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Author Topic:   Cape Cod Wind Generator Protest
doobee posted 08-29-2003 08:19 AM ET (US)   Profile for doobee   Send Email to doobee  
I'm not sure if this counts as a rendezvous, but there will be a gathering at Horseshoe Shoal to protest the 130 windmills proposed for Nantucket sound. There will be celebrities, and media coverage.

Date: 8/31/03
Rain Date: 9/1/03
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: N 41 32.500 W 070 23.500
northeast corner of the shoal

goldstem posted 08-29-2003 09:28 AM ET (US)     Profile for goldstem  Send Email to goldstem     
and where is the counter protest???
My family lived there for 25 years. and I think its a good idea...

flame on.

adaps4 posted 08-29-2003 11:02 AM ET (US)     Profile for adaps4  Send Email to adaps4     
These will be the same celebrities that cry about global warming, and the need for alternative fuels.Hypocrites.

I used to go to Nantucket every summer in high school. Half the time, there is so much fog offshore, you can't see a thing anyway. Where are they putting these? Sounds like a hell of a fish magnet to me. Ask anyone in Galveston how they feel about the oil rigs. They might look ugly, but they hold fish.

Honestly, these windmills will not be able to be distinguishable from shore, so what is the big deal? If it powers the whole island and MV, so much the better.

Moe posted 08-29-2003 01:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for Moe  Send Email to Moe     
These will be the same celebrities that cry about global warming, and the need for alternative fuels.Hypocrites.

Bingo! Maybe they'd like to look at a giant nuclear power plant cooling tower like we do on the west end of Lake Erie.


adaps4 posted 08-29-2003 01:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for adaps4  Send Email to adaps4     


Save the Manatee!!!!

News Flash- They have already been saved.

Save the Boats!!!!

North Beach posted 08-29-2003 03:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for North Beach    
One more working class Republican in favor of clean energy here! If I get rich or famous, maybe I can become a Democrat and a Nimby hypocrite
Offshore20 posted 08-29-2003 08:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Offshore20  Send Email to Offshore20     
If "Fat Teddy" is sailing there I'm in!! Open bar!!!


Dick posted 08-29-2003 09:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     
Protesting clean energy? That's the dumbest thing I have heard of short of saving the spotted owl.
They can put a half dozen in my back yard if it will get my electric bill below $200.00 a month.


ryanwhaler posted 08-29-2003 09:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for ryanwhaler  Send Email to ryanwhaler     
I may be on my boat Sunday.....but I won't be down Nantucket protesting something stupid like that.

I'll stick to Boston Harbor, thank you!!!!

doobee posted 08-30-2003 01:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for doobee  Send Email to doobee     
The protest is not against the windfarm, it's against the location. There are alternative sites further offshore that will not be visible, and not a hazard to navigation on those foggy days. The developer wants to cram 130 of these things into Nantucket Sound. He saves money by using the shallower waters of Horseshoe Shoal.

We already have a nuclear plant, an oil plant, and a trash to energy plant. I'd like to make one of those go away, but I would't move one into Nantucket Sound. If the windmills can be placed in a better location, and still provide the power, why should my back yard get trashed? He's entitled to make a profit, but he's increasing his profit at my expense.

While we're at it let's stick some on the Boston Harbor Islands, the Washington Monument, the Golden Gate Bridge, and scatter some around New Orleans for good measure. Mount Rushmore would be a great site. Put one on each of the president's heads, like giant beanie caps.

doobee posted 08-30-2003 01:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for doobee  Send Email to doobee     
Those in favor of the windmill should show up and make their opinions known also.

God Bless America!

HAPPYJIM posted 08-30-2003 03:30 AM ET (US)     Profile for HAPPYJIM  Send Email to HAPPYJIM     
Beanie caps on everyone at Mt Rushmore would be OK as long as they were all smiling. The caps would also give them a little protection from the pigeons.
adaps4 posted 08-30-2003 10:10 AM ET (US)     Profile for adaps4  Send Email to adaps4     
I was under the impression that they had chosen the offshore site, and the celebs were still not happy about it. Maybe I am wrong. I don't get the Nantucket news here in Florida. My friends live out there, maybe I will e-mail them to see what they think. Thanks for the info. That makes a bit more sense, no need to put them in view of the shore, when there is soooooo much space out in the Atlantic.
gvisko posted 08-31-2003 07:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for gvisko  Send Email to gvisko     
Iam with you doobe. They are talking about doing this
on the south shore of long island and the word is you
will not be able to fish near them . I live on the ocean
in westhampton and I dont want to see them from my
kitchen window. There is a big forum at
disscusion board that might give you some input.

good luck gv

John O posted 09-01-2003 12:04 AM ET (US)     Profile for John O    
Just heard some of the news reports regarding the protest.

They reported a "floating frat party".

Perhaps C.Simon likes togas

jaccoserv posted 09-01-2003 05:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for jaccoserv  Send Email to jaccoserv     

Where did you get the idea that these mills won't be distinguishable from shore?? They very much will be. They're going to be over 400' tall.

I am strongly opposed to discussing political issues on a recreational activity related web-site, but I have to interject and say that while many people don't mind the idea of the wind farm, especially the free energy it will harness, I don't think that there are many members of this forum who condone the idea of a private contractor setting up shop/developing in the middle of one of our natural treasures.

adaps4 posted 09-01-2003 10:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for adaps4  Send Email to adaps4     
I think I heard about this first on the Glenn Beck radio show. I was under the impression that the offshore site was the one agreed upon. I don't know much about how visible a 400' structure would be from shore, all I can relate it to is a Carnival Cruise ship sailing into the horizon. I usually lose sight of those at about 5 miles. Will these be closer than 5 miles? At 10 miles out, I doubt you would still see a 400' high object. I did read, however, that they will be lighted- why? That would make for an odd sight at night, but probably not a huge eyesore. Sorry this thread has gone so astray, and I will end here. I do not feel this is the site for this discussion, but it is very interesting to me. Serious environmentalism takes a huge commitment like this to get rolling. It is just funny and tragic that this step is being taken in the backyard of the rich and powerful's playground. I do not feel that this is so much a political issue, as it is an environmental one. The descisions made in Nantucket will be the mold for further progress in these fields. How will it play out? You can bet that not everyone will be happy with the outcome.
doobee posted 09-02-2003 01:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for doobee  Send Email to doobee     
Several sites have been proposed. No one site has been selected.

The one geting the most focus is the one in Nantucket sound because it will most certainly be visible to the most people. To give you an idea how visible this will be, when they were setting up their test tower, I could see the barge from Falmouth heights.

Again, good idea, bad location.

doobee posted 09-02-2003 01:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for doobee  Send Email to doobee     
My original intent was just to let boaters know about a significant event on Nantucket sound, regardless of where you stand on the issue.

I didn't mean to start a political debate, but I did feel it important to set record straight in regard to the location and scope of the project.

Knot at Work posted 09-02-2003 10:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for Knot at Work  Send Email to Knot at Work     
I wonder how many CELEBS have gas powered fossile burning 2 strokes.. IF ALEC BALDWIN shows up in a Canoe or ROWBOAT and IF Tim Robbins and Sean Penn are rowing, I might think they were not so much self indulging Hippies.. (as in Hippiecrite)

Now for "Fat Teddy" HE NEEDS A WHALER just to stay afloat!

Political Correctness sucks

hauptjm posted 09-02-2003 04:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for hauptjm    
They wouldn't work in New Orleans. They would get all clogged up with beads, underwear, etc. Then some Looziana plototician would take them away and give 'em to the folks via the State general fund and promise a chicken in every pot. Actually, I'm surprised we haven't welded them on top of the 1,000's of old dried-up oil wells standing offshore.
andygere posted 09-02-2003 07:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for andygere  Send Email to andygere     
The Cape and Islands are a special place, and it's the wrong place for a project like this. We have some wind farms in Northern California. They are mostly seen by cows and freeway commuters in the brown treeless hills east of the Bay Area. They are also frequently out of service and fraught with maintenance and operational problems from what I have read on the subject. It's got to be a lot harder to keep them working out on the big pond.
Maximus posted 09-03-2003 08:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for Maximus  Send Email to Maximus     
I was at the event...the smallest boat out there. I saw several whalers, mainly larger 20+ foot Outrages. I was in the new Montauk 170. Any one see me?

It was a bit bumpy on the way back in.

As for the wind farm, I am still undecided. RE is great but NIMBY and also, these structures, all 130 of them are permanant. They will be a part of the Sound for a long, long time.

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