Northstar F-210 Fuel Monitor Gauge

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Northstar F-210 Fuel Monitor Gauge

Postby ferdinando » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:17 am

I have an F-210 Northstar fuel monitor on my boat and it's a great help in knowing how much fuel is in the tank. My first 210 lasted five years, and, when I thought something was wrong with it and contacted Northstar, they sent me a new unit which I saved and installed a few months ago when the first unit gave up for good.

I understand that the F-210 Northstar fuel monitor is no longer made. While looking for substitute unit I find that they are priced out of this world. I think the 210 was under 200 bucks in 2008.

Anyone have any recommendations on the newer units?

I was also told that the newer outboards have this type of system built into the engines (I have a 2010 E-TEC) and that all you need is some type of display for a readout. Any truth to this?


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Re: Northstar F-210 Fuel Monitor Gauge

Postby jimh » Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:39 pm

All modern outboard engines provide the rate of fuel flow being consumed by the engine as NMEA-2000 data in the basic ENGINE PARAMETERS data group. See ... A2000.html

for more details. The only exceptions are Brunswick's MERCURY brand outboards, which use their own proprietary digital network protocol, but can be adapted to NMEA-2000.

For information specific to your E-TEC engine, see the article linked above; see the section under the subheading E-TEC ENGINE. E-TEC engines were perhaps the first engines to provide NMEA-2000, beginning in 2005, some 11-years ago.

Most modern chart plotters which are multi-function displays also provide FUEL MANAGEMENT functions. The FUEL MANAGEMENT function is never in the engine itself; it is always in a display device or, in the unusual case of Lowrance, in an accessory module, now called a FUEL DATA MANAGER.

Because the fuel flow rate and fuel data management functions are already built into all modern outboard engines and modern chart plotters, I have NO RECOMMENDATION for a replacement for a Northstar F-210 FUEL MONITOR GAUGE. Instead, I recommend you take advantage of features already in existence in your engine and probably in your chart plotter, which I assume you also have.

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Re: Northstar F-210 Fuel Monitor Gauge

Postby DeeVee » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:07 pm

I second Jim's recommendation. I have a Northstar fuel flow monitor. It has never worked well enough that I trusted it's data.

I now have two Garmin multifunction displays that are interconnected and connected to my Etec engine. The data is very easy to monitor and I feel the information is accurate. The NMEA 2000 system was relatively easy to wire and configure. I also have engine head temperature, cooling water pressure as well as a tachometer.

The system calculates gallons per hour and nautical miles per gallon instantly. I like that, a lot.

Doug Vazquez