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Author Topic:   Stuart, Florida, June 8-10: ROLL CALL
Tohsgib posted 05-21-2007 11:36 AM ET (US)   Profile for Tohsgib   Send Email to Tohsgib  
I am in and will be there friday afternoon. Not sure where I am staying just yet. Will either be bringing the 13' or no boat at all. This is the best of the events...or at least it has been for 3 or so years. I hope they have the Lobsta dinner again, they say it is cheaper than catering it so I hope it becomes a tradition.

Unlike Sarasota Marine max, they have open bar(beer/wine/soda/water), booths set up for different vendors, complimentary ice, boat launching/retrieving, and a courteous and knowledgable staff. Last year they took a 13' off the floor to take me for a ride in notch.

This is usually the lagest CW gathering so let's all show up and wear our shirts.

an86carrera posted 05-21-2007 06:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for an86carrera  Send Email to an86carrera     
I don't have a shirt, where do you buy them? Oh nevermind, I'll wear my burgee. Oops, no one has one of those.

See y'all there!


where2 posted 05-22-2007 11:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for where2  Send Email to where2     
I will be there with Lobstah_Woman (for those who have no idea how to deal with a whole Maine Lobster dinner bare handed, talk to my wife. AKA: Lobstah_Woman). If we have Lobbies for dinner, my wife will be available for consultation on how to get every last bit of meat out of one of those cold water critters! Watch out, it gets messy!

Although it would be humorous to bring the 1989 25_Frontier from work (a mile away), I will be bringing my 15_Sport which is much more maneuverable. (yes, I literally work 7,000 feet from the Stuart Event).

As for shirts, apparently, I missed some inside joke about those from Sarasota this year...

Tohsgib posted 05-23-2007 10:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
No you did not miss anything. I meant our CW shirts which were for sale a few times over the last few years to raise $$ for Jimh. Len was sleeping during all that.
WhalerAce posted 05-23-2007 05:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for WhalerAce  Send Email to WhalerAce     
WhalerJoy and I will be there as well.

We scarfed up a room at the Monteray once Whaler announced the dates. Will bring the 15' GLS because the Temptation SHOULD be going into the shop about that time to repair the damage done from the wreck.

I'll bring an extra couple of shirts for the GROUP PICTURE, but they have to go back home with me.

Should be arriving around 1400 on Friday.

See y'all then.

--- WhalerAce

Draftmanswife posted 05-25-2007 11:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for Draftmanswife  Send Email to Draftmanswife     
Rumor has it, I will be dropping off my partner in crime to join you all for the weekend, and my brother, Farmer Dave, and I will head on south for a captains meeting before we cross the pond to GTC. She just couldn't stand the fact that this would be our 5th year, and not attending. It's killing me too, I love the fellowship and love we have at our events. I miss everyone!
fno posted 05-26-2007 09:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for fno  Send Email to fno     
Fellowship and Love???? Iremember the fellowship but I missed the lovin..... Is that why I owe you ten bucks? No, I think that was for decals, yeah that's it, decals....
jjandpop posted 05-27-2007 04:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for jjandpop  Send Email to jjandpop     
Being new to a Whaler and to Continuous Wave, would someone tell me what goes on in Stuart? Do I need to sign up for something? When do the activities begin? Where does every body stay? Should I bring my OR 20? We would be driving 250 miles and leaving late Friday.

Jim and Joan

jimh posted 05-28-2007 07:07 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Here is a recap of a prior event. It should give you an idea of what is in store for you:

jjandpop posted 05-28-2007 07:57 AM ET (US)     Profile for jjandpop  Send Email to jjandpop     
Thanks for the information and great pictures. I guess I will have to spruce up the boat before we show it. It sure would be great if I could get my lines back in the Atlantic again. Do you have phone number where I can sign up for the event?


WhalerAce posted 05-28-2007 08:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for WhalerAce  Send Email to WhalerAce     


I hope I did that right.

Anyhow, just call Traci at (800) Whaler9

Mambo Minnow posted 05-28-2007 09:02 AM ET (US)     Profile for Mambo Minnow    
I have to travel to Athens, GA on business from 4-13 June. However, kicking around idea of flying back for weekend, depending on how early Friday I could break loose.

If only it was 15 June weekend, that would have been perfect for me. C'est la vie!

jjandpop posted 05-30-2007 02:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for jjandpop  Send Email to jjandpop     
OK, we are in for the gathering. Thanks to all for the info.

Jim and Joan

Draftmanswife posted 06-01-2007 02:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for Draftmanswife  Send Email to Draftmanswife     
Yeah Frank, it was the decals... I almost forgot about that, I guess with interest, you owe a bottle o rum too!
Maybe that's why you missed out on the lovin'!!lol
Just kiddin, but sure will miss everyone.
Tohsgib posted 06-04-2007 12:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Looks like I might have to bail. I will either be there friday or I am not coming. Things are just a tad crazy right now and I have to go to NJ for a week after I get back...not sure if I have enough time to do both.
zotcha posted 06-04-2007 07:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for zotcha  Send Email to zotcha     
Tohsgib, does that mean Fno, Briguy and an86carrera have to go to Jersey as well? Just kiddin'. Hope all is well. zot.
cmarques posted 06-04-2007 08:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for cmarques  Send Email to cmarques     
We are gonna miss this one, the first since we bought our Whaler. Leaving in 2 1/2 weeks on a 7000 mile cross country camping trip and every last penny is going to "feed the Hemi".
Sorry we'll miss you guys again. I WILL make it to at least one get together this year unless I come up with another excuse.


Tohsgib posted 06-05-2007 10:46 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Nothing serious...NJ is a wedding. I probably will go but not sure when where why how etc.
where2 posted 06-05-2007 09:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for where2  Send Email to where2     
Rain or shine, with or without Tohsgib (note: if Tohsgib is in NJ there's more beer available for those of you who drink that stuff, and the chance of rain is currently 20% or less).

It's tempting to bring the 25' Frontier from work since the boss said it needs to be taken out and used, but I'll probably just bring the 15_Sport for simplicity. (the 25' floating billboard takes 45 minutes to get out of it's parking space at the office on the weekends when everything is parked as usual).

As for sprucing up the boat and making it shine, I decided to skip that step this year on account of the water shortage. I'm bringing it like it is, and ya'll can poke fun at my filthy boat.

Tohsgib posted 06-07-2007 12:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Name it the "Filty Whore"!

Might still show up on Saturday.

whaler3 posted 06-07-2007 05:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for whaler3  Send Email to whaler3     
Just droped off the check at Stuart and looking forward to meeting all of the whaler people and partying with them. just wish I still had the old 21! ladder sided whaler to show up with. See you all Fri nite. Lou
smirkless posted 06-07-2007 11:09 PM ET (US)     Profile for smirkless  Send Email to smirkless     
Ethan and I will be there again and look forward to seeing those of you who don't poop out. This may be our last event because I'm seriously considering selling the boat. It was a great project but just doesn't give me enough to do... its done. Got a driveway full of BMW's to play with and Ethan has transitioned into wakeboarding (with real wakeboard boats) and girls.
Anyway, the folks in Stuart always treat us well and make it a fun time so we'll be there. Smirk :-)
whaler3 posted 06-11-2007 03:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for whaler3  Send Email to whaler3     
Wel we went and wore my C/W shirt like tohsgib told us to and guess what? not an other person in the whole place had on on and no one even commented on it, not even B/W workers. I will say I had a good time and ate TWO lobsters. They were great. Next year I will enter the fishing contest. Met some very nice people there. Lou
smirkless posted 06-13-2007 07:41 AM ET (US)     Profile for smirkless  Send Email to smirkless     
Another great put-on by B/W and the Marine Max group! I guess they are doing the electric color shirts this year. Yes, Ethan and I had two lobsters also; hard to beat... literally, but Lobster Woman knew the drill. Eath & I also drove over to the Finest Kind tournament. Bigger fish... biger boats, but our little tourny did well too. Always great to see the C/W group, at least those who came. Now I'm going to have to get outside air conditioning like the new 34' Whaler. But this may actually be our last B/W event for some time since we are selling the boat. Might have to come back next year somehow just for the lobster! Smirk :-)
where2 posted 06-13-2007 11:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for where2  Send Email to where2     
Lobstah_Woman and I will take you guys for a spin in one of our 15's even if you sell your Whaler so long as Ethan gives me some pointers on the Wakeboard. *smile*

For that matter, WhalerAce would surely take you for a spin even if you came without a Whaler next year. He tagged along in his boat with us all the way over to Manatee Pocket while Lobstah_Woman scavenged for scavenger hunt answers and tokens from businesses.

A few things about dinner, you cannot beat the price, or the service, and most of all eating lobbies with other Continuouswave members is priceless. My favorite was still the first year Lobstah_Woman and I came when we didn't have any lobster tools with us. She just whacked them on the table...

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