Replacing I-Command Gauges with ICON Gauges

Information about Evinrude I-Command, ICON Pro, and ICON Touch Color Displays
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Replacing I-Command Gauges with ICON Gauges

Postby Ridge Runner » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:05 pm

I have a 2010 E-Tec 115HO which was originally rigged with one 3.5-inch I-Command gauge and two 2-inch I-Command gauges. After many years of being in the Florida sun the LCD displays on the gauges have become unreadable.

Will the Evinrude ICON Basic series gauges be a fairly simple replacement?

I read through the excellent reference article that Jim has written. I was wondering if there are any tips someone could give on doing this replacement, like what additional parts or connections, beside the gauges, maybe needed to complete the install.

I was thinking of using one ICON Basic 3.5-inch Engine RPM gauge (766159), one ICON Accessory 2-inch Engine Temperature gauge (766175) and one ICON Accessory 2-inch Water Pressure gauge (766171).

Also if I were to install the Evinrude ICON Pro 3.5-inch RPM gauge (768007), instead of the ICON Basic version, I would think the auto winterization feature in the gauges menu would function properly with my engine - there is only about an $80 difference between the Basic RPM gauge and the multi-function Pro RPM gauge so to get the additional functionality is probably worth it.
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Re: Replacing I-Command Gauges with ICON Gauges

Postby jimh » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:10 pm

I agree that the extra $80 for the ICON Pro RPM gauge is a good investment. You will get a lot more functionality in the ICON Pro RPM gauge compared to the ICON Basic. There is one function the ICON Basic has that is missing in the ICON Pro: an input for a Pitot tube speedometer pressure transducer.

In the ICON series, only one gauge connects to the NMEA-2000 network. This is shown in the diagrams I have provided in my article. It is also shown in the ICON Installation instructions. In the I-Command series, each individual gauge connects to the NMEA-2000 network.

If you remove three I-Command gauges, and replace with ICON gauges, you will end up with two leftover NMEA-2000 network T-connectors.

The ICON Pro RPM gauge must be powered from the boat's 12-Volt power distribution; it does not run just off network power.

The ICON Pro RPM gauge has an internal aural alert sounder. The external aural alert horns used with I-Command will not be needed.