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Author Topic:   Whaler Weekend 07/12 - Port Huron, Michigan
dfmcintyre posted 04-19-2002 02:17 PM ET (US)   Profile for dfmcintyre   Send Email to dfmcintyre  
There is a Whaler Weekend being planned for the weekend of 07/12-14 in Port Huron, Michigan. Port Huron is located at the south end of Lake Huron, about 65 miles north of Detroit.

It will be held at the local city marina. Within walking distance to the marina are four motels (listings below), 2 gas stations, one party store and a Bob Evans.

On site are full bath and shower facilities, grills, laundry, and parking.

That weekend is also the start of the Port Huron to Mackinac Sailboat Races, and is an event to see from the water. There are two public beaches on the US side, and one public beach on the Canadian side of the lake. If the lake is too rough for small boat traffic, there is the St. Clair River to play in, which runs between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair, with a number of beaches and sites to see.


Comfort Inn 1700 Yeager St 810-982-5500
$113 - 143 (suite)

Fairfield Inn 1635 Yeager St 810-982-8500

Hampton Inn 1655 Yeager St 810-966-9000

Knights Inn 2160 Water St 810-982-1022

If you are interested, you need to do two things:

Make your motel reservations early, as the sailboat crowd will also start to book.

Email me at: so I can let the city know how many slips we will need.

Don McIntyre
Jim Gibson

lhg posted 04-19-2002 06:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Darn, you guys! The Door County WI group has picked the same days. This would probably not be a problem because of the big Lake dividing the two states, but for Chicago people, who might want to do both, such as I, it's a problem. And worse, I'll be returning from a 2000 mile trail from Seattle on the 7th!

Any flexibility on dates, before it's too late? I'll could ask the same of the Door County organizers. An absolutely perfect time to do this for me would be July 26-28, which JimH has set aside for the beginning of a week long Georgian Bay trip, or other cruise. We could all begin with the Port Huron weekend, than head up to Midland on Monday or Sunday afternoon late. That would be perfect for me.

Andy Holmes posted 04-19-2002 07:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for Andy Holmes  Send Email to Andy Holmes     

I expect to attend, and I am flexible on dates. Will not need lodging or a slip as I will probably drive down for a day, or stay halfway down.


dfmcintyre posted 04-20-2002 04:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Larry -

Nuts. Can't change it to the later july date, as I'll be TDY that weekend, and, more importantly, the city is only opening up the marina for special weekends, which includes Race Weekend (along with the Fourth and Labor Day).


ledfoot posted 04-22-2002 01:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for ledfoot  Send Email to ledfoot     
Please count me in for a slip at the marina; I have a 21' Walkaround. My wife and I will stay on the boat, so no hotel is neccessary. This sounds like a great time!


dfmcintyre posted 04-22-2002 07:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Jeff -

Your on the list. Thanks.


kingfish posted 04-23-2002 01:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     

That is the weekend before the weekend that we'll be heading up to Neptune Island, but I am going to go out on a limb here and say, count me in anyway. I really think we can get over there, if not for the entire weekend, at least for a good hunk of it. Unfortunately/fortunately the Door County rendezvous is more than we could do that weekend no matter what.

Now I'll start working on Katie...


dfmcintyre posted 05-04-2002 05:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
So far, I've got nine, possibly 10 boats coming in, ranging from 25' to 17'. Planning a cookout for Saturday night, right at the marina, after looking at a huge fleet of sailboats take off for a race up the lake and wandering around the area.


Eagleman posted 05-07-2002 05:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for Eagleman  Send Email to Eagleman     
I wouldn't be able to make the Port Huron get together this year. Paula is a RN and can't get out of work on the Friday before. I'll watch the schedule for the next outing and plan to attend. Got the new trailer ready to go, picking up the 25' Revenge next week. I'll keep in touch.
WSTEFFENS posted 05-19-2002 01:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for WSTEFFENS  Send Email to WSTEFFENS     

Whats the update on the PH Rdvs? How many boats & crews do you have on the board currently?

Backlash posted 05-19-2002 05:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     

Please reserve a slip at the marina for us. Sounds like fun!


WSTEFFENS posted 06-07-2002 02:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for WSTEFFENS  Send Email to WSTEFFENS     
Wanted touch base on the Rdvs in PH. Is there and entrance fee? and if so when is it do?
kingfish posted 06-07-2002 02:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
I heard Don would be picking up the tab for the entrance fee - what a guy!

Can't stay out of trouble long-


dfmcintyre posted 06-10-2002 08:29 AM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Yes, it's true, I'm covering the entrance fee (by hacking Kingfish's VISA, btw....)


kingfish posted 06-10-2002 09:19 AM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
Better wait a while to use my visa # - I think I maxed it out filling Outre' up at the Saugatuck docks yesterday. Meant to fill her up at a gas station (where the prices, while seemingly high, are at least recognizable) while still on the trailer, but got so excited at the prospect of getting out on the water I flat forgot.

What a day to be on the water, though!!


lhg posted 06-17-2002 03:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Unfortunately I have to report that I am unable to make this Rendezvous, as the weekend coincides with my return from British Columbia. While you guys are out having fun, I'll be on the road somewhere in North Dakota! I'm especially sorry to have to miss this event, as appears all members of the now famous Boston Whaler Great Lakes Cruising Club will be in attendence. There is a chance that "Jr" may drive over to see everyone, and try to hitch a ride on a Whaler. Have a great time, everyone!
kingfish posted 06-17-2002 04:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     

Tell "Jr" that if we're there, he's got a ride-


dfmcintyre posted 06-17-2002 07:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Larry -

Sorry you can't make it. If your son is thinking about it, he's welcome to stay with us.


kingfish posted 06-21-2002 06:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     

We are booked at the Comfort Inn, with a suite, for Fri. and Sat. Nights.

FYI, they still have some regular rooms and some suites left, and the suites drop to $119.00 for Sat. and the rooms drop to $67.00.

Still at 9 or 10 boats?

Looking forward to seeing the Whaler folks, old friends and new...


jimh posted 07-07-2002 08:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
While I have been on tenter hooks for some time about whether or not I'd be able to attend this fine event, it now appears that all systems are GO, and I hope to see everyone up there next weekend.

However, first mate Chris has to work, so I might need a hand with the boat launch and recovery.

Lake Huron should be a beautiful site with all those sailboats out there.


dfmcintyre posted 07-07-2002 10:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     

I'll be posting some details on who's planning on attending, plus some information on driving and lanuchramp directions.


dfmcintyre posted 07-09-2002 10:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
So far, this is who I believe is attending:

Jim Gibson
Jim Hebert
John Flook
Steve Farns
Jeff Angeleri
Ben Van Heusden
Andy Holmes
Walt Steffens
Gary Malone Jr.
Dan Gruben

For those coming by car:

Get off at the WATER STREET exit from I94 (if you cross the Black River, you've gone too far) and turn RIGHT.

On Water Street, go .10 of a mile, and watch for a sign on the LEFT side of the street (right across from a BI-LO gas station) for the Riverside Municipal Marina. Go in there. I'm going to try and have a red WHALER sign mounted just below the marina sign. Don't worry about room to park. There's ample. Either Jim Gibson or I will be out there about 5PM.

For boat launching, we can direct you further down the river about 1/2 mile to a FREE city launch ramp. We should have enough drivers to bring your rig back to the marina, as I'll guarantee you that the lot will be full from about 1PM on. Same for Saturday.

Those coming by water:

When entering Black River, you'll have to go about two miles up the river to the Municipal Marina. We should have no problem all mooring togeather on the same dock.

For those of you arriving that night, we can go down to the river festivities for a bite to eat. We've got a Surburban that can make a few roundtrips and there is parking available downtown. The crowd can get to be up to 7000 - 10,000.

On Saturday, there will be more of our group showing up. The sailboat race starts around noon (?), and anyone wanting to watch, will needs to plan about a two hour run down Black River, up St. Clair River and out into the lake to somewhere close to the starting line.

There is another way out of Black River, a bit shorter, that we can brief the smaller boats on...

If the weather precludes going out on the lake, cruising the river is a good alternative for the day. There are some good swimming areas either on the lake (two public parks along the lake) or down the river.

For dinner Saturday evening, I've arranged for a catered (high class stuff, this catering bit...) dinner by the local Damons. $14-15 p/p. For those not wishing to partake in ribs; burgers or dogs, there are grills available for BYOM.

Note for those in need of fuel, food or other items:

Fuel is available at either the BI-LO or TOTAL gas stations right at the Water Street exit. Also at the same intersection (and within walking/staggering distance) is a party store and our own Bob Evans.

There is a WEST Marine store located at the north end of Port Huron, about five minutes away from the marina. Tight parking, so don't plan on towing your rig up there for any reason.

ledfoot posted 07-10-2002 08:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for ledfoot  Send Email to ledfoot     
Thank you, Don, for all the info and planning. I don't think I'll be able to make it up there until about 2:00 on Saturday. I have to work in the morning, but we'll rush up straight from work. Your list didn't include any female names, but I'm assuming some of the wives, girlfriends, etc will be attending? Can't wait, wish I could make it Friday... Maybe I could get somebody's cell phone number to find out where everyone is when we get there Saturday afternoon? My # is 248 761 9643.



dfmcintyre posted 07-10-2002 08:47 AM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Jeff -

You make a great point....yes girlfriends, wifes, significant others all welcome! I was rushed last night to get something up on the board.

My ctx is 810-459-0149.


kingfish posted 07-10-2002 08:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     

I've e-mailed you with my cell #-


What do you think about choosing a VHF channel for the Whaler crew to monitor - I presume 9, 16 and 68 will be busy; do the guys out fishing over there use 10 like they do in S. Lake Michigan? Maybe you could decide on a likely channel and publish it here?


Ben posted 07-10-2002 08:54 AM ET (US)     Profile for Ben  Send Email to Ben     
Anyone coming have little kids. I have a 5 and 7 year old and don't have a sitter.
Backlash posted 07-10-2002 11:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for Backlash  Send Email to Backlash     

Thanks for the information and the work on your part to get this organized. Carolyn and I should arrive sometime Friday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone. BTW, it's Farnsworth.


dfmcintyre posted 07-10-2002 05:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Steve -

Sorry....something got lost in the translation!

John -

I'm not sure what channel would be the quietest. Perhaps we could check and decide on what one to use (along with an alternate) on Saturday morning.

ALL - During the late morning on Saturday, we will be unavailable due to an unexpected death yesterday of a close friend, and the viewing and service will be held that day.

I'll be off the net until tomorrow evening.


kingfish posted 07-11-2002 10:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     

I don't see anyone answering your question, but I wouldn't let that dampen my spirits if I were you - bring 'em along! I don't think anyone in this group considers whalering an adults-only sport. (Although I will say I think I have learned how to enjoy this stuff way more at the advanced age of 54 than I ever could have when I was a kid - maybe because I never grew up??)


DIVE 1 posted 07-11-2002 10:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for DIVE 1    
We tried hard to get DIVE 2 in the water so we could take DIVE 1 to Port Huron this weekend(we must keep an operational boat in the water). No such luck, everyone is swamped at work and we just could not complete DIVE 2. Hope everyone has a great time this weekend.
Ventura16 posted 07-12-2002 03:27 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ventura16  Send Email to Ventura16     
I hope that all of you have a great time! I wish we could be there, but we have a "must-go" meeting on the other side of the state.

Hopefully, some (or all) of you will make it to the August 3 rendezvous on Mullet Lk. It would be nice to put some faces with the names.

Drink a cold one for me...


jimh posted 07-14-2002 09:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
The Port Huron Whaler Weekend was off to a great start. Several early arrivals met on Friday and that evening visited the huge Race Weekend party that attracts 50,000 sailors, sailor girlfriends, and sailor want-to-be's to the docks and decks of the Black River.

The weather was perfect for Saturday, and we all enjoyed motoring about ten miles out to see the start of the Port Huron to Mackinac Yacht Race. About 300 sailboats, including quite a group of maxi-boats in the 70-foot plus range, provided a hour or two of entertainment as we bobbed at anchor in a surprisingly warm Lake Huron.

Afterward we headed to a sand bar for some cooling off and a swim. Crystal clear fresh water and an all-sand bottom are hard to resist. The near-shore water was 76-degrees and the swimming was great. Anchored on the sand bar we could all admire each others boats from water level.

Back at the marina a catered dinner was thoroughly enjoyed under a big picnic area shelter. It was a perfect set up for a Rendezvous. The facilities were excellent and the food was delicious.

And the boats were excellent. I think we need a new category: Whaler as Art Object. We saw some amazingly varnished wood and some thirty year old gelcoat that glissened.

Besides the commeraderie, the fun boating, and the good food, a Whaler Rendezvous provides a great chance to study other people's Whalers and see how they have things rigged up. The collective ingenuity of a dozen or so Whaler owners is pretty impressive.

If you didn't come to this year's Port Huron Whaler Weekend, you better plan now to make it next year. It was a very good time!

Pictures coming soon.

jimh posted 07-14-2002 09:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
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