience with this particular engine that you would with questions about Classic Boston Whaler boats.

Accordingly, your advice may have to rely on third party information, reports read elsewhere, perhaps correctly recalled or paraphrased, repetition of widely held opinions, etc.

In short, I don't think you are going to find many people who frequent this website who actually own a 2001 75-HP Evinrude Ficht engine and also have that engine on the transom of a boat similar to yours. (We don't really know what kind of boat you have, actually.)

As regards Ficht engines in general, they, too, are not the focus of the website's area of concentration. They have been discussed from time to time, often with some debate.

As for the historical facts about OMC's sale to Bombardier, these are well documented in many places, but not really at all here. Here we have documented the history of the Boston Whaler company, but not the OMC company or Bombardier.

According to some data I have collected and posted about mid-range-horsepower engines, the retail price of a 2002 Evinrude 75-HP Ficht engine is $8,535.

Your dealer's offer to sell you a new 2001 engine at almost $5,000 off of the list price of a 2002 model is certainly a generous discount on his part, but I am afraid that it reflects the reality of the marketplace for those engines. They cannot be sold at anywhere near their original price and are only able to be moved at steep discounts.

If the engine represents a good value at that price point is hard to say. The jury is still out in many people's mind. I would suggest that if a dealer were to offer a Mercury or Yamaha engine that sold normally for around $8,500 for $3,700, there would be little difficulty in selling the engines and demand would far exceed the supply available at that price point.

Bigshot posted 06-17-2002 11:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
That engine has had NO problems compared to it's 200-225 brothers. At $3700.....I'll buy it! It is a great engine with a warranty, go for it!
lhg posted 06-17-2002 04:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Just for clarification, any 2001 OMC engine was built by OMC, with their parts and design problems. However Bombardier did assume some warranty liability on those. Bombardier's own J/E engines are only 2002 models. That's why the 2001's are cheap. Buy a 2002, not a 2001, and eliminate much possible lost boating time and hassles while a dealer is installing the upgrades.
It would be reasonable to assume that no matter how many upgrades are done, a 2001 will still not be up to the standards of a 2002.
jimh posted 06-17-2002 05:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
[Corrected spelling of engine name. This improves searching, particular in the TOPIC line--jimh.]
Don Fisher posted 06-18-2002 08:04 AM ET (US)     Profile for Don Fisher  Send Email to Don Fisher     
I'll have to go along with the prior post - but a 2002! I bought the 2002 115 FICHT and it has been outstanding - clean, great mileage, a VERY strong (by the way, the 75, 90, & 115 all share the same powerhead). It is a Bombardier built engine, and from my own personal experience, Bombardier is very customer service oriented and will back their product. In fact, I received an email from Bombardier yesterday that they were giving all 2002 FICHT owners an extra year of warranty (now 3 years vs. 2). I don't believe the discounted price you found reflects the "market" of FICHT engines, in general. You can find similarly discounted prices on other makes of leftover engines.
David Ratusnik posted 06-18-2002 08:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for David Ratusnik  Send Email to David Ratusnik     
It is my understanding that the new 2003 engines will come with a 3 year warranty. I am pleased to hear that the Bomb 02 engines will get the year extension, 2 to 3 years.

Heard thru my Johnson mechanic that Bomb claims that in the entire run of 2002 engines (they built them) a total of 4 power head failures occurred. Data or anecdotal.


bigz posted 06-18-2002 09:34 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
To clarify the 2000 and 2001 OMC produced Ficht engines under 150hp had no, I repeat no significant problems, recalls or upgrades.

Bombardier is handling the original 2 year warranty on 2000 and 2001 engines produced by OMC. At this point in time I guess most 2000 warranties have now expired.

The 1999 and 2000,200hp and 225hp engines had upgrades to correct a potential fuel leak from the injectors and 2001, 200hp,225hp and the 250 hp engines had all problems corrected prior to shipment. Again the smaller engines in 2000 and 2001 under 150hp experienced few problems for some reason once OMC crossed the threshold to 200hp engines in 1999 significant problems still cropped up after they thought these had been solved. The tale of OMC's management incompetence is well documented which lead to the final chapter with total bankruptcy and Bombardier and Genmars purchase.

We own twin 225hp, 2000 Fichts with all necessary upgrades completed last year and they have been excellent engines. The warranty expired April 1,2002 and we had the boat in the water in March 2002 the only items which after testing in March failed were an electronic filter which was causing a battery drain (replaced immediately by Bombardier) and the port engine tilt and trim hydraulic cylinder (Bombardier replaced the entire unit not just the cylinder). So far this Spring these have performed flawlessly.

Yes, the 27WA with these engines is up for sale but not because of the engines. There are other circumstances which decided us to sell not related to the boat.


PMUCCIOLO posted 06-18-2002 10:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for PMUCCIOLO  Send Email to PMUCCIOLO     
David Ratusnik,

If one considers an "n" of one year for reliability ratings of a series of engines acceptable, he would call it "data." I, however, do not.

If engines were designed to last one year, four powerhead failures might be acceptable. However, their service life is (hopefully)considerably longer. What if the number of powerhead failures is 400 (or 4000) in year two?

There are important bits of information missing: What is included in the definition of "powerhead failure?" How many "failures" of other components were reported? For that matter, how many failures of powerheads occured versus those that were reported? How many of the run of 2002 engines were sold? How many were operated for one year?


stagalv posted 06-18-2002 10:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for stagalv  Send Email to stagalv     
Ok, I know it is "beat-up on OMC time" but I have to say (knock on wood) that my 2001 115 Ficht has been great. I only have 35hrs on it but so far has been smooth running, quick starting and very fuel efficient. I have the warranty through Bombardier but certainly hope I never need to use it. Rex
PMUCCIOLO posted 06-18-2002 12:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for PMUCCIOLO  Send Email to PMUCCIOLO     
stagalv and David Ratusnik,

The content of my post is neither an attack on Bombardier/OMC products nor an attempt to discredit the opinions of others. My intent is to encourage providing objective data which visitors to this forum can utilize when researching a costly undertaking such as repowering.

Unfortunately, this type of information is not often readily available. Anectodal reports are all that we have sometimes, but caution must be taken not to apply them as generalizations.

Palmico's reference to a contest involving urination is both inappropriate and uncalled for. Clearly, by the content, context, and capitalization in his post (after my earlier one in this thread) suggests that he misunderstands the reasons for my statements. I wish to avoid a repeat performance thereof, as I can only imagine what type of challenges involving excretia will be suggested next!


dhwhite posted 06-07-2004 06:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for dhwhite  Send Email to dhwhite     
I'm about to purchase a 2001 75 hp ficht evinrude engine on a 17 foot 1990 boston whaler super sport limited. I'll let everyone know how the engine performs in a few weeks. My email was incorrectly submitted on the registration form for this forum. Correct email is
Joe Kriz posted 06-07-2004 07:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for Joe Kriz  Send Email to Joe Kriz     
Hello Dave and Welcome to this site,

You can always go back and change your profile.
At the top right hand of most of these pages, click on the small underlined word profile.

Or click this link:
and then put in your name and password to change your profile.

John O posted 06-07-2004 09:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for John O    

Not that this is related, but last year (2003) I paid $3800.00 for a New 2001 75hp Mercury 2 stroke that was also a floor model. Sounds like the motor you are looking at is priced well. I also think it may be a better motor than my Mercury because of the fuel injection.

What I am getting at is there are 2001 75hp motors out there new for under $4000.00. Just because the price appears too low does not make it a bad motor.

Good luck and enjoy.

JohnJ80 posted 06-07-2004 11:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for JohnJ80  Send Email to JohnJ80     
I own a 2003 75HP FICHT and I have to tell you I love the motor. Excellent performance, fuel economy. Starts every time and runs well.

If it is an OMC engine then I would think about it a bit. If you can purchase an extended warranty (assuming it comes with one that is honored by Bombardier), then I would have zero problem buying it. Whether you buy the warranty or not is not as important as the fact that some insurance company is willing to insure it at a reasonable rate (actuaries have been hard at work).

A new 2003 was in the neighborhood of about $7000-$7500 or so (don't actually recall exactly). A two stroke Johnson 1995 70HP, last year, had a trade in value of about $2000. So, if you can get a new motor for <$4K and it has a warranty and you have the option of extending it - well, how bad of a deal can it be?

The risk comes in if was an OMC engine that has no warranty. Bombardier bought the assets of the brand, but OMC as a company still has all the liabilities (and is out of business). If Bombardier honors the warranty, then you should be in good shape.

Heck, if you bought an extended warranty for $1000 on top of the $3700, I think you still would be money ahead.


gcl posted 06-08-2004 09:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for gcl    
My Nauset is powered by a 1999 Evinrude (OMC),90 hp Ficht. It is very fuel efficient, has power to spare and has been 100% dependable. It is my understanding that the problem engines were in the higher hp range.

An obvious consideration would be resale value. If you planning on keeping your whaler for many years, I would not hestitate to outfit it with a well-priced Ficht.

Good luck with your decision.

John O posted 06-08-2004 07:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for John O    

---you may be correct about the higher horse power motors having issues. I believe I read that when I was looking for a new motor. I think it was 150hp and above. I am certain that the 90hp motor was not blowing up.

seasicknes posted 06-08-2004 08:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for seasicknes    
The problematic motors were the 150 /175 hp ficht.
they were blowing heads.

One recall on the 200/225 hp and that was for injector becoming loose. The recall provided a brace to lock in the injector and replacement screws.

The other hp fichts never had a problem.


dhwhite posted 02-27-2005 12:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for dhwhite  Send Email to dhwhite     
Would like to report on four months of heavy use (350 gal. fuel) of my 2001 Ficht 75 hp engine. The engine was totally dependable in starting and operation. The system monitoring is very sensitive where several false alarms were experienced for overheating and fuel flow constriction. The alarm did sound early season indicating water in the fuel filter which may have saved some repair time and expense.

The only complaint I have and did not consider when I purchased the engine was the extra weight. It weights about 100lbs more than conventional 2 cycle engines of similar h.p. I had to move my fuel tank (fixed 18 gal.) 5 feet forward to better balance fore and aft trim on my 17' Boston Whaler Super Sport Limited.

If trouble develops I'll report it here.

jimh posted 02-27-2005 01:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
[This is an old thread, and this post and the one above which revived it were made in 2005, as are the ones that follow. A bug in the software causes the date to be incorrectly displayed.]
jimh posted 02-27-2005 01:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
I am afraid this article contains some incorrect information.

The inventor of the Ficht injector was Wolfgang Heimberg. He was inspired by the potential to improve the East German Trabant automobile, a vehicle notorious for spewing smoke and guzzling fuel.

After the cold war, Heimberg relocated to West Germany and went to work for Ficht Gmbh. It was there that further development of the hydraulic shock method of injecting gasoline into a combustion chamber took place. The OMC company became interested in what was now known as the Ficht fuel injector and purchased the rights to use it in their outboard motors.

More information available at:

By the way, that is Herr Dr. Wolfgang Heimberg:

For more on the history of the Ficht Fuel Injector (FFI), see:

To see an animation of how the FFI works:

The FFI has since been improved or further refined by Bombardier into the E-TEC fuel injector. The principal difference is the E-TEC injector uses a voice-coil actuator instead of a solenoid/spring to provide the motion. This allows for faster movement with less electrical energy and better control. For more information on the E-TEC, see my article in the Reference section which has links to many technical references on the E-TEC:

travsul posted 06-15-2005 09:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for travsul  Send Email to travsul     
I have the 1999 175hp FICHT. I have had nothing but problems from this motor.

Does anyone know of any upgrades or ANYTHING that i can do about this motor. As it stands right now if i take it out on Saturday i get towed in and it's off to the shop on Monday.

Twister posted 12-08-2005 12:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for Twister    
Hello over there.
I own a Ficht-Ram 75-HP 2001, and this motor has been a real dream to use. It has been used for 220 hours without any problems. Is there someone who can tell me what kind of problems it will have in the future?
Please understand, I am not an expert.
nitro2000dc posted 02-18-2009 04:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for nitro2000dc  Send Email to nitro2000dc     
I have 1999 150 ficht. The main problem is carbon build up.Cheap gas and oil are not to be used.... KNOCK ON WOOD I've changed my plugs only three (yes 3) times and it runs perfect. You must run the motor at full throttle as much as possible(as my father said years ago get the carbon out)I only use 91+ octane with carbon guard and stabil(Green) added. I only use amsoil HPI oil ( I dont sell it or have any relation to AMSOIL ) AND I SWEAR BY THE STUFF. One time the low oil warning sounded and I used Evinrude DI oil. Big difference, more smoke, rough low speed etc. I've since drained it and used the oil for my weed wacker. My toy is not a spot to save a few dollars.... KB
nitro2000dc posted 02-18-2009 04:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for nitro2000dc  Send Email to nitro2000dc     
And yes I had the upgraded heads and software installed, free of charge. KB
EAGLEOCNJ posted 02-19-2009 01:11 AM ET (US)     Profile for EAGLEOCNJ  Send Email to EAGLEOCNJ     
Wow, this old post will never die. Ive had my 2000 Ficht 150s for three years now on my 23 seacraft. No problems at all since I needed a computer in the first year.

Plugs, 1x per year and x50 oil, which is pricey. My understanding is that the powerheads were blowing early on or not at all. And to again clarify it was for 150 hp and above but thankfully not mine!

If one goes due to old age, 800 hrs now, Ill get a new powerhead no sweat they are cheap because they are so horrible- lol!

All of this being said, if I ever repowered Id get Yamaha hpdi's. The etec is at least a few grand more per motor.

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